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Fanhome Launches a Naruto Shippuden Figure Collection Subscription

Naruto Shippuden Figurine Collection

Fanhome brings the action and excitement of one of anime’s most legendary properties home to fans and collectors across North America as it announces the Naruto Shippuden Figurine Collection.

Charismatic heroes, dangerous enemies, and mystical ninja techniques come to life in this extraordinary collection. Each month, a new figure arrives to subscribers and faithfully reproduces the features, costumes and accessories of beloved Naruto heroes and villains. A thoroughly researched and fully illustrated monthly magazine accompanies each figure and takes fans on in-depth explorations of the action-packed world of Naruto Shippuden, its characters, story, and lore.

From Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, and their friends and cohorts, to villains such as Mizuki, Nagato, and Black Setsu, these officially licensed PVC figures are meticulously hand-painted and stand between 8cm and 13cm. Special edition figures of Naruto in his signature power modes

Fanhome Launches Naruto Shippuden Figurine Collection in North America and action poses are featured: tailed beasts (Kurama, Shukaku and more) and great summoning (Gamabunta. Manda, Katsuyu and more).

Become a Naruto expert

Expand your knowledge each month with a new Naruto magazine edition. Each issue contains a section dedicated to a character from the series. Fans will discover details about their personal history, greatest moments, and relationships with other characters, allies, or rivals.

Explore mystical techniques

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about the Naruto Shippuden shinobi battle skills. Each one has their own signature jutsu, and with each magazine edition, fans will learn how they work and when they are deployed.

Dive into the Naruto world

Discover the secrets of Naruto Shippuden in special editions of the magazine that explore the hidden villages, different clans, and various elements that compose the secret traditions of the legendary series.

Full-color poster & episode guide

Every issue includes a full-color poster and an episode guide that allows collectors and fans to relive each featured character’s adventures in comprehensive examinations of specially selected episodes from the series. Look back at the most breathtaking battles and magical encounters, the last-minute escapes and the emotional scenes that are at the heart of Naruto Shippuden.

Bonus gifts!

Subscribers to the Naruto Shippuden Figurine Collection also will receive a variety of premium gift items at various stages that include special bonus figures of Naruto Uzumaki in different power modes including Kurama Mode, Kyubi Mode, Sennin Mode, and Rikudu Sennin Mode.

Playmobil meets Naruto Shippuden to celebrate 20 years!

Naruto turns 20! For this special birthday of the Japanese cult series, Playmobil celebrates the long-awaited premiere in the world of anime with the first figures from Naruto Shippuden.

PLAYMOBIL is taking its first steps in the diverse anime cosmos with this fascinating new license in the kidult sector. With Naruto Shippuden, Playmobil picks up the exciting adventures of the sympathetic ninja Naruto Uzumaki. Of course, he is accompanied by his long-time rival, the determined Sasuke Uchiha and his close friend, the spirited Sakura Haruno. Also included are many other characters from the popular series, such as the disciplined Kakashi or members of the villainous Akatsuki.

As of January, every small and large anime enthusiast can look forward to the first twelve beautifully designed figures. Whether for the collectables-showcase or for recreating the most exciting scenes from the series, the Naruto Shippuden Playmobil Edition is a must-have for every fan.

And you can stay excited, because in the same year, the next twelve popular characters and even more sets from Naruto Shippuden are already coming to the toy shelf at Playmobil!

VIZ Media Teams with Cryptozoic and Quidd for Anime-Based Digital Collectibles

Cryptozoic Entertainment, VIZ Media, and Quidd, Inc. have announced an extensive partnership to create digital collectibles based on major anime properties. Naruto Shippuden is the first title from VIZ Media’s catalog that Cryptozoic has brought to Quidd which is available on iOS and Android. Fans will soon also be able to buy and sell digital stickers, trading cards, and figures based on BleachDeath Note, and other classic series.

Founded in 2015, Quidd’s innovative platform for collecting, rare digital goods blends the notions of emotional and functional ownership while leveraging scarcity in the digital retail experience. With over 1.9 billion individually serialized items sold since launch in 2016, Quidd’s digital goods ledger is the largest on the planet.

New Naruto Shippuden Pop!s! in February

All-new Naruto Shippuden Pop!s are coming soon from Funko!

This series features Naruto with the Rasengan, Naruto’s Team 7 cohorts Kakashi and Sakura, as well as the masked man Tobi!

Be on the lookout for Naruto’s exclusive variants, like Naruto in empowered Sage Mode (available only at GameStop), and Naruto in super-empowered Six Paths Sage Mode (exclusively at Hot Topic)!

Collect them all the Pop! Anime: Naruto Shippuden this February.

pop-anime-naruto-shippuden-1 pop-anime-naruto-shippuden-2 pop-anime-naruto-shippuden-3 pop-anime-naruto-shippuden-4 pop-anime-naruto-shippuden-5 pop-anime-naruto-shippuden-6






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Loot Anime’s October Theme is Delicious

Loot Anime has revealed its October theme and it’s “Delicious.” They’re hosting a dinner party and celebrating the tasty treats of anime with this month’s salivating theme. Chow down on excitement with the all-awesome crate featuring mouth-watering items.

