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Tuesday Twitter Fun – Reid, McCain, Palin and More

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Welcome to our first entry in our regular Twitter Tuesday Fun where we’ll highlight politically charged tweets from those in the comic industry.  Our first entry comes from Erik Larsen who’s a regular when it comes to politics and Twitter.  The writer of such well known series as Savage Dragon wears his politics on his sleeve for the world to see.

The background of this tweet is Senator Richard Shelby putting numerous holds on appointments by President Obama.  These holds are similar to filibusters but more informal and Senator Reid (who is the Majority Leader) can choose to ignore them and force a formal filibuster.

The rumor is Sen. Shelby will lift the holds if he gets billions of dollars for his state of Alabama (yes folks this is how our government works).

Larsen tweeted a petition action using the Credo Mobile platform to implore Sen. Reid to ignore the holds and extortion by Shelby and force Shelby to actually filibuster each nominee (70 at the moment) which involves standing on the Senate floor and talking pretty much non-stop (you can’t even leave the floor to use the bathroom).

Erik Larsen Harry Reid Tweet

You can follow Erik Larsen on Twitter at http://twitter.com/ErikJLarsen.

Eric Tautmann, a writer on various series, decided to chime in on Senator McCain’s hypocrisy on “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”  He followed up a link about the contradiction with some colorful language after.  Also, you’ll notice that he’s changed his location to Tehran, Iran.  This was a popular idea to confuse censors in Iran and flood the amount of information they’d have to look at during the recent political protests that have occurred there.

Eric Tautmann McCain tweet

You can follow Eric Tautmann at http://twitter.com/mercuryeric.

Len Wallace wrote our favorite graphic novel of 2009, Love Buzz.  He decided to comment on the coverage of Sarah Palin speaking at the teabagger, I mean Tea Party, convention on Saturday.

Len Wallace Palin tweetYou can follow Len Wallace at http://twitter.com/LenNWallace.

2008 Election in Graphic Novel Form

On January 27, from Three Rivers Press, Dan Goldman will be releasing a graphic novel recounting his experience during the 2008 Presidential campaign.  You can find a 20 page downloadable preview of the upcoming graphic diary at his website, http://dangoldman.net/08/.  The novel is up for pre-order on numerous sites.

From his site:

Beyond the pandering focus groups, the billion-dollar fund-raising machinery, and the relentless myopia of the 24-hour news cycle, it was clear that something deep in the American psyche was stirring as the rumblings of the 2008 election first began. 08 follows the epic 2008 presidential campaign from inside the press bubble: the inevitable former first lady with a terrible plan to win, the freshman African-American senator who skyrockets to the Democratic nomination, and a former POW’s hangdog campaign that overcomes both the Mormon governor and thrice-married (and occasionally cross-dressing) mayor.

Taking its cue from campaign classics like Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72 and The Making of the President series, 08 brings politico journalism into the graphic novel form. Reflect on all the single-issue candidates, the pundits, the meltdowns, the awkward missteps, and the ruthless maneuvers of the scorched-earth campaign trail as they knit themselves into a political tale of the present-day battle for the future of America.

Choice Quotes

Captain America Theater of War: America First!

Senator Joseph R. McMurphy – That’s right my fellow patriots — I said betrayed.  Our heritage if freedom is being sold down the river by the very men in whom we placed our sacred trust… Men who feel we can treat with, the Reds… Who say the Soviet Union is simple another form of Government… a philosophy as different from our way of life as a monarchy… but qualitatively a viable nation of laws.  Well, to these fellow travelers, parlor pinks, nancy boys and traitors, I say no.


Nick Fury – It seems to me whole you were sitting on your fat keister over here — the guys you’re smearin’ were dyin’ over there to give you the right to say what you please — and their combat duty gives them the right to vote however they please, too.

Green Lantern: Wanted Hal Jordan

Hal Jordan – And remembering something John McCain said — “We are taught to understand correctly, that courage is not the absence of fear, but the capacity for action despite our fears.”

Umbrella Academy: Dallas #2

Kraken – He’s deceptive and impulsive — he’s way too good with a gun, and I’d bet my good eye he’s a commie.

Colbert Beats Obama & McCain

In a repeat of “Dewey beats Truman”, Marvel Comics’ Daily Bugle announced that Stephen Colbert had beaten Barack Obama and John McCain for the Presidency of the United States.  They quickly followed up the story with this correction:

New York City, November 5, 2008— The Daily Bugle is reporting that, despite winning the popular vote, Stephen Colbert did not win the United States Presidency in the Marvel Universe, with Democratic nominee Barack Obama triumphing.

