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Review: Xogenasys #4


In the remake of The Karate Kid, we get the same story but actually much better. As the same trope of “fish out of water” is still the same. Where it differs, is that it shows how the protagonist, is everyone’s journey. As we mostly hope we know who we are.

As the remake showed just how difficult it is to learn something new. It ingratiated the protagonist in the viewers’ imaginations, by showing no matter the odds, you just stay the course and persevere. Jackie Chan playing the role that Pat Morita played, made the movie, even more authentic. In Xogenasys #4 we find Darius learning how hard training is

We find Darius fighting with his trainer in a practically no holds barred sparring match that leaves him humble.  Eventually  the gym owner, stops the fight before it becomes dangerous to either of them. As he implores to Darius , just how disciplined he needs to be, to become the best. By issue’s end,  Darius finally gets his first match scheduled

Overall, Xogenasys #4 is a great chapter that endears Darius to the reader. The story by Corey Mikell is stupendous. The art by Sebastian Riera is elegant. Altogether, Xogenasys #4 is an entry that gives us some greater insight into the story and world.

Story: Corey Mikkell Art: Sebastian Riera
Story: 8.8 Art: 9.1 Overall: 9.3 Recommendation: Buy

Review: Xogenasys #3

Xogenasys #3

I love sports movies, as they all are a bit hopeful and can be realistic. I think most viewers can identify with the story even if they never played a lick of organized sports because they recognize the fight. That ferocity, that anger, that world on your shoulders attitude. It is what most of us carry in ourselves.

This is what makes the Rocky franchise so indelible. As we see how he was the every man and how he persevered despite his humble beginnings. The best parts of these movies were the training montage, as they showed how these fighters for every inch. In Xogenasys #3 we find Darius training to be a pro player.

We find Darius showing up at the gym, where he is trained by the gym’s owner’s daughter, who is quite a fighter herself. Darius, like many men, often underestimates women, he finds that she more than knows what she is doing. AS he soon finds the rigors of professional training more than he expected. By the issue’s end,  just as Darius feels he gets some progress, his trainer has something else in mind.

Overall, Xogenasys #3 is a great chapter which more than adds to the great hall of training montages. The story by Corey Mikell is outstanding. The art by Sebastian Riera is stylish. Altogether, this story pumps up on the action.

Story: Corey  Mikkell Art: Sebastian Riera
Story: 8.8 Art: 9.1 Overall: 9.3 Recommendation: Buy

Review: Xogenasys #1


One of my all-time favorite movies is Menace II Society. It’s a film which showed quite a different take on how it is to grow up Black and poor. Right before that movie came out, only a few short months before, Boyz N Da Hood and South Central told different narratives. What set Menace II Society apart from the previous two was not the optimistic conclusion but the redeeming qualities of its antagonist characters. It showed the world that Black people are not monolithic in appearance or narrative.

Life is that much messier and people are even more complicated. When you grow up in poor communities your world is a bit more skewed and grounded in reality than those with advantages. Rarely has this narrative been told in the dystopian genre. In the debut issue of Xogenasys, we find a protagonist whose circumstance is so disparate, life becomes one fight at a time.

We meet Darius Smith. Young men who live in areas like his literally fight for their lives in an online streamed fight. Raised by a single mother he looks to transfer to a different school so that he can be eligible to fight as well. His new school comes with its own set of troubles in the form of an old acquaintance who tries to rope him in illicit activities. By the issue’s end,  those activities catch up to Darius but not before an unexpected opportunity shows up and changes his life.

Overall, an excellent debut issue that gives a unique take on a well-traveled genre. The story by by Tre McIntosh and Nickolas Draper-Ivey is excellent. The art by Draper-Ivey is gorgeous. Altogether, a story you will not soon forget.

Creator: Johnny O’Bryant Story: Tre McIntosh, Nikolas Draper-Ivey
Art: Nikolas Draper-Ivey
Story: 8.8 Art: 9.1 Overall: 9.3 Recommendation: Buy

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