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Where’s Youngblood? Rob Liefeld Takes to Facebook to Explain

Youngblood #1

Comic properties are being snagged left and right and with the success of Deadpool, Rob Liefeld is a hot “property.” So where’s his Image launching series Youngblood? Liefeld took to Facebook to explain why the characters are missing from action in comics and elsewhere.


This is the question I get asked repeatedly, at every store signing or comic convention I attend. Inquiries about Youngblood as a film, a comic book, all of it. The truth is they are in the midst of an ugly custody battle and I currently don’t have any interaction with them for the first time in over 22 years.

In 1997, at 29 years of age, I took on an investor named Scott Rosenberg, he of Malibu Comics. I had a previous relation with him but this was different, Jeph Loeb brought him to the table as a potential partner and after a few discussions, the time felt right to make this move. We made a fancy press announcement and we birthed Awesome Comics. It was meant as a temporary adjustment, If I did not find another partner, Scott would foreclose and own everything, I eventually found another partner, a gentleman named John Hyde and he stepped in to finance Awesome Comics until he and Scott had an issue and Awesome went into freefall and I shuttered the label permanently in 2000.

Scott, John and I agreed to a split of my Extreme catalogue in 1999, we each received 8 titles and could exploit them in media. The environment at the time was not kind to comic book material and I wasn’t selling any of my catalogue picks and neither were John and Scott. Through it all, I maintained publishing rights, bringing you the comic adventures of my creations with different and various creatives under my oversight and until now there were no hiccups whatsoever.

Long story short, after failing to come to terms on 2 movie deals in recent years, including a movie deal in 2017 that I was so certain was moving forward, I contacted Hank Kanalz and informed him that he should expect some participation, Scott informed me last summer, during 2018 comic con, that in order to raise capital he had sold or partnered with someone for Youngblood comics and toys. I was stunned but not surprised, these are the most important assets that Scott possesses and he needed to raise funds. The man he partnered with is named Andrew Rev, someone unknown to
me and he informed me a number of times over the past year that he could make me a big success in comics, the next Todd McFarlane even, and told me I could audition for producing Youngblood comics. You can imagine how well that went over.

So, I currently have questionable access to Youngblood characters, characters I created and shepherded for nearly 3 decades As a result I shut down the storyline that would take Youngblood to issue #100 and beyond. A decidedly new approach in necessary, which I believe is paramount in this post Avengers:Endgame world we find ourselves in. Youngblood will no longer be published by Image Comics or with my involvement at this time, a first in the 27 years since it launched. It’s all really weird but I’ve settled into the realization that this is the way it is going to be. I held it together for 23 years since doing the deal, until now. A film company rang me up last week seeking the rights to Youngblood but it required my involvement and I cannot at this juncture go forward.

Thankfully, my other partner, John Hyde has chosen to go a different path as he realizes the value that I bring to my creations and we have partnered on his selections with Prophet going forward having just set up the feature film and we are currently pursuing Glory in all media. 2/3 of my catalogue receive my involvement and participation.

I have BLOODSTRIKE, BRIGADE, BERZERKERS, BLOODWULF, Re:GEX, KABOOM, AVENGELYNE and others in my portfolio, completely under my domain. As I informed everyone last year, I walked away from Netflix because I felt it was not the best opportunity at this time in our ever changing world. I’m a finicky cat.

I share this with you now following an unexpected conversation with the Andrew Rev guy about publishing. In short it was very disrespectful and I had to put distance between me, these people and my creations which were now in a foreign domain. I had to convincingly wash my hands of this corner of my imagination. I have a pretty fertile mind and many new projects yet to advance, many making the media rounds that will be known soon enough. This was a much needed update and hopefully explains the current situation.

Youngblood represented some of my finest work, I’m proud of all the work that was produced. Sadly, film companies will be reluctant to invest the time and money in a venture without the support and blessing of its creator.

Upwards, onwards! To the Extreme!

Rob Liefeld

Rob Liefeld Teases Youngblood is Coming to Film or Television… Maybe

Rob Liefeld is on a roll with Deadpool being a box office hit and its sequel coming to theaters this year. The prolific comic creator has a lot of properties with Youngblood being the one he helped launch Image Comics with.

Could that be coming to theaters or television? Looks like there’s some movement according to his Instagram account.

Reality or building hype? We’ll find out!

