Marvel’s Secret Invasion and the Middle East

With use of words like jihad and schism between the Skrulls in their religious beliefs it has been clear Marvel’s Secret Invasion cross over has drawn inspiration from Islam and the current war on terror with Al-Qaeda.  Wizard Magazine has an article with Brian Michael Bendis on the latest issue of Secret Invasion #7 and Bendis touches on this point:

And as a final beat, we see Jarvis turning into the Skrull with the baby.
BENDIS: Now we’re getting that little bit of dialogue from Jarvis that sets up something that’s been beaten into our head in America. Why can’t we win the Middle East? Why can’t we reach them? And they always say it’s because we don’t think like them. We just don’t get it. There’s another thought process going on here that’s so foreign to us. That’s fascinating to me. So, not to say I’m making a statement about the Middle East peace process, but I am fascinated that there’d be such a cultural divide that the war cannot be won.

So, I kind of applied it here a little bit. And we also get the Jarvis turning into a Skrull face with the baby. And now I can say that the baby was a big red herring. We literally at one point had the baby’s green eyes staring at the reader in New Avengers. That was never the case, but for the purpose of the story it made you doubt everyone and everything. Even the baby could have been a Skrull. And I will now admit that I laughed when I saw the way Leinil drew the baby turning and looking at the camera. When I saw it drawn, it was so f–king hilarious to me. It’s like the end of “the Omen.” [hums “Omen” theme] I was just on the floor. It just felt so over-the-top.

Once the series has concluded we’ll be covering a longer entry looking at these parallels and what the writers are saying about the current state of global politics.