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Stargirl to Debut on DC Universe on May 11

Stargirl — “Pilot” — Pictured: Brec Bassinger as Courtney/Stargirl — Photo: The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

DC Universe today announced that the highly anticipated original series Stargirl is set to premiere on Monday, May 11 in advance of The CW broadcast which will happen on Tuesday, May 12.

DC Universe members will be the first to stream new episodes, every Monday commercial-free in downloadable 4K Ultra HD. Additionally, members will have access to several exclusive offerings including extended versions of select episodes, behind-the-scenes footage of cast and crew, exclusive collectible pins and limited-edition posters, fan community forum to discuss the latest episodes and access to deep dive into all the comics that inspired the series.

From original creator and comic book writer Geoff Johns (executive producer of “Titans”, “Arrow,” “Batwoman,” and “The Flash”), Stargirl follows high school sophomore Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger, “School of Rock,” “The Goldbergs”) as she moves to Blue Valley, Nebraska after her mother remarries Pat Dugan (Luke Wilson, “Old School,” “Idiocracy”) and inspires an unlikely group of young heroes to stop the villains of the past. The live-action superhero drama reimagines the 1999 Stargirl comics and the very first superhero team, the Justice Society of America, in an unpredictable series. Stargirl is lovingly inspired by Johns’ late sister, who was killed in a plane accident.

Johns executive produces Stargirl with Melissa Carter (“Queen Sugar”), who serves as co-showrunner, as well as Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter. Based on the characters from DC created by Johns, STARGIRL is produced by Berlanti Productions and Mad Ghost Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television. Stargirl stars Brec Bassinger, Luke Wilson, Amy Smart, Trae Romano, Cameron Gellman, Yvette Monreal, Anjelika Washington, Meg DeLacy, Neil Jackson, Jake Austin Walker, Christopher James Baker and Hunter Sansone.

Stargirl — “Pilot” — Pictured: Brec Bassinger as Courtney/Stargirl — Photo: The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Review: Supergirl S5E12 – “Back From the Future-Part Two”

After a brief hiatus, Supergirl is back with the second part of the “Back From the Future” storyline. Karaoke night gets ruined but, not before an adorable duet version of Africa by Toto. Brainy is still dealing with the ongoing ramifications of working in secret with Lex, whose anti-Kryptonian tech is rendering Supergirl useless in the fight to save the team and Brainy is starting to question their partnership. Evil Wynn has figured out a way to upload himself into the Matrix and is turning the DEO’s weapons on them in an attempt to take over everything and it’s a Winn vs. Winn showdown, may the best hacker win! (Yeah, I did that…)

WHAT WORKED: The story that played out in this episode was well written, thoughtful, and true to the movement towards a darker DC that the CW has been taking its shows. I liked that there were so many areas of gray in the way things played out throughout a very intense hour. I also loved the switch up for Winn from being Computer Lad to Toyman in honor of his father, it showed the complexity of familial relationship, escaping toxic chains that hold you back and growing from/separating from the things past trauma that can hold you back.


BEST MOMENT: Winn coming face to face with his father in the DEO’s matrix. Watching his father give him the closure that he needed and allowing him to heal from old wounds. I like that he struggled with the choice of killing evil Winn knowing that it would kill his father, especially since he was willing to fight evil Winn to give him more time to enter a code that he knew would kill him as well as evil Winn. It was to see a realistic portrayal of the complexities of toxic familial relationships.

AFTERTHOUGHTS: Lena is making a breakthrough with her tech to defeat Leviathan which would be cool accept her and Lex are in way over their heads and it’ll be interesting to see how the double double double-cross in play will play out.

I’m also mildly concerned about Brainy’s resolve in working for Lex now that Alex is gone with J’onn and if he’s realized that alternate universes can mean that what the other Brainy did might not work in this one.

Overall: 8.7

Review: DC’S Legends of Tomorrow “Slay Anything” S5E3


Iron Heights Penitentiary 2004 Freddy Meyers is being executed for seven murders that he committed in June of 1989. As the hearse drives him from the electric chair to the morgue he awakens in the back seat, causing an accident. When the driver gets out to check on the damage, he becomes victim number eight.

