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Josh Blaylock’s Mercy Sparx is Being Developed for Film and Television

On the heels of the news that the hit indie comic series will return in 2019, Assemble Media has partnered with Josh Blaylock to develop his Mercy Sparx character across film, tv, and digital.

Mercy Sparx follows the hard-knock exploits of a bad-ass, quick-to-throw-down demon who is kicked out of Hell for bad behavior and banished to Earth, where she finds a new mission from the most unlikely of sources… Heaven. Now amongst mortals, she hunts down rogue angels who have fallen from grace. Or in other words… she’s doing Heaven’s dirty work.

The long-running, punk rock, action-fueled supernatural series, created by Josh Blaylock with the primary art team of Matt Merhoff and Greg & Fake Studio, has spawned over twenty issues, four collected volumes and a 400-page omnibus.

Heller and Assemble execs Scott Veltri and Brendan Deneen will produce alongside producer Daniel Alter.

Writer Pat Shand Joins Josh Blaylock for the Return of Mercy Sparx

This Winter will see the release of Mercy Sparx #13, the long awaited return of the ongoing series, and follow-up to the companion miniseries Mercy Sparx: Year One. Joining creator Josh Blaylock is new co-writer Pat Shand, co-creator of the latest Devil’s Due Comics hit horror title, Little Girl.

Blaylock and Shand will bring to a close the epic story of Mercy’s final showdown with her mother, Faustia. A plot that was carefully teased and unveiled by Blaylock over the last several years.

Stay tuned for an announcement on the series artists and specifics on the schedule in weeks to come.

The series will return through a combination of limited, internationally released exclusive retailer editions, Kickstarters, and standard Diamond release throughout North America.

Art by Karl Moline

Art by Karl Moline

Devil’s Due Turns to Digital First

Galaxys for Hire Convention Preview - Art by Sherard JacksonKeeping up with the trends, Devils’ Due Entertainment has announced they’re expanding their digital first comic offerings. The first to be released is the sci-fi action series Galaxys for Hire by Shawn DePasquale and Sherard Jackson. The series centers around two rivaling sisters, Tanna and Mallori Galaxy, trying to survive a rigorous life in space in the 51st century.

The plan for the publisher is the add this distribution channel along with their crowdfuding and print releases. The publisher said in their release that while some titles do well in stores, others do better at conventions, some better with online sales, or through crowdfunding.

The digital first program will see several titles released in digital format followed by third party digital distributors such as comiXology and Drive-Thru Comics, and (for certain titles) to its crowd-funding campaign backers and additional marketing, all which serve as marketing to promote the comics in anticipation of print distribution through the comic book shop Direct Market and several large comic-cons.

Already known for their huge presence as web-comics, Plume (by K. Lynn Smith) and the recently added Scorch (by Ashley Witter), are also published by Devil’s Due and will maintain their own independent web presence.

The full line-up of digital first comics include:

  • Galaxys for Hire by Shawn DePasquale and Sherard Jackson – May 2015
  • Mercy Sparx by Josh Blaylock, Matt Merhoff and various artists starting with issue 8 – May 2015 (still scheduled for print release as solicited).
  • Drafted by Mark Powers which ran as a critically acclaimed twelve-issue maxi-series from Devil’s Due a few years ago, in development as a film by Benderspink Productions – Summer 2015
  • Tales of Mr. Rhee vol. 3 by Dirk Manning and various artists – Fall 2015
  • Solitary vol. 2 by CW Cooke – Fall 2015

C2E2 Release: Devil’s Due Summer Titles Announced, Eric Powell, Leinil Yu, CW Cooke

Devil’s Due has officially announced its publishing plans for Summer 2014, including new titles, exclusive editions, and significantly increased convention presence.

May and June see the release of Mercy Sparx issue 6, as well as the release of the second trade paperback featuring Josh Blaylock and Matt Merhoff’s saga about a foul-mouthed, boozing devil-girl drafted to work for Heaven, caught between the conflicts of Heaven and Hell’s higher ups.

Exclusive convention editions of Mercy Sparx issue 5 debut at this month’s C2E2 Comic-Con in Chicago, IL, where Devil’s Due is kicking off its 2014 convention circuit. A list of confirmed convention stops are included at the end of this release.

August sees the launch of Tales of Mr. Rhee: Karmageddon, a four issue miniseries written by creator Dirk Manning with art by Seth Damoose, and featuring a cover by Eric Powell [The Goon], for a first issue cover price of $1.99. “Karmageddon” is a follow-up to Devil’s Due’s release of the collected edition of Manning’s Tales of Mr. Rhee: Procreation [of the Wicked]

August also sees the re-release of How to Be a Comic Book Artist: Not Just How to Draw, written by Tim Seeley, a companion piece to Josh Blaylock’s How to Self-Publish Comics: Not Just Create Them.

Solitary is the story of an immortal hero facing death row in prison. A facility operated by a warden who blames him for the death of his family. Written by CW Cooke with art by Nando Souzamotta, Solitary debuts in September as a four issue bimonthly miniseries, with an online web-comic companion.

K. Lynn Smith’s Plume also returns in September with an all new mini-series, once again collecting the extremely popular web-comic strip which Smith both writes and illustrates. The trade paperback collection of the original miniseries Plume: The Collected Edition vol. 1 debuts in comic shops this month.

Finally, Drafted, the critically acclaimed, oft-Hollywood-courted sci-fi series returns in a new four issue miniseries in October, featuring covers by Leinil Yu and Chris Lie, and interior art by Rahmat Handoko. Mark Powers returns as writer, and plans both an online web-comic and Kickstarter component working closely with Devil’s Due.

Josh Blaylock, Matt Merhoff, Talent Caldwell, Dirk Manning, and Greg (of Greg & Fake) will be signing at the Devil’s Due Entertainment booth (#643) all weekend.

Drafted Cover by Chris Lie Drafted Cover by Leinil Yu mercy sparx #5 mercy sparx #5b plume #6 Solitary Issue no. 1 by Carl Yonder Solitary Issue no. 2 by Carl Yonder Tales of Mr. Rhee Karmageddon #1 Cover by Eric Powell

Arcana Comics in Mid-August Previews

Official Press Release

RIPPERMAN GN – DIAMOND AUG110798 / ISBN 978-1-897548-33-2
By (W/A) Joe Martino. This story begins the saga of the Ripperman, Killer of Killers. The birth child of God’s disgust for humanity’s crimes and the Devil’s ambition, the Ripperman was created by both angel and demon. Thrown into a world that he doesn’t understand, he falls under the teachings of Father Thomas Jacob to learn the ways of the Lord — but not if the devil has anything to say about it! SC, 143pgs, $14.95.


MERCY SPARX GN – DIAMOND FEB110728 / ISBN 978-1-96914-18-3
By Josh Blaylock, Matt Merhoff, Bill Crabtree, Crank! Meet Mercy Sparx – A Devil Girl hired by the big shots in Heaven to secretly take down rogue angels. Follow our unlikely heroine as she battles the forces of ‘good’ while trying to figure out which side is the lesser evil. It’s either succeed and get a free pass through the Pearly Gates, or fail and risk going somewhere very bad indeed… SC, 126 pgs, $14.95.

Mercy Sparx