Catch Bloodtrike’s Finale in the Back of Youngblood

Image Comics has announced that the action-packed Bloodstrike finale story by Rob Liefeld will be serialized in the backmatter of the forthcoming Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood #4-6 written by Chad Bowers with art by Jim Towe. Issue #4 will hit stores this August.

Previously in Bloodstrike, a new recruit to the Bloodstrike program, (his identity as a mystery man from the historical Extreme Universe soon to be revealed!) struggles on a covert mission and loses his life as well as his junk to the mysterious Tragedy Ann!

In Youngblood #4 Shaft rides a motorcycle straight into danger. When the world’s most extreme bowman goes rogue, it’s up to the new Youngblood to stop him before he ruins everything. Or worse, gets them all killed.

Youngblood #4 hits stores on Wednesday, August 9th.

Youngblood #4, Cover A by Towe (Diamond Code JUN170820)
Youngblood #4, Cover B by Liefeld (Diamond Code JUN170821)
Youngblood #4, Cover C by Level (Diamond Code JUN170822)
Youngblood #4, Cover D Hickman (Diamond Code MAY178631)

Rob Liefeld’s New Youngblood Series Goes Back to Print

Image Comics has announced that Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood #2 with writer Chad Bowers and artist Jim Towe will be fast-tracked to a second printing in order to keep up with growing fan enthusiasm for the classic series’ new direction.

In Youngblood #2, Shaft arrives in Baltimore with a warning for the team of rookie heroes calling themselves “Youngblood,” but will it fall on deaf ears? Meanwhile, President Die Hard meets with the architects of the popular Help! app and struggles with just how far he’s willing to go to protect the country. All this, plus Badrock keeping secrets? Seriously, Badrock… already? What the hell, dude, it’s only the second issue!

Twenty-five years ago, Youngblood launched the Image Revolution and turned the comics world on its head. Now the original blockbuster hit series returns with an all-new cast and a brand-new mission! When a young hero goes missing, his friend’s search for answers leads to some unexpected allies. Together, they’ll do whatever it takes to find him…even if it means resurrecting the world’s most infamous super-team.

Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood #2, 2nd printing (Diamond Code MAY178003) will be available on Wednesday, July 5th. The final order cutoff deadline is Monday, June 12th.

Youngblood #1 Sells Out and Gets a New Printing

Image Comics has announced that Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood #1 with writer Chad Bowers and artist Jim Towe is being rushed back to print in order to keep up with the overwhelming customer demand.

Youngblood #1 is part one in the all-new story arc “Reborn” to which Bowers and Towe lend their fresh story and artistic spin.

Twenty-five years ago,Youngblood launched the Image Revolution and turned the comics world on its head. Now the original blockbuster hit series returns with an all-new cast and a brand-new mission! When a young hero goes missing, his friend’s search for answers leads to some unexpected allies. Together, they’ll do whatever it takes to find him…even if it means resurrecting the world’s most infamous super-team.

Available on Wednesday, June 7th (Final order cutoff deadline is Monday, May 15th):

  • Rob Liefeld’s YOUNGBLOOD #1, 2nd printing (Diamond Code MAR178641)
  • Rob Liefeld’s YOUNGBLOOD #2 Cover A by Towe (Diamond Code APR170916)
  • Rob Liefeld’s YOUNGBLOOD #2 Cover B by Liefeld (Diamond Code APR170917)
  • Rob Liefeld’s YOUNGBLOOD #2 Cover C by Canaan White (Diamond Code APR170918)

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It’s new comic book day! What are folks excited for? What do you plan on getting? Sound off in the comments below! While you wait for shops to open, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

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ICv2 – Greg Rucka’s ‘Lazarus’ Converted to RPG – Yes please!

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Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

Wednesdays are new comic book day! Each week hundreds of comics are released, and that can be pretty daunting to go over and choose what to buy. That’s where we come in!

We’re bringing back something we haven’t done for a while, what the team thinks. Our contributors are choosing up to five books each week and why they’re choosing the books.

Find out what folks think below, and what comics you should be looking out for this Wednesday.


Top Pick: X-Men Gold #3 (Marvel) – This title has been everything I was hoping for and it’s only 3 issues in. I love the line up, love that they’re out being heroes again and they’re out to show that ‘mutant’ isn’t a bad word. Very excited to see this rematch with the Brotherhood and hoping Magma hasn’t switched sides for good.