Ray tries to comfort Nora who is not loving her new fairy godmother life because happiness doesn’t come from getting a pony. While B and Nate hold Zari hostage onboard, the team heads to an 80s themed prom where Ava goes all serial killer fangirl for the Prom Night Slasher and Tiffany Harper, his final girl. We find out that Mick went to school where the massacre took place. Constantine heads back to his old place with his apprentice Gary so he can get a break from the Encore issue and finds out that’s where Charlie has been hiding out. In an attempt to save Freddy from becoming a slasher, Nate and Ray go back in time to 1989 which leads Nora to end up as Freddy’s fairy godmother… What could possibly go wrong?


WHAT WORKED: In keeping with the Legends‘ tradition of framing each episode around the central theme of the time, this episode squared mostly in the ’80s is all about the slasher flick, which makes it all kinds of fun. I also liked the Friday the 13th style reveal, which the writers managed to do in a way that was original. The writers always seem to be able to find a unique twist that makes even the most predictable of plots new and exciting which is why Legends is a consistent fave of mine.

BEST MOMENT: Zari is back! And, I love that they found a way to bring her into the Legend’s fold again while giving us a full reveal of who she was to them and what happened between her and Nate before the timeline changed is sure to play out in interesting ways and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out.


EPISODE MVP: Nora. She’s been through a lot and she’s not exactly loving her new role as Fairy Godmother but, in this episode, she got to find a whole new appreciation and meanie for her Godmother gig. Being able to share her troubles and struggles with darkness and toxic parenting helped her to connect with her latest godchild in a way that only she could. I love watching her character’s evolution and everything that she brings to the table.


“…We’ve gone from Hughes to Carpenter…” – Ray (when the 80’s prom became a slasher party)

FINAL WORDS: Legends is a master at being entertaining and giving us camp, conscience and action, and this episode was no exception. This episode hit all the high notes and quality entertainment that we’ve come to know and love from the Waverider crew.


Review/Recap: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me” S5E2

Since the second episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season 5 didn’t air as promised because of the State of the Union, the CW slipped it on Sunday night with little fanfare. Luckily, I have Legends on my DVR’s always record list, so It was nice to see this episode when I came up for air after binging on Locke & Key. It also means that we get TWO episodes of Legends this week.


In “Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me the Legends are on the hunt for the evil fresh from hell released souls. Constantine visits Astra in Hell and she is living her best demon life, living for all the power that she’s getting from the corruption her released serial killer souls are causing.  Nate is trying to find a way to replay the secret message from Zari that no one remembers but him and he goes to meet Z’s family with her brother, Behrad, who has taken her place on the ship and in the team’s mind. This makes things hella awkward when Zari shows up and is a social media celebrity and not a figment of Nate’s imagination like everyone thought.


While Ava & Rory stay on the ship to provide “support,” Sara, Ray & Constantine, head to 1947 Los Angeles on the hunt for this episode’s encore, Bugsy Siegel and the latest timequake who’s using hellfire to take over the city after coming back from the dead.  The 1947 members of the team find themselves working as PI’s to help hide out Bugsy’s girlfriend who is very afraid of him and his new powers so Ava and Rory get to join the mission.


WHAT WORKED: This episode was a beautifully crafted camped up film noir complete with double-crosses and more femme fatales than you could shake a stick at. It was so well written and cohesive that even in the scenes where Nate and B are in the future/past with B’s family the social media lite version of Z is acting hella femme fatalesque in her mission to find out what her brother is really up to.

Legend‘s manages to build a believable, interesting and clever story around what would under any other circumstances be ridiculous. From the way they introduced the characters to the way that they take them down, everything fits together in a way that makes sense and allows you to let go and become immersed in the world of the Legend‘s. I also love the way that each episode makes the story style conform to the period that the Legend‘s have traveled to.


BEST MOMENT: When Zari gets beamed up to the Waverider after threatening to expose B as a fraud and freaks out. It was nice to have her back on board even if she isn’t Z that we grew to love and I look forward to seeing how this whole thing plays out.


BEST LINE: Not a line so much as a whole scene of lines in the form of a song when Ava does a beautiful 1940’s version of Poison and I was living for it with complete jazz band and it was everything… especially when you realize that it was all in her head and she is in fact that worst singer on the face of the timeline!


