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Review/Recap: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Meet the Legends S501


My TV show bae has returned and Legends kicked off season 5 in the same campy but classy fashion that made me fall in love with the show.  Meet the Legends picks up after the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths where our ragtag team of time-traveling badasses has become superstar A-list superheroes who are the subject of a documentary.  The doc crew follows the team as they celebrate the return of Sara, Rory and Atom from their triumphant multiverse saving return. The team is trying to revamp their image and keep their government funding by using the documentary as a way to be transparent because it was the only way that Ava could think of the save the team and the ship.


This week’s mission has the Legends in Russia investigating a time quake that occurs at Rasputin’s funeral when he, yet again, comes back from the dead.  The team is two men down because Gary is now Constantine’s apprentice which should come in handy as they track down and return all of the baddies that were released during the season four finale because three mages are better than one and a fairy godmother. While they try to minimize the time damage, Ava wonders how to help Sara through the pain she’s dealing with following Oliver’s double death. While the rest of the team deal with the Rasputin problem, Gary and Constantine are in NYC dealing with a possessed by Masher boy who needs to have a chat with him about the hell that is breaking loose in hell. The new ship techie gives Sara a cutely drawn picture and in the process scares Sara away from giving her an awkward AF handwritten card which might have been for the best.

LGN501b_0019b (1)

While in Russia no one can figure out how best to fix the time shift and instead of working as a team, they go off on their own; Nate and Atom head off the stop Rasputin from killing Yusupov, Ava decides to get her guns up and kill Rasputin and everyone’s favorite werewolf decides to give Rasputin a love letter so she can use the drama to help Rory write another Rebecca Silver book. While Constantine catches up over drinks with Masher he inquires about Astra’s soul release party before sending Masher back to hell and then he summons Gary to hail the ship so he can warn the rest of the team. As Nate is being hypnotized to heal his lovelorn soul, Ava decides to shoot her shot but, Rasputin spits the bullet back out and orders his men to kill her.


Back on the ship all of the rogue team members reconvene and get a royal tongue lashing from a fed-up Sara, who is upset that they went off and tried to solve things on their own, in an attempt to spare her having to deal with whatever happened in Crisis. Sara has a huge emotional breakdown and unloads on everyone for not asking her how she was doing after not only the death of Oliver or the world ending. The rest of the team unloads how they all feel helpless to aid Sara or fix Gideon to the doc crew but, their inflections are short-lived because they’re interrupted by Rasputin, thanks to the doc director they left behind and his ship video link access, who lets them in on his plan to kill the Romanov’s, which will make him an immortal czar.


Sara decided to take their new techie and roll out to stop him, leaving the rest of the team on the ship without a heads up. Meanwhile back at the dinner Rasputin is about to get his poison plan up and running but, Sara isn’t letting anyone die on her watch and, as the rest of the team watches from the ship, unsure about if they should help Sara or let her fight alone as she wants. When all seems lost, the team comes through in the clutch and show up to help her and save the day. In one of the cutest things that I’ve ever seen on TV, besides Ray and Nate’s bromantical bromance, Ava lets out all of her feelings to Sara while they have a beautifully choreographed fight scene. With Rasputin still seemingly unkillable Atom shrinks, slides into him and then expands, blowing him up from the inside while wearing a camera, which hopefully insures that the team’s government funding doesn’t dry up. But, after they the team has a chance to think about it, they sit before an audience and decide to claim everything in the documentary was fake so that they can keep their anonymity which would have left the team in financial peril but, Rory did what Rory does and he stole a 50 million dollar Faberge egg, saving the team and the day. 

While Sara and Ava wrap their heads around the team’s new found financial freedom, Constantine returns and shares his decision to send himself to hell and do some recon. Sadly, Wolfie has left the ship, because Rory gave her his Rebecca Silver title and she’s off to have adventures and fall in love so that she can write the work that the fans deserve. And if all that wasn’t enough for you, Zari is the glitch in Gideon’s matrix and she left a message for Nate, telling her how she feels since she couldn’t do it during the Heyworld events.


As usual, Legends did not disappoint, it perfectly used its minimal callbacks to previous episodes and themes, gave us a clear outline of the story lines that this season will explore and kept us entertained the whole time. The directing and acting were so solid that if you didn’t get caught in your feels when Sara lets it all out on the ship and wants to give her a hug, at risk to your life, then you have no soul. The writing was realistic and the characters stayed consistent and above reproach in their style and demeanor. This whole episode was a win and just like every time before, I can’t wait to see what happens next week (no, really I can’t . Hell is open and all of the biggest baddies are riding through time, immortal and serving up evil!).