When questioned by the media regarding the confusion, Marvel Comics EiC Joe Quesada said, “We completely forgot the Marvel Universe reflects what happens in the real world…Ooops, our bad.”

More on this story as it develops.

Political Comics the Year that Was

This election can be considered one hell of a year of politicaly commentary and coverage in the comics industry.  From artists wearing their candidate leanings on their sleeves, to comics staring the candidates themselves.  Comic Book Resources has a listing of all of their stories covering the political year that was and various art that has graced their site.

You can catch their full coverage here.

Remember, no mater who you support.  Get out and vote!

Bid on Obama and McCain Comic Book Art

Official Press Release

San Diego – IDW Publishing’s Presidential Material – political comic biographies of the Democratic and Republican candidates – have been runaway hits this election season.

Breaking new ground by presenting accurate and unbiased life stories of the presidential contenders, IDW Publishing continues to push the envelope by offering each hand drawn original cover illustration for sale on eBay, available to prospective bidders starting today Monday October 27th and ending Monday, November 3rd at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

The cover artwork is by comic book superstar and fan-favorite artist J. Scott Campbell, who is donating a portion of the earnings to the Wounded Warrior Project. Campbell is the original artist and co-creator of comic books Gen13 and Danger Girl, and is also widely admired for his work on the Spiderman comics.

URL: The Barack Obama Presidential Material original cover art auction can be found here.

And the John McCain Presidential Material original cover art auction can be found here.

The graphic novel biographies are available at comic book and bookstores everywhere. They can also be purchased directly from IDW Publishing at www.presidentialcomics.com. To find a comic book store near you please call 1-888-comic-book or go to www.comicshoplocator.com. To learn more about the Wounded Warrior Project please visit www.woundedwarriorproject.org.

The Presidential Comic that Almost Was

Marvel comics is known for incorporating relevent political climates into their series sotry telling.  The company has proven time and again it is not afraid to make their opinions known on the hot socio-political issues.  From Captain America’s entry into World War II well before Pearl Harbor, to Secret Invasion’s allegory on Islamo-fascism the company wears its politics on its sleave.

Current politicians are politicians in the Marvel universe.  Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain have already appeared in issues of comic books and one will be rubbing elbows with Tony Stark and company come January.

From Comic Book Resources comes word of a pitch by Joe Casey to Marvel regarding a possible ongoing series showing which ever person that wins on November 4th and how they deal with a world filled with super heroes and villains.

According to Casey the series would of launched in November a few weeks after the election showing the Real World/Marvel Universe President in their transition to power.  Come January the series would of focused on the President’s role and interactions with such Marvel Universe issues as S.H.I.E.L.D. jurisdiction and the Super Human Registration Act.  How would President Obama deal with Doctor Doom’s latest plan, or President McCain with the latest invasion by aliens?  We’ll never know.

Sadly the series wasn’t to be.  You can read the full interview here.

Wizard Covers the Candidates

Wizard Magazine has put together a handy guide to all of the Presidential candidates running around the various comic universes.  It doesn’t say that Obama and McCain are both running in the Marvel universe, and only mentions them for their IDW biography comic books.  Check out the graphic below.

Obama and McCain Comics Get More Coverage

The Pueblo Chieftain does a good job covering the soon to be released IDW comic books covering the history of Presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama.  We’ll have a review of the comics when they’re released.

The only piece of contention I have with the article is this quote from David Park:

There was not really much point in the Golden and Silver Age of comic books … to reference politics too much because the audience was presumed to be so young, and therefore nonvoters.

This assistant professor who studies pop culture needs to do some research.  As I’ve discussed in earlier posts, comic books from the 1930’s and earlier stemmed from a political bent and often were commentaries on the society.  Captain America’s debut was highly political calling for America’s entry into World War II well  before Pearl Harbor occurred.

You can find the full article here.

Colbert for President in the Marvel Universe

While Stephen Colbert only flirted with the idea of running for President in the real world, his campaign never stopped in the Marvel Universe.  Along with John McCain and Barack Obama, Stephen Colbert has been campaigning for President.

The comedian has been blogging about his campaign at Comedy Central’s Indecision 2008 website.  The blog has even tied itself into Marvel’s summer event Secret Invasion, with posts posing the questions “which candidate is tougher against Skrulls?” and “are Sarah Palin and Barack Obama Skrulls?”  Easter eggs of his campaign have been floated throughout Marvel books, where posters, tshirts, and Colbert on television have been popping up in the background of issues.

The blog also could be predicting real world political events.  Posted on September 22,”Marvel Universe: Colbert for President — Skrull Issue Delays Debate“, where in the real world in was suggested on September 24th by John McCain to delay Friday’s debate due to the economic crisis.  Maybe his advisers are Colbert fans?

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