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Review: Afterburn: Crossfire #3

Afterburn: Crossfire #3

What would you do if you knew your friends were walking into a trap? This is where friendships are tested, as most real-world traps are not life-threatening. People who you think are your friends might be more self-interested to see what would happen. It seems people are rarely genuinely interested in helping people.

People who truly want to help tend to be rare breed these days. In the third issue of Afterburn: Crossfire, we find Jake looking to correct a mistake which can cost his friends their lives.

We’re taken to Rome, where we find Mathias and Andrea with a military battalion, trying to find a way out of the city and away from the mutant invasion. We also find Jake on a train heading to Rome, where he has not only to fight off some mutants but also his Hidinger’s men. Mathias and Andrea come face to face with the Pope who has also been infected and who controls all of Rome. As Jake’s plan goes awry, he finds himself imprisoned with an unlikely foe. By issue’s end, a fight to the death leaves no loose ends.

Overall, another action-packed issue in this spectacular series, that more than lives up its name. The story by Scott Chitwood is exciting smart and well characterized. The art by Rod Thornton and Sean Lee is gorgeous. Altogether, an issue plays out like a penultimate episode of a series which will end the series in spectacular fashion.

Story: Scott Chitwood Art: Rod Thornton and Sean Lee
Story: 10 Art: 9.8 Overall: 9.8 Recommendation: Buy

Review: Afterburn: Crossfire #2

Afterburn: Crossfire #2

Nicholas Cage is one of those actors who inhabit the screen and takes over the scene. I remember the first movie I watched him in was Moonstruck, where he played Danny Aiello’s brother and Cher’s love interest. His portrayal showed me and the world how serious an actor he was. Little did the world know that he came from Hollywood royalty at the time, being the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola and Talia Shire.

His other movies became iconic if not bizarre. For example Raising Arizona. In one of his most mainstream movies which would spawn a sequel, National Treasure, a series where his character would search for American relics. The movies captured just how much we cherish finding those hidden gems in the most obscure places. In the second issue of Afterburn: Crossfire, the story ramps up the action much like the Nicholas Cage gem, as we hope our heroes get to the treasure first.

We open up on a mysterious stranger who knows Andrea. She has no idea of their connection. The moment is quickly broken up as Jake’s team takes heavy suppression fire from Hidinger’s team. This recent exploit meant them losing another relic, which pushes Jake to split the team in order to cover more ground. But it may be a move that costs him dearly as they encounter a mutant threat never seen before.

Overall, an excellent second issue that gives readers a deeper dive into this world and all its intricacies. The story by Scott Chitwood is complex and exciting. The art by the creative team is gorgeous. Altogether, a story that only gets better with each issue.

Story: Scott Chitwood Art: Rod Thornton and Sean Lee
Story: 9.6 Art: 9.4 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy

Review: Afterburn: Crossfire #1

Afterburn: Crossfire #1

By the time I found about James Dashner I was leaning more towards reading something in a different genre. I was burnt out on dystopian novels. It was a good thing an old friend from the Navy had read his work. I trusted her tastes as we bonded over EL Doctorow and her obsessions usually aligned with mine. It was a good thing I followed her recommendation. Although the books are written for a younger audience, they’re definitely page-turners.

The Maze Runner series is more compelling on the page than its movie adaptations. Though, the movies had a few good moments. The Scorch Trials remain my favorite. The very idea that you must survive in the worst conditions while someone is chasing you made it a very enjoyable book. In the first issue of Afterburn: Crossfire we meet a team of operators who must chase down relics before an old foe gets their hands on them.

We are taken to a world where a massive solar flare has hit the Earth, leaving millions of people, dead or mutated, which is where a wealthy benefactor hires an operator, Jake, and his team to recover these significant relics. As we find the team in the Tower of London with the Crown Jewels where are they being chased by mutated guards and right in the way of a former ally and old foe, Hidinger, who due to a distraction, gets away with the loot. One year later, we find Jake and his team in New York City, to meet a new client this one being the Catholic Church, as most of the church’s world leadership had been wiped out with the solar flare. As the current hierarchal authority, Bishop Kaine, is wrestling for control, as the bishop who has the most relics rules the church, as he has hired both Jake’s team as well as Hidinger’s team, to find some of the most important holy relics like the Crown Of Thorns and The Nail of the Crucifixion, all located in the Burn Zone . As they find themselves in the Danube River in Vienna, Austria, they soon find the locals are not welcoming, as they soon under fire by the local militia, hired by a rival Bishop. As Jake’s team enters Hofburg Palace, they find the local mutants and Hidinger’s team, are both looking to get Jesus’s spear. By issue’s end, Jake’s tea is outnumbered and outgunned, leaving our protagonists in seemingly dire straits.

Overall, an action-packed debut issue which elevates the action-adventure genre, one where most readers find many Indiana Jones imitators, this creative seeks to an accomplishes tremendously something unique and exciting. The story by Scott Chitwood is smart, intense, and exciting. The art by the creative team is beautiful. Altogether, a story that hits you like a hurricane, one that should have you coming back for more.

Story: Scott Chitwood Art: Rob Thornton
Color: Sean Lee Letters: Troy Peteri
Story: 10 Art: 9.5 Overall: 9.6 Recommendation: Buy

Preview: Dark Souls Winter’s Spite #3.3


Writer: George Mann
Artist: Alan Quah
Colorist: Komikaki Studio feat. Sean Lee & Kevin Liew
Letterer: Rob Steen
COVER A: Alan Quah
COVER B: John McCrea
COVER C: Christopher Mitten
FC – 32pp – $3.99 – On sale: January 25

While held prisoner by the fearsome Duke Etinger, Andred learns more about his enigmatic benefactor, some hard truths concerning his distant quarry and the means by which to escape the frigid realm of Parnathia.