Review: Afterburn: Crossfire #3

Afterburn: Crossfire #3

What would you do if you knew your friends were walking into a trap? This is where friendships are tested, as most real-world traps are not life-threatening. People who you think are your friends might be more self-interested to see what would happen. It seems people are rarely genuinely interested in helping people.

People who truly want to help tend to be rare breed these days. In the third issue of Afterburn: Crossfire, we find Jake looking to correct a mistake which can cost his friends their lives.

We’re taken to Rome, where we find Mathias and Andrea with a military battalion, trying to find a way out of the city and away from the mutant invasion. We also find Jake on a train heading to Rome, where he has not only to fight off some mutants but also his Hidinger’s men. Mathias and Andrea come face to face with the Pope who has also been infected and who controls all of Rome. As Jake’s plan goes awry, he finds himself imprisoned with an unlikely foe. By issue’s end, a fight to the death leaves no loose ends.

Overall, another action-packed issue in this spectacular series, that more than lives up its name. The story by Scott Chitwood is exciting smart and well characterized. The art by Rod Thornton and Sean Lee is gorgeous. Altogether, an issue plays out like a penultimate episode of a series which will end the series in spectacular fashion.

Story: Scott Chitwood Art: Rod Thornton and Sean Lee
Story: 10 Art: 9.8 Overall: 9.8 Recommendation: Buy