EPISODE MVP:  Ava. She doesn’t just take one for the team, she takes the whole episode with her do anything for the mission and her girl mentality. She was so open and honest about her feelings about going from the big boss to essentially a sidekick, she also talked about her uncertainty about what comes next and her need to be wanted and useful. Ava always comes off as a tough, headstrong cookie and to see her vulnerable side was refreshing especially since the writers wrote the scenes in such a way that there was a build-up to the emotional honest moment with Rory, making it so that she came out of that bar scene appearing stronger and even more badass than she already was.

It was also very nice to see her finally let go and to see how much Sara truly loves her, when she lets her keep on having fun and doesn’t give her crap about her bad singing and dancing or when she stops Rory from showing her the video of her beautifully tragic performance. It was loving and caring and beautiful to see on TV.


Review: Supergirl “Back From the Future – Part One” S5E11


After his secret meet-up with Lex in Episode 10, Brainiac breaks alt-universe Toyman out of prison and brings him to Lex, who tries to lure him to the darker but “good” side. The ladies try and cheer Nia up from her untimely breakup with Brainy as they all question what could have prompted his sudden change of heart. Lex lets Lena in on Brainiac’s involvement in their new save the world plan and at the ToyCon, Toyman takes a shot at his dad’s nemesis when Winn returns in a spacecraft and diverts the bullet and save his future.


WHAT WORKED: In a show based on fantasy, the motivation behind the character’s actions were written, acted and directed in such a way that it was believable. Brainy is coming to realize that he made a deal with the devil and while logic might be a good thing to use, it doesn’t always account for human error. Winn getting all supersuited up and trying to catch the alta-verse Toyman version of him to save his future and keep his family in the future safe. Lex is still a scorpion and kind of self-centered, he breaks the Toyman out to coax future Winn back in time so that he can steal info from his ship, which would have worked but he forgot no one trusts Lex and they moved the ship leaving Brainiac to find a way to catch Toyman and get the info without letting his “team” know what he’s been up to. What worked in this episode was the human nature and realistic take on the trust and fallibility of humans.



“You promise me no one will get hurt.” – Lena to Brainiac & Lex

“I promise you no one will be harmed” – Brainiac to Lena

Which is ominous as f*** and with Brainy now running only on logic, that could mean a number of things and I’m not sure all of them are good.


BEST MOMENT: It was more a collection of moments where our boy Winn, who has been super missed, gets to reconnect with his old friends and get a rundown of the multiverse. Seeing the adorbs joy on his face when he gets that “Papa Bear” hug from J’onn J’onzz filled me with the warm and fuzzies.


EPISODE MVP: Nia. She has a lot to deal with following the out of the blue Brainiac breakup. She is dealing with some next-level emotional stuff and questioning her powers and place because of her trying to deal with the breakup. She gets next level gaslight by herself and to some extent Brainiac, who knew that her dream was about him betraying them but, was left to believe that it was about the breakup and when the tiger was with Brainy, she still didn’t put it together especially when Brainy said that Tigers were the Winslow College mascots and where they could find Toyman. What makes Nia the MVP in this episode isn’t her being on her game 100% of the time, what makes her the MVP is that she wasn’t and she dealt with it and when it was time to get her head in the game and fight, she did and she found a space to process her feelings so that she could continue on. Being strong enough to have feelings, be hurt, keep going, grow and be still kick ass against bad guys makes her the MVP because she showed that it’s okay to not be okay all the time.

Overall: 8.4

Review: Batwoman “An Un-Birthday Present” S1E11


An alternate universe Beth shows up at Kate’s office and gets assaulted and chased off by Kate who thinks it’s another one of Alice’s games. Alice is still in holding by Sophie and her dad’s team while her little mouse goes on a kidnapping spree to secure her release. The city refuses to call Batwoman for help and after Kate connects with Beth and fills her in on the multiverse and why no one remembers her.

WHAT WORKED: The writers made Beth’s acceptance of the multiverse plausible by making her a physics major they also made the heartbreak real when she explained what happened in her universe when the car went over the bridge. While Kate is happy to have her sister back, instead guilt about fighting with the Alice her universe, knowing what happened that made it so that they could be together in Beth’s universe is sure to ring back her guilt over Alice and make things difficult in the future.



