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Review – Velocity #1

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If we’ve done our job right, you’ve been able to pick up this first issue and enjoy it without any additional exposition.

I’ve been staring at teasers to the cover of Velocity #1, from Ron Marz and Kenneth Rocafort and published by Top Cow, for what seems like months and every time I’ve looked forward to the first issue.  There was just something intriguing to the art and the cover, something inviting that made me want to read this issue (I have no idea why I’ve been obsessed with this cover, the last time this happened was NYX #1).  But, when I finally got the chance to read the first issue, did it live up to my built up expectations?  The answer is a resounding “hell yes!”

What I knew coming into this series was Velocity was associated with the team Cyberforce and she was a speedster and that’s about where my knowledge ends.  But like series achieves what it set out to do, be entertaining for those familiar with the material and accessible to those who are not.

Carin Taylor is the fastest woman in the world. At least, she’d better be if she wants to save her own life and the lives of her Cyberforce teammates. When a former Cyberdata scientist — and test subject — seeks revenge against the members of Cyberforce, only Velocity can save her friends before the clock literally runs out. Bringing together writer Ron Marz (Witchblade, Angelus) and artist Kenneth Rocafort (Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer) for the first time. Featuring two covers by Rocafort and Chriscross (Captain Marvel).

The art is fantastic and story has an excellent pace but what stood out to me was the captions/thought bubbles.  The voice used for this is fantastic as Carin narrates her own story.  It’s a great use of the technique and one you don’t see too often.

As a relative newby to the character I easily understood what was going on and looked forward to each page and what was coming next.  While the story isn’t the most creative thing in the world (character must save people before a clock runs out), the voice, action and art are highly entertaining.  I entered as someone new, but it felt familiar and inviting.  At the end of the first issue it felt like I’ve been catching up with old friends.

Mr. Marz I needed no additional exposition.  Job well done.

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Twitter Fun: Larsen and J. Scott Campbell

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We keep telling you Twitter is the place to be when it comes to lifting the veil of what goes on the the heads of some of the biggest names in the comic book industry.  Erik Larsen (who’s no stranger to airing his political views) decided to sound off about the latest election in Massachusetts as well as the recent Supreme Court decision concerning political speech.  J. Scott Campbell also chimed in with a nice dig in response to Larsen.

You can follow Erik Larsen at http://twitter.com/erikjlarsen and J. Scott Campbell at http://twitter.com/JScottCampbell.  And that’s the latest installment of Twitter Fun!

Official statement from Bluewater regarding “Political Power: Ted Kennedy”

TEDKENNEDY Let me first say that I spent a few years working on the Hill for Senator Kerry across the hall from Senator Kennedy’s office.  I’ve met him on numerous occasions, and no matter what you may think of him politically, he was a very kind, friendly, warm person.  A great memory of mine is he and I playing fetch with his dogs.

The Liberal Lion will be missed and his voice and passion will never be replaced.

From BlueWater Productions:

The country is a lesser place with the passing of Senator Kennedy. Regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum we could all learn a great deal if we followed his passion for public service.

The timing of our announcement of a biography comic based on the life of Ted Kennedy was in no way tied to the Senator’s declining health and ultimate passing. When Bluewater planned out the first year of biographies, Kennedy’s name was always at the top of the list. In fact, this issue has been in production since March and was solicited to retail shops through our national distributor in June. We will, of course, pay final respects to this American icon by adding a page to the completed issue to close the last chapter of his remarkable life.

We mourn his passing with the rest of the nation.

Next Comic Book Politico – Ted Kennedy

Coming this November from Bluewater Productions (the leaders in comic book biographies covering political figures) is a biographical comic featuring Ted Kennedy.  I met Senator Kennedy numerous times over my years on the Hill.  Agree or disagree with his politics his a very nice gentleman, with some very fun dogs (don’t ask).

TEDKENNEDYPolitical Power: Ted Kennedy #1
Writer: Brent Sprecher

Pencils: Alejandro Figueroa

Cover Artist(s): Patricio Carbajal

Bluewater Productions spotlights one of the icons of American politics, Edward “Ted” Kennedy, in the latest edition in the wildly popular line of POLITICAL POWER biography comics. Often overlooked as a child, and in constant competition with his highly successful brothers, Ted Kennedy has survived the “Kennedy curse” and triumphed over tragedy and scandal to become the “lion of the Senate” and the voice of modern Democratic politics.