Colbert for President in the Marvel Universe

While Stephen Colbert only flirted with the idea of running for President in the real world, his campaign never stopped in the Marvel Universe.  Along with John McCain and Barack Obama, Stephen Colbert has been campaigning for President.

The comedian has been blogging about his campaign at Comedy Central’s Indecision 2008 website.  The blog has even tied itself into Marvel’s summer event Secret Invasion, with posts posing the questions “which candidate is tougher against Skrulls?” and “are Sarah Palin and Barack Obama Skrulls?”  Easter eggs of his campaign have been floated throughout Marvel books, where posters, tshirts, and Colbert on television have been popping up in the background of issues.

The blog also could be predicting real world political events.  Posted on September 22,”Marvel Universe: Colbert for President — Skrull Issue Delays Debate“, where in the real world in was suggested on September 24th by John McCain to delay Friday’s debate due to the economic crisis.  Maybe his advisers are Colbert fans?