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Around the Tubes

It’s new comic book day, what’s everyone getting?

Around the Blogs:

Comics Alliance – Magnetic ‘Superman’s Underwear’ Advertised as Penis Enlarger and STD Cure in MalaysiaGood to know this is out there.

IGN – More New 52 Change-UpsMore changes…..

Comicvine – Should Creators Have More Rights Over Their Characters?Interesting read.

DC Women Kicking Ass – Former DC Comics editor Janelle Asselin on women, comics and marketingGood article from someone on the inside.

CBLDF – Vietnam Censorship Fuels Interest in Banned Comics – Interesting.

Fantagraphic Books – Paul Hornschemeier Awarded Ohio Residency! – Paul is a great guy, so congrats!

GamePolitics – Angry Birds Maker: Piracy Isn’t a Bad Thing – Gutsy to say and fuels my argument.
Around the Tubes Reviews:

ComicBook.com – One Model Nation

L.A. Weekly – Tina’s Mouth

MTV Geek – Winter Soldier #1

Around the Tubes

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The weekend is here! Yay! Also, did you hear?  Graphic Policy Radio is now every Sunday, so make sure to tune in tomorrow.  Until then, here’s the news you might have missed.

Around the Blogs:

Bleeding Cool – The Man Who Stole Superman, Arrested [Update]Bad guy caught, stolen items returned, and some good comes out of it all.

CBLDF – First Amendment Center Comments on Doonesbury Censorship – Freedom is allowing all speech, especially that which you disagree with, to occur.

Con Coverage:

Spandexless – SPX Pulls: The Three Paradoxes, Paul Hornschemeier

Publishers Weekly – ReedPop Debuts Pop Culture Summit at New York Comic Con

The Beat – NYCC 11: Saturday tickets 75% gone

CBR – New Era Brings Exclusive “Arkham City” Caps to NYCC

Spandexless – SPX Pulls: Eye of the Majestic Creature, L. Stein

Around the Tubes Reviews:

MTV Geek – Suicide Squad #1

CBR – Suicide Squad #1

Comicbook.com – Superboy #1

MTV Geek – New 52 Review: Batman and Robin, Deathstroke, Demon Knights, Red Lanterns, and Resurrection Man

Hot Guys Reading Books and One Comic Book Blogger

If you’ve ever wondered what I look like, you can check me out at the appropriately titled blog, Hot Guys Reading Books.  That’s me sitting their reading Paul Hornschemeier’s Mother, Come Home.  The second graphic novel of his I’m tackling in a rather short period of time (need to get familiar with his work before interviewing him).

Do we need to start a “Random People Reading Comic Books” section of this site?

Paul Hornschemeier at Big Planet Comics

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This past week artist and writer Paul Hornschemeier was at Big Planet Comics in Bethesda, MD for a signing.  The sparsely attended event provided ample opportunity to chat with him.  Hornschemeier was very friendly and funny, and clearly appreciative of his fans and enjoying what he’s doing.   This is definitely someone to sit down and shoot the shit with if you get a chance.

Paul also agreed to an upcoming interview which I’ll do once I finish reading some of his books including Life with Mr. Dangerous, The Three Paradoxes and Mother, Come Home.

A shout out has to go to Greg and the Big Planet crew, the premier comic book shop in Washington, DC.  As well as Eden over at ComicsGirl.com.

Paul Hornschemeier