Tie- Kate getting a chance to save Beth and Beth getting a chance to save Kate, there was something beautiful about them knowing that their counterpart isn’t the one they grew up with but, they were still willing to sacrifice themselves for the other and if necessary die together.

The people of Gotham taking to the streets to demand that the Gotham Police Department turn on the Batsignal and Batwoman showing up backlit and looking fierce AF above the crowd, giving them hope.


EPISODE MVP: Mary. She loves Kate and was willing to put her faith in that love when Beth showed up wearing the face of her mother’s killer she rolled with it and did due diligence to make sure that it wasn’t one of Alice’s tricks to get at her sister. Once she realized that it was in fact Beth as Kate had wanted her whole life she accepted her and even made her look like Alice in order to save Kate. Mary gets the MVP the emotional depth that Nicole Kang put into it made her real and in this episode, she shined and got to put all of her chops to work and it was beautiful and anchoring in a hella emotional and crazy episode.

Overall: 8.7

Review/Recap: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Meet the Legends S501


My TV show bae has returned and Legends kicked off season 5 in the same campy but classy fashion that made me fall in love with the show.  Meet the Legends picks up after the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths where our ragtag team of time-traveling badasses has become superstar A-list superheroes who are the subject of a documentary.  The doc crew follows the team as they celebrate the return of Sara, Rory and Atom from their triumphant multiverse saving return. The team is trying to revamp their image and keep their government funding by using the documentary as a way to be transparent because it was the only way that Ava could think of the save the team and the ship.


This week’s mission has the Legends in Russia investigating a time quake that occurs at Rasputin’s funeral when he, yet again, comes back from the dead.  The team is two men down because Gary is now Constantine’s apprentice which should come in handy as they track down and return all of the baddies that were released during the season four finale because three mages are better than one and a fairy godmother. While they try to minimize the time damage, Ava wonders how to help Sara through the pain she’s dealing with following Oliver’s double death. While the rest of the team deal with the Rasputin problem, Gary and Constantine are in NYC dealing with a possessed by Masher boy who needs to have a chat with him about the hell that is breaking loose in hell. The new ship techie gives Sara a cutely drawn picture and in the process scares Sara away from giving her an awkward AF handwritten card which might have been for the best.

LGN501b_0019b (1)

While in Russia no one can figure out how best to fix the time shift and instead of working as a team, they go off on their own; Nate and Atom head off the stop Rasputin from killing Yusupov, Ava decides to get her guns up and kill Rasputin and everyone’s favorite werewolf decides to give Rasputin a love letter so she can use the drama to help Rory write another Rebecca Silver book. While Constantine catches up over drinks with Masher he inquires about Astra’s soul release party before sending Masher back to hell and then he summons Gary to hail the ship so he can warn the rest of the team. As Nate is being hypnotized to heal his lovelorn soul, Ava decides to shoot her shot but, Rasputin spits the bullet back out and orders his men to kill her.


Back on the ship all of the rogue team members reconvene and get a royal tongue lashing from a fed-up Sara, who is upset that they went off and tried to solve things on their own, in an attempt to spare her having to deal with whatever happened in Crisis. Sara has a huge emotional breakdown and unloads on everyone for not asking her how she was doing after not only the death of Oliver or the world ending. The rest of the team unloads how they all feel helpless to aid Sara or fix Gideon to the doc crew but, their inflections are short-lived because they’re interrupted by Rasputin, thanks to the doc director they left behind and his ship video link access, who lets them in on his plan to kill the Romanov’s, which will make him an immortal czar.


Sara decided to take their new techie and roll out to stop him, leaving the rest of the team on the ship without a heads up. Meanwhile back at the dinner Rasputin is about to get his poison plan up and running but, Sara isn’t letting anyone die on her watch and, as the rest of the team watches from the ship, unsure about if they should help Sara or let her fight alone as she wants. When all seems lost, the team comes through in the clutch and show up to help her and save the day. In one of the cutest things that I’ve ever seen on TV, besides Ray and Nate’s bromantical bromance, Ava lets out all of her feelings to Sara while they have a beautifully choreographed fight scene. With Rasputin still seemingly unkillable Atom shrinks, slides into him and then expands, blowing him up from the inside while wearing a camera, which hopefully insures that the team’s government funding doesn’t dry up. But, after they the team has a chance to think about it, they sit before an audience and decide to claim everything in the documentary was fake so that they can keep their anonymity which would have left the team in financial peril but, Rory did what Rory does and he stole a 50 million dollar Faberge egg, saving the team and the day. 

