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Preview: Whiteout: Oni 25th Anniversary Edition #1

Whiteout: Oni 25th Anniversary Edition #1

(W) Greg Rucka (A) Steve Lieber, with cover by Matt Wagner

Oni Press’ 25th anniversary editions of classic Oni titles begins with this facsimile of issue #1 of Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber’s seminal series Whiteout.

U.S. Marshal Carrie Stetko has made Antarctica her home. In the vastness of the ice, she found peace… Or at least, that’s what she thought, until someone commits a murder in her jurisdiction and Stetko must use her detective skills once more or become another victim of this mysterious killer…

Whiteout: Oni 25th Anniversary Edition #1

Preview: Whiteout Compendium

Whiteout Compendium

(W) Greg Rucka
(A) Steve Lieber
(CA) Steve Lieber with Ron Chan
Age Rating: Mature Themes
Genre: Crime
Price: $19.99
Page Count: 240

The critically acclaimed and Eisner-winning WHITEOUT graphic novels from Greg Rucka (LAZARUS, WONDER WOMAN) & Steve Lieber (THE FIX, SENSATIONAL FOES) return in this new compendium! Carrie Stetko is a US Marshal tasked with enforcing the law in one of the most remote and inhospitable places on earth—Antarctica. Collects WHITEOUT and WHITEOUT: MELT under one cover!

Comics to Enjoy This Snowy Weekend

Mister_Freeze_BTASA pretty big snowstorm is burying parts of the United States this weekend, and could force individuals to be stuck inside for at least a few days. So, the team has decided to get in to the snowy spirit and have suggestions for comics and graphic novels to enjoy during your time stuck inside.

We’re also including links if you can get the comics digitally so you can enjoy them now!

Mr. H: Not a comic book but I highly suggest you stream or watch the classic Batman the Animated Series episode “Heart of Ice” one of the best in the entire run, and it even has chicken soup. Also Batman! You can watch it on Amazon Prime right now.

250px-New_whiteout_tpbAlex: Batman: Noel – Yes, it’s a retelling of A Christmas Carol, but Lee Bermejo’s art and Barbara Ciardo’s colours just make you feel the cold. The art is just blood fantastic. That it takes place within a Gotham blizzard is just the icing on the cake. Kindle & comiXology.

Elana: Whiteout by Rucka and Lieber. You can get the Definitive Edition for the Kindle.

Alex: Wolverine: Bloodlust – I’m not going to pretend this story doesn’t hold a special place in my heart because it was the first solo Wolverine story I’d ever read, because it does, but the way Alan Davis draws the cold, yet supremely beautiful Canadian wilderness is fantastic. And the last page? Oh man.

Madison: Currently experiencing the snow you’re about to get! Lumberjanes #14 and #15 are an excellent little standalone story about a freak snow storm in the middle of summer. It’s probably not the weirdest shenanigan that the Lumberjanes have been involved in, but there story is, as usual, cute and funny with a good lesson to be learned by the end. Get it on Kindle #14 #15, or comiXology #14 #15.

Winterworld-01-pr-1-edb47Meghan: 30 Days of Night! Lots to choose from and start with volume 1 on comiXology.

Ash: Amazing Spider-Man #700.1 and #700.2. Spider-Man’s choice between responsibility and power are particularly important when NYC is buried in the snow. Get #700.1 and #700.2 on comiXology.

Javier: Chuck Dixon’s and Jorge Zaffino’s Winterworld. Oldie from the eighties. IDW collected it in a TPB about a year ago I think. Kind of like Mad Max with ice and snow. You can get it for Kindle and comiXology now.

Brett: I have to go with Snowpiercer! The world is destroyed in freeze and all of humanity that’s left is safe on a train which can never stop, or they die. You can buy volume 1 or 2 in print only it looks like. The movie is great though! You can watch that now on Amazon or on Netflix.

Whiteout Opens This Weekend

Based off of the comic book by Greg Rucka, the movie opens in theaters everywhere this weekend.  I had look forward to seeing it but it’s 6% rating (as of this writing) on RottenTomatoes.com has convinced me otherwise.

Antarctica…The most isolated landmass on Earth

90° S. latitude, zero E. longitude

Six million square miles of ice

Six months of darkness

Temperatures at minus-120 degrees

Winds at 100 miles per hour

Nature never intended you to survive here.

For U.S. Marshal Carrie Stetko, things are about to get even more dangerous. The only law enforcement in this unforgiving territory, she has just been sent to investigate a body on the ice. Antarctica’s first homicide. A shocking discovery in itself, it will plunge her into an even more bizarre mystery and the revelation of secrets long-buried under the endless ice…secrets that someone believes are still worth killing for.

As Stetko races to find the killer before he finds her, winter is already closing in. In the deadly Antarctic whiteout, she won’t see him till he’s a breath away. –© Warner Bros

2008 Year of the Comic Book Movie?

So is this the year of the comic book? 8 that I count are coming out this year. Already we’ve had, Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, and Wanted. Still to come is:

Hellboy II: The Golden ArmyJuly 11 – I am a big fan of the original. It definitely was a suprise hit. If nothing else Guillermo del Toro visually will present a stunner. Expectation: It’ll match the original.

The Dark KnightJuly 18 – Batman Begins was one of the best comic book movies ever. Chris Nolan is back directing and I’m sure his vision will be amazing like del Toro’s and if nothing else the ARG has been cool. Expectation: Hopefully early positive word won’t raise expectations too high, but really Oscar for Ledger?

WhiteoutSeptember 9 – A crime mystery at Antarctica starring Kate Beckinsale. I never read the comic, but need to pick it up. The comic has gotten good reviews and was nominated for numerous awards. Like A History of Violence, and Road to Perdition, I doubt anyone will connect this one to it’s source material. Expectation: Comics where you didn’t know the source have turned out well, I’m hoping this doesn’t break that tradition.

Punisher: War ZoneDecember 5 – I used to be a big Punisher fan, and the first movie was ok, nothing special. There’s so much potential here. I’d really like to see a movie focused on one man’s revenge on the people who murdered his family and the psychological trauma he’s endured from that and war. Like Iron Man, I’d update Frank Castle as an Iraq vet instead of a Vietnam. Expectation: Really low. The first was ok, and I don’t expect much more than this. It could go the Blade route and be a surprise underground hit. I’m more confused by the December release.

Will Eisner’s The SpiritDecember 25 – I know where I’ll be Christmas Day. With visuals like Sin City, this movie, directed by comic great Frank Miller, has me giddy. I don’t know the source material too well, but the trailer so far is jaw dropping. I like what I see so far. Expectation: Like Sin City and 300 this one is high, and those other two didn’t disappoint.