In this crate is an item for spicing up your kitchen, a deliciously appealing plush, a delectable dining essential, and more from Himouto Umaru-Chan, Naruto Shippuden, Gudetama the Lazy Egg, Food Wars, and Sweetness & Lightning!





This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, we’ll receive a percentage of the sale. Graphic Policy does purchase items from this site. Making purchases through these links helps support the site.

Gecco Shows Off the Kakashi Hatake 1/6 Scale Posable Statue

Gecco Corp has lifted the veil and shown off the details for their Kakashi Hatake 1/6 Scale Posable Statue from Naruto Shippuden. In addition to the standard version, they have the 200 sets quantity limited version, “Fourth Great Ninja War Ver.,” which is exclusively sold by VIZ Media in North & South America. The limited edition has bonus headbands & waist bag as the special gears for the great war.

Kakashi Hatake 1/6 Scale Posable Statue

-Price: US $199.99
-Size:1/6 scale (32 cm high)
-Release:October, 2016
-Prepainted statue
-Sculpt:Shin Tanabe (JINTO)
-Paint: Katsushige Akeyama (-accent-)
-(C)2002 MASASHI KISHIMOTO / 2007 SHIPPUDEN All Rights Reserved.

Kakashi Hatake is expertly recreated as a 1/6 scale posable statue featuring interchangeable arms and heads allowing the collector to display him in a variety of poses.

The battle mode features Lightning Blade, the lightning which spreads and glows beautifully with the LED.
From holding the Kunai knife in his left hand, a bold look on his face with his SHARINGAN open and the explosive lightning effect recreated on the base, this piece is certain to please the most exacting collector!
The everyday Kakashi features a relaxed atmosphere holding the Make-out Tactics novel in his right hand. His heavy-lidded expression almost makes him look innocent, the final facial expression shows him calm with sparkling eyes.

In addition to capturing all the subtle textures and wrinkles this statue also captures the true nature of his character, making it the definitive Kakashi figurine.

Kakashi Hatake 1/6 Scale Posable Statue, Fourth Great Ninja War Version

-Price: US$199.99
-Quantity: Limited in 200 sets
-Size:1/6 scale (32 cm high)
-Release:October, 2016
-Prepainted statue
-Sculpt:Shin Tanabe (JINTO)
-Paint: Katsushige Akeyama (-accent-)
-(C)2002 MASASHI KISHIMOTO / 2007 SHIPPUDEN All Rights Reserved.

This special “Fourth Great Ninja War Ver.” is limited to only 200 pieces and exclusively sold by VIZ Media in North & South America.

The forehead protector has the symbol of Ninja Alliance and is interchangeable with the normal Leaf headband. The well-equipped waist bag is the other special gear making him ready for war.

Viz Media’s New Digital Anime for March

SailorMoon-Stars-Season5-KeyImageVIZ Media rounds out the First Quarter of 2016 with a new digital anime update for March.

This month’s content is highlighted by exciting additions of new dubbed and subtitled episodes for hit anime series such as Bleach, Naruto Shippuden and Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, the exciting final story arc of the classic Sailor Moon series that is finally available legally in the U.S. exclusively from VIZ Media.

Newly added anime content for March includes:


  • Supernatural soul reaping action continues with the final season of BLEACH episodes!
  • Catch the addition of Episodes 356-366 available to stream uncut with dubbed English dialogue beginning on March 27th giving you the chance to now watch the entire series subbed or dubbed any time you want!



  • Brand new weekly simulcasts of the latest action packed NARUTO SHIPPUDEN episodes are scheduled to take place every Thursday throughout March.
  • Catch Episode 451 on March 10th, followed by Episode 452 on March 17th, Episode 453 on March 24th and Episode 454 on March 31st.



  • March brings new, subtitled North American premieres for SAILOR MOON SAILOR STARS (Season 5) with 2 exciting episodes every week.
  • Don’t miss Episodes 190 and 191 on March 7th, followed by Episodes 192 and 193 on March 14th, Episodes 194 and 195 on March 21st, and Episodes 196 and 197 on March 28th.
  • This month, SAILOR MOON Season 4 (Episodes 128-146) is also available to stream in its entirety on-demand.


VIZ Media’s consolidated online destination for FREE streaming anime content in the U.S. has over 4,100 subtitled and English dubbed episodes and movies from more than 36 series! VIZ Media’s streaming content also reaches an expansive on-demand U.S.-based audience on Hulu, which enables viewers to watch shows anytime, anywhere across devices.

VIZ Media’s Naruto Feature Film Catalog Launches On Steam

VIZ Media brings the action and excitement of Naruto to Steam, a leading interactive content delivery platform by software company, Valve Corporation.