Overall: 9.5

Around the Tubes

dtc_cv946_dsIt was new comic book day yesterday! What did everyone enjoy? What didn’t you? Sound off in the comments below! While you decide on that, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

Around the Tubes

CBLDF – Despite Challenges, Russian Indie Comics Scene Continues to Grow – We really should try to check these comics out.

CBR – Star Trek: Discovery Finds Its Lead in The Walking Dead’s Martin-Green – A solid addition.


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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S2E2: The Justice Society of America Recap and Review

legends-of-tomorrow-season-2The first 3 minutes of last nights DC’s Legends of Tomorrow packed so much intensity and fire power into it that needed to take a breather from all of the awesome that I had witnessed. The episode started off with a stand off and eventual battle between the Justice Society of America and the Legends and it was one hell of a set up for an amazing episode.

After getting their tails handed to them The Legends team find themselves in a cell bickering, as usual, about their loss while the JSA watches them through a surveillance camera. The JSA seems pretty sure that they’re spies and are on the verge of either hiding them in a hole or shipping them to a loony bin when our resident historian, Nate Heywood, lets his grandfather know who he really is. Considering his grandfather had been his hero since he was old enough to hear stories about him, the initial in-person meet proves more than a little underwhelming. His grandfather’s legend is true but he’s not the man he expected him to be. Things get a little tricky when his grandfather’s dog tags disappear from around his neck and they’re forced to go back to 1942, ya know that year that they were told to stay away from, to save the JSA.

Reverse Flash is still cozied up with the Nazis, trying to wreak as much havoc as he can to further the Doomtastic agenda. Luckily for humanity, this time around the Legends are going to make sure they help the JSA stop him. The leap back in time finds our Legends in a Nazi speakeasy where the team’s newly elected leader, the Professor, is pretending to be a famous German singer to save the JSA. Their recon mission seems to be going well until Atom can’t bring himself to Heil Hitler and a fight breaks out. The melee leads to the OG Vixen’s cover getting blown in Paris and Sara discovering the historian Nate is a hemophiliac .


The mission to stop the Baron Krieger’s convoy leads to another kick ass fight sequence, there is some fighting between team leaders and trying to figure out who is the boss and whether they should be pursuing Krieger or the convoy with the amulet. The joined teams with no real direction split into separate duos one grabs the amulet, the others engage Krieger but, when he turns himself into a hulk like super-Nazi. Martin calls  for the team to retreat so he can get more data because, he’s a professor and scientist NOT a war time consigliere leaving a downed Atom and OG Vixen to be captured by Nazis.

Atom and Vixen are being held captive and the Nazi’s now have access to Atoms’ suit which is never a good thing. Martin is finding out for himself that heavy is the head that wears the crown because being a leader is not as easy as he thought it would be. When Sarah and Rex start bickering over the best course of action, Martin cracks under the pressure and excuses himself to clear his head leading to a heart to heart with Jefferson. In a moment that causes Rex to clutch his pearls and have his 1940’s white male sensibilities shaken to their core, Martin hands the reigns of the team over to Sara and announces that she is the new , worthy and capable leader.

Sara puts her plan to save Atom and OG(randma) Vixen from super-Nazi & Co. into action and with FireStorm diverting the planes and the rest of the available boots on the ground, they rescue their friends but, not without some casualties. Krieger goes superNazi again with his serum and Commander Steel is about to be pulverized when Nate shows up to rescue grandpa, personal risks aside. It looks like Nate gets to be a hero but, his victory lap is short lived when the blast that turns Krieger into spare parts , knocks him and his grandpa off of their side car motorcycle. Grandpa survives the blast but, Nate seems unsavable because of his condition. Good thing for him Atom was working on a way to give himself super powers by reworking the serum that Krieger gave him to recreate. Atom gives Nate some of the serum to save his life, giving up his chance of having any real powers without the aid of his suit.

The writers for CW have been killing it this season, between the self-sustaining but, seasonally cohesive episodes, the interesting story line, the refusal to rock the bad tropes and their willingness to go there when it comes to race issues, female sexuality, and feminism. In this episode alone we see female empowerment, ladies kicking ass, racism being addressed, and a call out to the notion that only old white men can be leaders. The brilliant writers manage to do all of this without turning the characters into cliches. They are real, complex characters and the minorities in the group aren’t made to feel different nor are the white male characters trying to hold themselves up as morally superior or hyper progressive because they are friends with the lesbian, woman or black male. The show treats these types of friendships and relations as they should be like they are a normal part of life. The characters are complex, often flawed and wonderful to watch.

