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Preview: Icons of Rock and Roll: Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Keith Richards, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison

Icons of Rock and Roll: Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Keith Richards, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison

Price: $9.99
Pages: 96
Writer: Marc Shapiro, Richard Elms, Lewis Helfand, Michael Lent and Brian McCathy
Artist: Luciano Kars, Orlando Maro, Luis Chichon, Henry Simon

Rock music has taken over the airwaves for decades.  Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Keith Richards, Jimi Hendix, Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison are just some of the iconic figures that have formed the rock music genre. This jam session of biographies showcases these trailblazers in this unique illustrated graphic novel.


Preview: Fame: Selena Gomez (Spanish Edition)

Fame: Selena Gomez (Spanish Edition)

Writer: Marc Shapiro
Artist: Alex Lopez

Selena Gomez is young, talented, and she dated Justin Bieber! It’s been a meteoric rise from girl-next-door to Queen of the popular music world, and Bluewater has the whole story! Selena Gomez: Young At Heart will set young fans hearts a twitter! The bonus edition has a ton of extras! This is the first time translated into Spanish.

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Lindsay Lohan’s New Mug Shot Revealed in “Infamous” Comic Book

As Lindsay Lohan is charged with third degree assault after a fight in NYC, the biography comic book Infamous: Lindsay Lohan, follows her rollercoaster life, is hitting the e-book world.

Infamous: Lindsay Lohan, follows the troubled actresses’ life who is now more famous for her off-screen exploits than anything she has done in movies. The issue, currently available for download on the Nook and Kindle through Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com.

Infamous: Lindsay Lohan is written by New York Times Best Selling author Marc Shapiro and illustrated by Japan’s leading manga artists Mimei Sakamoto.

According to Bluewater, Lohan was on the fast rack to superstardom until her wild lifestyle, dysfunctional family dynamic and multiple run-ins with the law derailed her career. The issue does not concentrate solely on the scandalous aspects of her life, but rather, tries to illustrate how she arrived at this point.

According to Shapiro, the book is not all about the salacious headlines, mug shots and outrageous behavior, but tries to examine the underlying causes of Lohan’s inability to “straighten out her life.”

Infamous: Lindsay Lohan features cover art by famed comic book artist Joe Phillips. The issue will retail for $1.99 and be available through Kindle, Nook, Wowio, DriveThru Comics, ComiXology My Digital Comics, and more. It will be on released on iTunes soon.