While Sara and Ava wrap their heads around the team’s new found financial freedom, Constantine returns and shares his decision to send himself to hell and do some recon. Sadly, Wolfie has left the ship, because Rory gave her his Rebecca Silver title and she’s off to have adventures and fall in love so that she can write the work that the fans deserve. And if all that wasn’t enough for you, Zari is the glitch in Gideon’s matrix and she left a message for Nate, telling her how she feels since she couldn’t do it during the Heyworld events.


As usual, Legends did not disappoint, it perfectly used its minimal callbacks to previous episodes and themes, gave us a clear outline of the story lines that this season will explore and kept us entertained the whole time. The directing and acting were so solid that if you didn’t get caught in your feels when Sara lets it all out on the ship and wants to give her a hug, at risk to your life, then you have no soul. The writing was realistic and the characters stayed consistent and above reproach in their style and demeanor. This whole episode was a win and just like every time before, I can’t wait to see what happens next week (no, really I can’t . Hell is open and all of the biggest baddies are riding through time, immortal and serving up evil!).

Overall: 9.5

Recap/Review: Arrow- Green Arrow & the Canaries S8E9


“Crisis on Infinite Earths” has come and gone, Oliver Queen is dead, the year is 2040, and we find ourselves in Star City. Oliver is dead, has been for twenty years, and Mia is living her best heiress life. She’s about to graduate, and wakes up to a proposal from a man that she loves, JJ, and a pretty sick bohemian apartment and everything seems to be going just fine.

Black Canary is singing and playing piano in a bar that she owns and we learn about another Crisis ramification, when Dinah left Oliver’s funeral she realized that the Black Canary doesn’t exist on Earth Prime, so she could live a life free from loss or old mistakes. Laurel is still doing her Canary rounds and she time jumped to do it in 2040 to keep the city safe because socialite Bianca Bertinelli is kidnapped and found dead in three days. If she doesn’t save her then in a year Star City will fall into chaos. Laurel turning up in 2040 means that Mia’s peaceful existence is about to shatter because with her father gone and Dinah living the lounge life, Mia is going to have to become the Green Arrow that the city needs and help the Canaries to save her friend.


Laurel uses a special ring to do the equivalent of what J’onn J’onzz did to all of the other superfriends, thanks to Cisco replicating J’onn’s power using tech. Mia gives her back all of her memories of her father and of the multiverse shrinking that occurred during Crisis. All of Mia’s memories hit her like a ton of bricks, filled with the pain , sadness, mistakes and deaths causing her to leave her graduation/engagement party and rethink the latter because her fiance killed people she loved in her other life. Back at Mia’s the Canary squad convince her to get back into the Arrow game and get some intel from Bianca’s family by serving as a distraction so the Canaries can plant some bugs around the house. The intel they gather has the Canaries and Arrow stop a late-night shipment that they suspect IS Bianca but, it turns out that the shipment is just a bunch of green vials. A literal bomb gets dropped revealing who viewers are led to believe is JJ because he is rocking the Deathstroke mask in his villainous best.


Mia, sure that JJ isn’t Earth Prime’s Deathstroke, heads to his job to prove it or be proven wrong while Lauren is hell-bent on being as destructive a force as possible in Mia’s life. Mia confronts JJ and accuses him of kidnapping Bianca. She asks him to open his files since she couldn’t get into his computer if he wants to prove that he’s not lying to her. Because he loves her JJ obliges and shows her the hidden files which are nothing more than pictures and plans for a surprise honeymoon to Fiji and when a new post from the believed kidnapped Bianca shows up on JJ’s phone we find ourselves wondering if he’s being honest and if Earth Prime Deathstroke is someone else or JJ’s gaslighting her and us and is about to pull off the Kaiser Soze of all Kaiser Soze’s.


