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Preview: Black Betty #7


Writer(s): Shawn Gabborin
Artist Name(s): Rafael Dantas (art), Rosa “Rosakaz” Rantila (colors)
Cover A – Rafael Dantas
Cover B – Rafael Dantas Tattered & Torn (limited to 2500)
Cover C – Ann Uland artist variant (limited to 2000)
Cover D – Ann Uland Risque (limited to 2500)
Cover E – Zoe Stanley (limited to 2000)
Cover F – Zoe Stanley Risque (limited to 2500)

An entire town under the control of a hypnotic song… Betty knows what she’s looking for, but finding it without spilling innocent blood? That’s the hard part!

32 pgs./ M / FC $4.99

Black Betty #7

Preview: Black Betty #6


Writer(s): Shawn Gabborin
Artist Name(s): Rafael Dantas (art), Rosa “Rosakaz” Rantila (colors)
Cover A – Rafael Dantas
Cover B – Rafael Dantas Tattered & Torn (limited to 2500)
Cover C – Joel Adams artist variant (limited to 2000)
Cover D – Joel Adams Tattered & Torn (limited to 2500)
Cover E – Tony Fleecs (limited to 2000)
Cover F – Tony Fleecs Tattered & Torn (limited to 2500)
32 pgs./ M / FC

Betty’s back in town, and this time she’s not leaving until she finds the truth! Can she keep a young boy safe from a town turned against him?

Black Betty Betty Volume 2: A Musical Interlude with the Monster Hunter for Hire!

After the murder of his grandfather, a small boy offers his money to monster hunter Black Betty if she can find the killer creature he’s convinced hides in his seemingly idyllic town. Will Black Betty find this mysterious creature? She’s certainly going to try when there’s money on the line!

Black Betty is part of the Danger Doll Universe, which features the lethal likes of DollFace, Vampblade and Zombie Tramp. Readers won’t want to miss this horrifying addition to the Danger Doll Universe featuring the writing of Shawn Gabborin, art by Rafael Dantas, and colors by Rosa Rantila.

Black Betty Volume 2 collects the “Musical Interlude” story from issues 5-8 of the series. It will be available in a comic book store near you on October 3, 2018.

Review: Black Betty #5

Shawn Gabborin doesn’t reveal much in the newest story arc for Black Betty. Black Betty #5 tells the story of a sweet deaf boy named Noah who gets Betty’s contact info from his dead grandpas’ hand. Noah shoots Betty a text so that sends her on a road trip to Edgeclif, South Dakota to find and fight some monsters. There’s something sinister going on in this town and poor l’il Noah only trusts Betty because his grandpa trusted her enough to be his final call. Gabborin paints the picture of a charming small town with a dark secret so perfectly that even though it’s a classic Body Snatcher story, you find yourself invested.

If the story wasn’t enough to pull you in, Rafael Dantas artwork is chock full of classic tattoo art style that suits Betty and the story well. Dantas makes a clear distraction, style wise, about how much tamer and “normal” the citizens and the town will look versus how Betty appears. Even though Betty is dressed in classic rockabilly style , the 1950s-sequel town she is stuck in for this story arc comes off as a separate character distinct from her, Dantas makes sure that Betty doesn’t look like she fit in.

There’s something to be said about Gabborin’s choice of co-protagonist in the deaf Noah, he’s a town crier trying to bring light to a horrible situation but, just like Noah can’t hear , no one seems to be able to hear him. Noah uses a cell phone to communicate through text and while in most cases his disability would be seen as a downside, there’s something powerful in the reveal that his disability is the thing keeping him alive. This puts Noah in the position of watching the monsters convert, devour and kill at will driving him slowly mad which is horrible for the kid but, great for the story.

This latest story arc seem like it’s going to be an awful lot of fun and I can’t wait to find out how the story ends. I’m looking forward to having my most burning questions answered like, will Betty be saved from the horde? Will Noah outwit the monsters? Why are small towns always so creepy? And, who does laundry on Saturday?

Story: Shawn Gabborin Art: Rafael Dantas
Story: 8.8 Art: 8.4 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

Action Lab provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Preview: Black Betty #5


Writer(s): Shawn Gabborin
Artist Name(s): Rafael Dantas (art), Rosa “Rosakaz” Rantila (colors)
Cover A – Zoe Stanley (unlimited)
Cover B – Zoe Stanley Tattered & Torn (limited to 2500)
Cover C – Trevor Grace artist variant (limited to 2000)
Cover D – Trevor Grace Tattered & Torn (limited to 2500)
Cover E – Winston Young artist variant (limited to 2000)
Cover F – Winston Young Tattered & Torn (limited to 2500)
32 pgs./ M / FC

What kind of creature would stalk an idyllic, quiet, small town? None, as far as Betty can tell. But there’s one little boy in town who is convinced something is wrong. He’s willing to put up his dead grandfather’s money if Betty can find the killer… and Betty never turns down a bounty.

Preview: Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension Special #2


The Lost Dimension Part 7 (of 8)
Writer: Emma Beeby, Various
Artists: Carlos Reno, Rafael Dantas, Ivan Rodriguez
Cover A: Klebs Jr
Cover B: Photo
FC – 32pp – $3.99 – On sale: November 1, 2017

The truth behind the unforgettable journey of Jenny, the Doctor’s daughter, revealed!

And River Song goes her own way, even as the universe falls apart around her!