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Review/Recap: Gotham Knights “Pilot” Season 1, Episode 1

Gotham Knights

Within the first ten minutes of the series premiere of Gotham Knights we see the death of Bruce Wayne and three teenagers mid heist realizing that they’ve been set up for the crime. While his superhero father is being tossed off of Wayne Tower his adopted son, Turner, and his bestie are throwing a rager back at the manor. On the heels of finding out about his father’s death he discovers his secret, that he had been taken in and raised by Batman, something he finds hard to believe and while venting to his friend he discovers the Batcave entrance behind a wall in his father’s office.

Gotham Knights

While the rest of the city mourns the loss of his father, the teens who broke into Wayne Tower , Duela (the Joker’s daughter), Cullen, and Harper Row, are ambushed and captured while planning to leave town with the $100,000 they were paid to rob Bruce Wayne. Later on in the episode the police find money transferred from Turner to the three teens and he is forced to break out of jail with them to find the real murderer and clear all their names.

A Familiar Face in the Crowd: Misha Collins, better known as the angel Castiel from another great CW show that you might have heard of, plays DA Harvey Dent. Considering how there’s a different police commissioner and there’s no sign of Jim Gordon, I wonder if Dent will become Two-Face before the season is over, if at all.

Gotham Knights

While facial recognition is a good thing, the character name recognition game in Gotham Knights is hella strong. Turner’s BFF is Stephanie Brown, AKA Cluemaster’s daughter but, her not knowing Bruce Wayne’s secret identity means she’s not going in as Robin this time around or is she? There’s also the Row siblings were once saved by Batman in the new 52’s so their shock at discovering Batman dead would be genuine but, I’m not getting why they wouldn’t have shared their grief at his loss with the police because they had no reason to want him dead.

Where Have All the Robins Gone? : During Turner’s speech at Bruce Wayne’s funeral he talks about how his father, the recently unmasked Batman, still found time after saving so many in the city to save one more which posed the question where have all the Robin’s gone? In this multiverse does Bruce Wayne not always have a replacement orphan on deck? How could Turner not have begun his grooming to take on the Robin mantle and become his trusty side kick?

Gotham Knights

While watching the first half of this series premiere i couldn’t wrap my head around a multiverse where Batman found himself Robin-less and how none of his proteges managed to make it to the funeral or descend upon Gotham ready to take vengeance for their adoptive dad’s brutal murder. Since Turner Hayes is a new character created specifically for this show, and he was calling him dad instead of Bruce, and there was no sign of Alfred to console the young master of the house, I had given up hope of seeing another one of of Batman’s teenage vigilantes but, then Carrie Kelley appeared. I was impressed and shocked that they went with the Frank Miller superheroine but, considering how dark her story line and arc was , it gave me high hopes for this new series.

Gotham Knights

Carrie Kelley in the Clutch: I’m here for all the bad ass female representation in this show but, I think Carrie Kelley deserves a special award for showing up at the tail end of the escape and saving everyone’s tail from a group of corrupt cops and getting the “Knights” to safety IN HER MOM’S CAR! Her heart to heart with Harper explains why Bruce decided not to turn this orphan into his new Robin. I also loved looking back and realizing she was watching at the funeral , hiding in plain sight before making her official debut in the series.

Overall: The debut episode of Gotham Knights is a solid start to what could be a very good series. The character and world building is well done, the story is expertly crafted and I also appreciate them not only not dead naming Cullen but, also not using an LGBTQ+ character as a plot point was well done and should be applauded. The introduction to the Court of Owls slips effortlessly into the story and myth creation.

Gotham Knights

With all these moving pieces it could have been very easy to end up with a convoluted story line and this whole series could have been off to becoming a hot mess but, the writers took great care with the known and unknown characters in this new rebranding of the inhabitants of the city of Gotham. There are still some issues with verbal over explaining as opposed to showing but, I attribute that to trying to get things right and introduce this new world of Gotham to old fans and people who somehow managed to never here about it. I really loved the “bad” kids being behind the breakout to make sure they all stay alive long enough to clear their names, something that Harper never considered and, it sets up a good story and alliance that can last for many seasons after they solve this initial crime.