While Mia tries with no avail to salvage her relationship Dinah and Laurel discover that the video of Bianca sharing her namaste moment online was a deep fake and she is in fact still in danger. Laurel shows up post dumping to explain to Mia what she needs to do and talk her through her emotional hard spot as she grapples with the competing realities going rogue in her brain. In the end, Bianca is rescued and her boyfriend Trevor turns out to be Earth Primes OG Deathstroke, Mia decides to put on the suit and work towards being the savior of Star City like she was in her original life, Dinah links up with Laurel to start a Canary network,  JJ gets kidnapped and woken up in the same way that Mia was , which could mean his return to Deathstroke, Mia’s brother William gets taken as they check out their dads statue and, Laurel confides in Dinah that Mia may have been behind the fall of Star City and she blew up her world by awakening her in the hope that if she becomes the Green Arrow the future won’t fall.


On the surface Green Arrow & the Canaries is a formulaic winner, it hits all the right notes, the action to story ratio is solid, the acting is well done, the direction is stellar and the evil under plot is believable. But, Laurel’s character isn’t well written and it goes beyond them not being likable, I could understand not being likable because I love a good female antihero but, she has no direction for someone on a mission. She also cut off Mia’s agency at the knees in a way that made no sense, added nothing to the story and then she switched on her emotional and mission position, seemingly out of nowhere and became nice and compassionate. Laurel’s arc made no sense, there was no awakening, no build-up, nothing that gave us a way to connect to her or even care about her. I find that most writers have a tendency to no not be able to create a  female anti-hero in a way that where they don’t seem underdeveloped and lack consistency, they seem to make them one dimensional, all “bitch” or all “angel” with no layers in between. When it came to Laurel, who was supposed to be the catalyst to whatever is coming next, I didn’t hate her or love her, I just didn’t understand her because she was written in a way where she had a purpose but, not any real agency or ideology that would make us see her way as right or wrong. Her character was chaotic problematic and didn’t come off as neutral, good or evil which made it hard to get to know her and I felt that the character deserved better.


If you can get past the Laurel problem, the episode itself wasn’t that bad it was a nice time jump with a good introduction to Mia and her world in Earth Prime. Katherine McNamara shines as the unsure heroine and if there’s a spin-off brewing when this final season of Arrow comes to a close, I would watch it in a heart beat. She managed to give such an amazing performance that even with that hair, I forgot she was in Shadowhunters. The rest of the cast held their own, honestly Katie Cassidy held her own to the best of her ability as Laurel given what they chose to give her to work with, and it was a pretty fun watch. As an Arrow newby, I have up until this point only watched cross overs and if not for Crisis hitting the reset and causing me to be invested in the lives of all of the characters in the Arrowverse, I never would have watched another episode but, if this is an indication of how the rest of the final season will go, I’m all in.

Overall: 8.2

Review/Recap: Batwoman – How Queer Everything Is Today S1E10


When Kate was pulled out of Gotham to help save the multiverse for Crisis on Infinite Earths, much like Black Lightning, she was dealing with some pretty heavy stuff. Her twin sister, the villainess currently known as Alice, was on a mission to destroy everyone in her life, and to an extent in Gotham,  but her. Her stepmother was dead, her stepsister was forcing her to choose a side, her dad was in handcuffs after a stellar frame job and,  the city going to the Arkham ready psychos. While the biggest thing that Kara had to worry about was working for Lex Luthor in a world where people thought he was a good guy, Batwoman had to return to her world and it was literally falling apart to such a degree that Crisis felt like a vacation.


Queer picks up with Kate riding a badass BatHarley to save a train full of passengers, some of whom are just trying to see Jagged Little Pill after the breaks were cut. After the rescue is complete a cop “saves” her and now she can’t get rid of him or the shipping that the press keeps doing. Alice is having a tea party at the cemetery and semi-vandalizing her dead stepmother’s gravestone while her boyfriend tries to bring her back to reality because he knows something she won’t see, that the twins are never, ever, ever getting back together.


