VIZ Media Teams with Cryptozoic and Quidd for Anime-Based Digital Collectibles

Cryptozoic Entertainment, VIZ Media, and Quidd, Inc. have announced an extensive partnership to create digital collectibles based on major anime properties. Naruto Shippuden is the first title from VIZ Media’s catalog that Cryptozoic has brought to Quidd which is available on iOS and Android. Fans will soon also be able to buy and sell digital stickers, trading cards, and figures based on BleachDeath Note, and other classic series.

Founded in 2015, Quidd’s innovative platform for collecting, rare digital goods blends the notions of emotional and functional ownership while leveraging scarcity in the digital retail experience. With over 1.9 billion individually serialized items sold since launch in 2016, Quidd’s digital goods ledger is the largest on the planet.