Jean Grey #1 (Marvel) – I love seeing Jean and the other time displaced X-Men now working with Magneto over in X-Men Blue and I’m more then a little curious to see how a title with only Jean will play out. Of course it’s going to be Phoenix centric, we all knew that. I just hope they explore this Jean Grey a little more deeply and forge something new with her, and not just an eventual host to the Phoenix for things to play out like they have so many times before.

Secret Empire #1 (Marvel) – This is just getting started and I can’t wait for someone to knock Steve Rogers down a peg or two. I have mixed feelings about this event; I absolutely hate what Marvel as let happen to the character and all the back peddling to try and re-imagine Hydra into something we all know it isn’t. But, I am looking forward to seeing how the rest of the heroes are going to band together to knock Hydra flat on its ass. Just hoping this doesn’t fall into the ‘ho hum’ category most of Marvel’s recent events have stumbled into.



Top Pick: Batman And Bill (Hulu) – While you’d usually expect to find a (Valiant) comic in this spot, this week one of the very few things I’m genuinely excited for is the Hulu exclusive documentary about Bill Finger. If you’re a Batman fan and you don’t know who Bill finger is, and what Bob Kane did to him, then be prepared for an emotional story that should make you angry. I’ve been waiting for this for months… May 6th can’t get here fast enough.



Top Pick: FCBD Comics – FREE COMIC BOOK DAY COMICS!!!!! What’s not to love about free comics? Remember to go to your local comic book store and get yours!

Batman #22 (DC Comics) – What an ending of The Flash and Batman #21. Especially who Bruce sees at the end. Right in the feels. I am liking The Button so far and want more!

Superman #22 (DC Comics) – One of my favorite books every time it comes out. The Superman Reborn arc looks to be wild, and this along with Action Comics is even better.

Catalyst Prime Noble #1 (Lion Forge) – A new universe with a diverse cast of heroes and creators. I’ve been hyped for this for awhile!

Secret Empire #1 (Marvel) – Maybe I am a sucker, but I am still excited for this event. I want to see where the heck they go with this crazy story. Please don’t be another CWII.



Top Pick: Jean Grey #1 (Marvel) – I read this one before I consigned it and I like it. It has a male writer but, it isn’t utter crap. It’s well written , plausible , fresh & on point.

Top Pick: Harley Quinn #19 (DC Comics) – The “Deadly Sin” arc is ending and Harley’s about to remind these fools why she’s not the woman to mess with! I’ve got popcorn and, I’m ready !

Hawkeye #6 (Marvel) – This arc keeps turning it up to 11 and I’m all the way here for female mentorship, strength and badassery!



Top Pick: Slasher #1 (Alternative Comics/Floating World Comics) – Charles Forsman’s new series about a woman discovering her sexuality and penchant for blood.

Abirato #1 (Lion Forge) – Rebels taking on corporate powers that control a city and vaccine that allows a lifespan of hundreds of years? Sign me up.

Catalyst Prime Noble #1 (Lion Forge) – A whole new world that’s really thought and featuring diverse characters, diverse voices writing them, and diverse individuals on art. In other words, it’s already ahead of so many others.

Eternal Empire #1 (Image Comics) – Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna team up again, this time for a fantasy series. If you missed their Alex + Ada, you missed out on an amazing series and this one I expect to be just as good.

Youngblood #1 (Image Comics) – I’m looking forward to this, I’ll admit it. I’m fully expecting turn my brain off fun or the reading experience of slowing down to look at a car wreck. Either way….

Youngblood is Back!

Image Comics has announced the return of Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood—the blockbuster hit series that launched the Image Revolution and turned the comics industry on its head—with story by Chad Bowers and art from Jim Towe. Youngblood is reborn with an all-new cast and a bold new mission with Youngblood #1 issue—set to hit stores this May.

In this Youngblood #1, an uber popular self-protection app called HELP! is changing how we stay safe—“HELP! lets you decide who saves you.” But when a high-rated young hero on the app goes missing, his best friend’s search for answers gains the attention of some unexpected allies, and together, they’ll do whatever it takes to find him… even if it means resurrecting the world’s most hated super-team, Youngblood.