A new threat is looming and it’s an animated puppy avatar cyber-terrorist who’s holding the city’s digital secrets hostage unless his crowdfunding drive to the tune of five million dollars is received by Friday at midnight. Kate spends a lot of the episode trying to come to terms with all of the parts of her that she is hiding to save not only her secret identity but, the city. While Kate is all about hunting the hacker, who is hiding out at her old prep school, Mary is trying to save the only parent that she has left from being wrongfully convicted of killing her mother. Both of the girls have a very valid mission in the episode but, with all of the secrets keeping them apart it’s quite possible that all the work Kate has been doing to keep Mary safe might be for nothing. Batwoman finds the hacker and discovers that she’s just a scared school girl, Parker, who was upset after her ex outed her to her super religious parents and she just wanted the money to escape. Kate finds herself mask on staring into a mirror, realizing that hiding who she is might be bad, not just for her but, for everyone.  Alice kidnaps Parker and of course, Batwoman comes to the rescue and to save Parker, she takes off her mask. Finding out that Batwoman is the “super gay” Kate, makes Parker feel a sense of loyalty, not just to The Bat but, she doesn’t want to be responsible for outing everyone after what happened to her when she was outed. But, Kate tells her that it is OK and so Parker sends a mass text out to everyone and turns the tables on Alice, handcuffing her and trying to get her to tell her how to diffuse the bomb she planted at the school. Kate lets her know that she is dead to her and with sirens blazing in the background, Alice discovers that Parker didn’t do what she asked, she sent one text to Alice and another one to everyone else in the building, warning them that there was a bomb in the building, giving them time to escape. When everything is said and done and Alice ends up in an interrogation room in Sophie’s care, Batwoman comes out as a lesbian because she knows that there is more than one Parker out there and, and she goes to hug Mary because she didn’t know how else to be there for her and, she wants to be there for everyone in Gotham in every way that she can. The episode ends with a twist that I can’t wait to see unravel next week, Beth is back, just in time for her and Kate’s birthday and she has no clue who Alice is and since we know all about Crisis, we know that this can all unfold in a lot of different ways.


Batwoman and Supergirl play on Sunday night and they run back to back, with Supergirl raising the darkness meter and Batwoman holding steady, they go together like PB & J which is a good thing. Batwoman sticks to her paragons ethos and is still a crusader of courage and she’s willing to go against anyone who is against the greater, common good.  Kate’s character remains consistent and the writing remains pop-culture heavy (even crossing brands) and well written, showing every side of the human condition. Out of all of the episodes that I have seen since the pilot, this one is my favorite. It showed how dark people can get when they are afraid of being exposed, how rational people can act irrationally when they’re afraid of their life being upturned. Queer was an emotional and realistic take on things, the lighting kept you uneasy and the directing and camera work made you feel like you were a fly on the wall stuck in voyeur position which made this an interesting experience and an entertaining watch. I also loved how they slid a pretty realistic “Representation Matters” monologue into the script, it was just honest enough to avoid being too cliched and it didn’t come off as pandering or out of place. I really hope that we see more of Parker, she’s a talented young woman and when Batwoman gives her to offer to come see her if she needs to talk, I hope she takes her up on it because statistically speaking, having even one supportive adult in an LGBTQ+ kids life ups their chances of surviving and staying alive. I also loved how Parker’s face lit up when she discovered that the Gotham’s hero was just like her, it gave her hope and that’s what everyone in Gotham and, in the world out here needs.

Overall Rating: 9.3

Review/Recap: Supergirl – The Bottle Episode S5E10


The official midseason premiere of Supergirl picks up after the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Kara is disgusted with Lex and her being known worldwide as collaborators and she wants to come clean with Lena upfront this time so that their friendship can be open and honest but, she doesn’t know that Lena escaped the Crisis with her memory untouched. While Lex tries to bring Lena into the fold she and her unwiped mind let him in on the fact that no one seems to remember the Leviathan is still out there. Brainiac 5 meets another Brainiac 5 in what appears to be an side effect of the Crisis and in attempting to bring the alterna Brainiac to Alex at the DEO, he finds himself in a room full of Brainiac 5’s including a female one who is head of the DEO.


Kara’s attempt to come clean to Lena is met with exactly the opposition you’d expect but, ever the Paragon of Hope, Supergirl still believes that she can get their friendship back and they can work together to save the world. Back at the DEO someone is wiping out the Brainiacs with a biosynthetic virus and the Brainiacs have all converged on Earth-Prime and Brainiac Prime lets them all know that all the multiverses are dead. Lex summons Supergirl and Alex to his office to make his version of a peace pact and give each other an update on where all of Earth Prime’s threats stand.


