Next Comic Book Politico – Ted Kennedy

Coming this November from Bluewater Productions (the leaders in comic book biographies covering political figures) is a biographical comic featuring Ted Kennedy.  I met Senator Kennedy numerous times over my years on the Hill.  Agree or disagree with his politics his a very nice gentleman, with some very fun dogs (don’t ask).

TEDKENNEDYPolitical Power: Ted Kennedy #1
Writer: Brent Sprecher

Pencils: Alejandro Figueroa

Cover Artist(s): Patricio Carbajal

Bluewater Productions spotlights one of the icons of American politics, Edward “Ted” Kennedy, in the latest edition in the wildly popular line of POLITICAL POWER biography comics. Often overlooked as a child, and in constant competition with his highly successful brothers, Ted Kennedy has survived the “Kennedy curse” and triumphed over tragedy and scandal to become the “lion of the Senate” and the voice of modern Democratic politics.

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