The series will also feature alternate covers by Rob Liefeld, David Finch, and Chris Daughtry—so, gear up, strap in, and get ready to rediscover comics most Extreme universe.

Youngblood #1 Cover A by Towe (Diamond Code MAR170637), Cover B by Liefeld (Diamond Code MAR170638), Cover C by Finch (Diamond Code MAR170639), and Cover D by Daughtry (Diamond Code MAR170640) hit stores on Wednesday, May 3rd. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, April 10th.


Flashback Friday Friday Review: Youngblood #1

youngblood__1992_1st_series__01Introducing the next generation of super-heroes…meet Youngblood. This explosive first issue features two teams and two exciting adventures. First Shaft, Die Hard, Bedrock, Vogue, and Chapel must confront the nefarious Four. Then, Sentinel leads Riptide, Brahma, Photon, Psi-Fire, and Cougar into a Middle-Eastern country to put an end to an evil dictator’s rule.

It’s been around 25 years since I last read Youngblood #1, the comic that really launched Image Comics setting off a revolution in the comic industry. Even then, I remember walking away from the comic enjoying the action movie quality art, but rather underwhelmed by the story. 25 years later, that pretty much remains. It might actually be a bit more negative since then.

In honor of Image’s 25th birthday I decided to go back and explore it’s launch titles over the next few weeks and it felt appropriate to start here. While Youngblood #1 is mainly attributed with Rob Liefeld, the comic featured dialogue by Hank Kanalz, and that crediting makes me think Liefeld plotted the general comic doing the art with Kanalz handling the dialogue after. And the comic really feels like that. While the action is over the top, the dialogue is stilted and at times makes so little sense.

There’s a focus in the first story on the briefing the team received. Like, they’re obsessed about it. What might be a witty back and forth in another comic for a panel or two goes on for pages, like this is all that’s on their mind. It gave me a bigger sense that there really wasn’t a script at all and things were written to bit what Liefeld drew.

Broken up in two stories, the comic follows two teams. One is sent on a mission to the Middle East to take on a Saddam Hussein like character giving a clue as to the age of the comic and what was going on at the time. The other story basically is just an introduction to that team mainly focused on Shaft, the “star” of the group. The two stories are diametrically the opposite in style, pacing, and to some extent actual look. Splitting the comic up to two teams was fine, but this first issue feels like one team is given a full story arc and the other just a sliver of a story. It’s odd, really odd. It also very much feels like it embodies the stereotypical 90s comic in a way too.

The art is pure Liefeld. If you love his style, the comic holds up a lot, but even with the style it’s amazing to see how that’s changed over the years. While it’s what I’ll call “action movie” in scenes, Liefeld still generally sticks to panels, not really breaking things or changing up page layouts all that much. It’s kind of fun in a way to return to see this and reflect how he’s shown growth even on his own as well as seeing just how comics have changed. Still, everything stereotypical that Liefeld is known for is there. Lots of bullets, big guns, pouches. If you’ve got a check list of what to look for, it’s here.

There’s a concept toy Youngblood that’s great, an exploration of media and violence, at least that’s what it’s supposed to be. This first issue doesn’t really touch on any of that. It’s a debut that doesn’t deliver on what is promised. I don’t remember things getting much better as they went on, but it’s fun in some ways to return and see something from so many years ago…  and more importantly reflect on how far we’ve come.

Dialogue: Hank Kanalz Art: Rob Liefeld Color: Brian Murray
Story: 2 Art: 6 Overall: 3 Recommendation: Pass

Around the Tubes

WW Cv5_dsThe weekend is almost here! What are folks excited for? Any movies being seen? Any games being played? Sound off in the comments below!

While you decide on that, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

Around the Tubes

The Beat – SPX debuts, including Last Look, a masterpiece by Charles Burns – Lots of great comics and graphic novels debuting!

Women Write About Comics – Mantles, Crowns, and Knowledge: What RiRi Williams Needs – Will get you thinking.

Comics Alliance – Liefeld Revives ‘Youngblood’ At Image With Bowers And Towe – What do folks think?

Black Nerd Problems – What Happens To A New Black Character Deferred? – A must read.

The Beat – Guy DeLisle’s “Hostage” coming from D&Q next year – Can’t wait for this!

Comics Bulletin – Suicide Squad #4: The Return of William Hell and Racism as an Ongoing Force in American Politics – A very good read and some fun history.


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