All 10 full-length feature films from the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden story arcs are available (English dubbed) for purchase and rental on Steam in the U.S. and Canada, including:


For a limited time only, a special promotional price will be available on the movies.

Steam is a leading content platform with thousands of titles and millions of members. Through Steam, fans can easily buy, play, share, modify, and build communities around Valve products as well as titles from other independent studios. Steam is available in 237 countries and 21 different languages. Since March 2015, Steam has also added more than 100 film titles, with more coming soon.

In the Naruto manga and animated series, Naruto Uzumaki wants to be the best ninja in the land. He’s done well so far, but Naruto knows he must train harder than ever and leaves his village for intense exercises that will push him to his limits. Naruto Shippuden begins two and a half years later, when Naruto returns to find that everyone has been promoted up the ninja ranks – except him. Sakura’s a medic ninja, Gaara’s advanced to Kazekage, and Kakashi…well he remains the same. But pride isn’t necessarily becoming of a ninja, especially when Naruto realizes that Sasuke never returned from his search for Orochimaru. Plus, the mysterious Akatsuki organization is still an ever-present danger. As Naruto finds out more about the Akatsuki’s goals, he realizes that nothing in his universe is as it seems. Naruto is finding that he’s older, but will he also prove wiser and stronger?Naruto-TheMovie-Header616x353

The Last: Naruto the Movie Premieres in 20 U.S. Cities in February

Naruto-TheLast-Movie07-posterVIZ Media and Eleven Arts will debut the highly anticipated seventh feature film in the Naruto Shippuden series in a limited theatrical engagement around the United States starting February 20, 2015. Anime fans and filmgoers nationwide have a very special opportunity to catch the epic, big-screen action of The Last: Naruto the Movie in over 20 cities, including New York, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and more!

The film will be presented with original Japanese dialogue with English subtitles. The run time of the film is 112 minutes. Attendees also will receive a special commemorative NARUTO film poster (while supplies last). For additional information and to purchase tickets head here.

Cities confirmed to host THE LAST: NARUTO THE MOVIE premiere screenings include:


State City Theater
AZ Tempe Harkins Theatres – Valley Art
CA Los Angeles Downtown Independent
CA Sacramento Tower Theater
CA San Diego Gaslamp 15 
CA San Francisco New People
CO Littleton Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Littleton
DC Washington Angelika Pop-Up
HI Honolulu Ward Stadium 16
MI Bloomfield The Maple Theater
MO Kansas City Alamo Drafthouse Mainstreet
NJ Manville Manville 12 Plex
NM Albuquerque The Guild Cinema
NY New York Village East Cinema
OH Columbus Gateway Film Center
PA Pittsburgh Hollywood Theater
TX Dallas Angelika Film Center & Café – Dallas
TX Houston Alamo Drafthouse Mason Park
TX San Antonio Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Westlakes
UT Sandy Megaplex Theatres – Jordan Commons
VA Fairfax Angelika Film Center & Café – Mosaic
WA Seattle Grand Illusion


Naruto the Road to Ninja is Out November 25th

NarutoShippuden-RoadToNinja-BD-3DVIZ Media gives anime fans across North America the opportunity to add the sixth and latest feature film of the massively popular Naruto Shippuden saga to their personal collections as it announces the release of Road to Ninja – Naruto The Movie on Blu-ray/DVD combo pack and DVD on November 25th.

The Blu-ray/DVD combo pack is a 2-disc set and will carry an MSRP of $29.99 U.S. / $37.48 CAN. The DVD edition of Road to Ninja is a single-disc release that will carry an MSRP of $19.98 U.S. / $34.98 CAN.

A variety of bonus features will also make Road to Ninja of special interest to Naruto Shippuden fans. These include the original Japanese theatrical trailers, broadcast commercials, and promotional videos offered on both the DVD and Blu-ray editions. The Blu-ray edition features crisp 1080p High Definition video and also includes a special bonus art gallery. The Blu-ray edition contains DTS-HD audio, also with English and Japanese dialogue options and English subtitles. DVD audio selections include English 5.1 as well as Japanese 2.0 dialogue options, with English subtitles.

In Road to Ninja – Naruto The Movie, long ago, a mysterious masked shinobi unleashed the Nine-Tailed Fox onto the Village Hidden in the Leaves to spread chaos and destruction. But the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, and his wife Kushina Uzumaki sealed the Tailed Beast into their newborn son, Naruto, to save the village, foiling the shinobi’s plan.
Years later, Naruto and his friends succeed in driving away the infamous Akatsuki, who have mysteriously returned from the dead. Upon returning to the village, the young shinobi are praised by their families for completing a dangerous mission. Reminded of how alone he is, Naruto begins to wonder what it’s like to have parents, when a strange masked figure appears before him – the same masked shinobi responsible for the death of his parents!

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