As a pilot Gotham Knights it did exactly what it was supposed to do, draw the viewer in and making us at least a little curious about what’s going to happen next. I still think that there’s room for improvement but, if you’re looking for a fun show with quick writing, realistic action sequences, solid directing and a story that keeps you curious, then this is the show for you.

Overall Rating: 8.6

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Gotham Knights picked up by The CW for a Pilot

Gotham Knights
The show has nothing to do with the game with the same name.

As part of a trio of pilot orders, Gotham Knights might be coming to The CW.

The show comes from Batwoman executive producers Chad Fiveash and James Stoteraux and executive story editor Natalie Adams.

In the show, Bruce Wayne is dead, murdered. It brings together his adopted sons in an unlikely alliance with the children of Batman’s enemies when they’re framed for killing the Caped Crusader. This group must fight to clear their names. But, with no Dark Knight to protect it, the city descends into further danger. Will this team become GOtham’s next generation of saviors? Its Gotham Knights?

Though it takes place in Gotham, the show will not be tied into Batwoman and it’s also not related to the upcoming video game with the same name from Warner Bros.

The CW’s Earth-Prime Comes to Comics with a 3 Month Event!

The creative minds behind The CW’s hottest DC super hero shows are bringing their talents and the characters they’ve made so popular to comic books in a can’t-miss comic book event!

Earth-Prime is a three-month, six-issue event set entirely in the universe of DC’s popular super hero TV shows. All issues are part of the Warner Bros. Television show canon, approved by CW television show producers. Each of the first five issues spotlights a different CW/DC super hero show, with the sixth issue serving as a cross-over finale.

Earth-Prime #1 (The CW’s Batwoman) – Out April 5

Ryan Wilder, aka Batwoman, makes her costumed comic book debut in a story co-written by series writers Natalie Abrams and Kelley Larson, plus series cast member Camrus Johnson (Luke Fox/Batwing), with art by Clayton Henry.

Ever since the tech that created many of Batman’s rogues hit the streets, Ryan Wilder has been running herself ragged trying to contain the new villains popping up around Gotham City. But when Clayface’s (making his CW debut) mud binds itself to a local high schooler, Batwoman will need help from an unexpected source to contain this muddy foe! Also, follow how Luke Fox balances his life as a super hero and a boyfriend!

EARTH-PRIME #2 (The CW’s Superman & Lois) – Out April 19

Superman & Lois series writers Adam Mallinger, Jai Jamison and Andrew Wong join DC fan-favorite artists Tom Grummett and Norm Rapmund in a story spotlighting Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s first anniversary. Trying to celebrate their marital bliss is never easy when you’re a super hero husband and news reporter wife; especially when world-saving and creating hard-hitting stories continue to spoil your plans! Plus, the true origins of the evil Superman from John Henry Irons’ world are finally revealed!

Both issues feature cover art by Kim Jacinto and will feature photo variant covers based on each individual show. Subsequent issues will spotlight The CW television shows DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, DC’s Stargirl and The Flash, all written or co-written by creative talent from the shows. Each issue will also include bonus material created by cast members of The CW shows, as well as “teasers” that will provide clues to the nature of the final crossover in issue #6.

Check Out the New Trailer for The CW’s Naomi “Power”

Get ready, DC fans…Naomi is on her way. From Oscar nominee/Emmy winner Ava DuVernay and Jill Blankenship, and starring Kaci Walfall in the title role, Naomi follows the journey of a cool, confident, comic book–loving teenager as she pursues her hidden destiny. As Naomi journeys to the heights of the Multiverse in search of answers, what she discovers will challenge everything we believe about our heroes. Here is a first-look clip from the series, coming soon to The CW.

Naomi is based on the comic series by Brian Michael BendisDavid F. Walker, and Jamal Campbell.

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