Meanwhile, at Al’s Bar the Brainiac’s learn that all of Al’s Bar was a wormhole site and when the universes merged all of the people in Al’s Bar’s across the multiverse were transported to Earth-Prime. We also find out that Lex’s mom is back too and since Lena is on the loose looking for a partner so she goes to mommy dearest who tells her to chose Lex over Kara because she will never trust Lex, so he can never hurt her. Alex is having a big problem, understandably, about working for Lex and goes to J’onn J’onzz for help who tells her to follow her heart and do what she thinks is right even if it’s “wrong”. The female Braniac 5 is up to something and at first glance appears to be working for the Leviathan, or at least very interested in what is going on with them. She finds Brainiac 5  to find out what’s going on with him and learns about his personality inhibitors and attempts to change him. Lady Brainiac (Kor-El) attempts to get him to reconnect to the big brain while one of the other Brainiac’s is visited by Nia who catches him holding on to a bottle that contains the 7 billion souls that he has contained to save them and wants to open his universe in Prime. Nia alerts Brainiac Prime, and Supergirl about what is going on and they come to her aid but Earth Bottling Brainiac is already on the move, and he’s the one who is killing the Brainiac’s who try and stop him.


The bottling Brainy wants to open his world but, doing so would destroy both worlds and while the Brainy collective, Supergirl and Alex think that they have more time because the only saber using Argonium 44 that he can use to open it has been destroyed. Andrea Roja’s mentor is trying to convince her to extend her Obsidian tech idea to basically, turn everyone into the people sent off-world in Wall-E. Brainiac Prime is reliving some painful childhood memories that explain how he came to possess his three-dot inhibitors and how he is unable to take them off because he fears that he may have evil within him. While having their heart to heart with Supergirl they realize that the witches who released reign in “our” world but, who are benign in ours after the Big Al’s Wormhole Merge Bar Party are capable of opening the bottle and that’s Bottle Brainiacs only play.


Nia, Supergirl and Brainiac Prime show up at the bar in time to catch the Bottle Brainy and his new collection of helpful witches about to open the bottle. During what can only be described as the a campily beautiful bar fight to N’Sync’s “It’s Gonna Be Me,” Brainiac Prime finds himself unable to win against Bottle Brainy with Nia’s encouragement and love he decides to take off the inhibitors, allowing him to connect with Bottle Brainy and together they stop him from opening the bottle. One of the witches comes to her senses and decides that it is better for them all to wait for a solution to everyone’s new world problems and trust Brainiac Prime and his friends. Prime then encases the witches and Bottle Brainy in his universe bottle in an act of mercy and compassion until they can safely release them home.


The remaining two Brainiacs decide to go back into the Big Brain since they aren’t needed on this planet. Lady Kor-El stays behind a bit to warn Brainiac Prime that he needs to abandon his friends and Nia and work with Lex Luthor if he is to save the last remaining world. She knows this because fighting Lex is what took her world down the road to ruin and Brainiac prime is now stuck with secret information that will undoubtedly have effects that ripple throughout the remainder of this season. Lex and Lena agree to join forces after they state their terms while Lex is bound with truth manacles which are bound to make things awkward for Supergirl and the rest of the DOE team. Brainiac breaks up with Nia and all of our hearts break because while we know why he’s doing it, it doesn’t make it sting less, especially when we’re sure that there has to be another way. While the rest of the team prepares to stand against Lex, Brainiac Prime offers Lex his services and they head off to collect The Toymaker (our boy Wynn is back) who came through the wormhole and was arrested ( a nice callback to the toy monkey they found in the lost & found box at Al’s).

Overall, Episode 10 was the only logical way to show the ripples of the merge and the overreaching effects that the events of Crisis caused. While our heroes remain mostly OK, even Lex got to keep the people that he “loved”, other planets and people were not so lucky and while they may not know what they are missing there is still a hole. As a stand-alone episode in what I’m sure will be a multi-layered storyline with a lot of intricate moving pieces, this was a nice part of the puzzle. I am a huge fan of this new, all-inclusive, dark direction that Supergirl (and the DC shows on the CW) have taken and if this is what a post-Crisis Prime looks like, I’m here for it.

Overall: 8.7

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