Overall episode #2 was pretty damn close to pure fire. There was a decent fight to commercial ration which is what you want in a good comic book TV show. I noticed that each of the sections in between commercial breaks seemed like a stand alone issue and the episode itself was so cohesive that it could have been an arc. I’m looking forward to what the next episode will bring, especially since the trailer hints at Citizen Steel coming out to play and OG Vixen join the team. I’m also happy that the CW is leaving a nice opening for present tense Vixen to return to Arrow and maybe get her own spin-off while OG Vixen can kill it on Legends. Bring the diversity CW, we embrace you!

Overall: 9.2

NYCC 2015: TBS & TNT Brings Rashida Jones, Sean Bean, Samantha Bee, Jason Jones and more

TBS and TNT are bringing the stars and producers of five of their most anticipated upcoming shows to New York Comic Con in October. The lineup includes panel discussions with Rashida Jones, star of TBS’s upcoming series Angie Tribeca; Sean Bean, who returns this fall in TNT’s completely reimagined spy thriller Legends; Jason Jones and Samantha Bee, the creative force behind TBS’s new comedy The Detour; and Rebecca Romijn with the cast of TNT’s fantasy adventure The Librarians. In addition, Jeff Hephner will introduce a sneak peek at TNT’s upcoming action-adventure Agent X.


LegendsSean Bean (Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings) is slated to make his first Con appearance at this year’s New York Comic Con. Attendees will get an exclusive look at the first episode of the new season of Legends, along with an opportunity to hear from Bean and executive producer Ken Biller about the completely revamped show’s return. Bean stars as an undercover agent whose world is turned upside down when he discovers that the life he knew – including his name – has all been a lie. Now on the run for a murder he didn’t commit, he searches for his true identity, following a trail that takes him to London and the European continent, where he discovers a dark and violent past that holds the key to his future su rvival.

Legends Panel
Thursday, Oct. 8, 7-8 p.m.
Javits Center: Empire Stage
Panel: Sean Bean and Executive Producer Ken Biller


The Librarians

The LibrariansThe enchanting, action-packed series The Librarians returns to New York Comic Con with a first look at season 2. After saving the world from legendary evil, the Librarians have returned to face all new missions and all new ancient enemies. Outsmarting evil and protecting the world – it’s just another day in the life of a Librarian. Cast members Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane, John Kim, Lindy Booth and John Larroquette will be on-hand for the look at the new season and a Q&A session. After the panel, fans can stick around for a sneak peek at TNT’s new series Agent X. The panel will be moderated by iO9’s Katharine Trendacosta.

The Librarians Panel
Friday, Oct. 9, 11 a.m. – Noon
Javits Center: Empire Stage
Panel: Rebecca Romijn, John Larroquette, Christian Kane, Lindy Booth, John Kim and executive producer John Rogers
Moderated by Katharine Trendacosta

The Librarians Autograph Signing
Friday, Oct. 10, 2:30 – 3:30 p.m.
NYCC Autographing Area Table 24


Agent X

Agent XImmediately after The Librarians panel session, Jeff Hephner (Interstellar, Maid in Manhattan) will introduce an exclusive sneak peek of TNT’s exciting new series Agent X, in which he stars with Sharon Stone and Gerald McRaney. In times of extreme crisis, when traditional law and government aren’t in a position to help, there is an unseen hand that works to protect this country and its citizens from all manner of threats by any means necessary. Hidden from the view of the public – and even from the President – there is a top secret agent (Hephner) who is trained and ready to serve, deployed only at the careful discretion of the Vice President (Stone).

Agent X Sneak Peek with Hephner
Friday, Oct. 9, Noon – 12:15 p.m.
Javits Center: Empire Stage
Participant: Jeff Hephner


The Detour

The DetourSamantha Bee (The Daily Show) and Jason Jones (The Daily Show) attend their first New York Comic Con, where they will sit down for a fireside chat and present an exclusive first look of their TBS comedy The Detour, a comedy about the shit-show-of-life. The Detour co-creator Bee will also discuss her upcoming TBS series Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, a late-night comedy show where pop culture will meet social and political issues. The chat will be moderated by humorist, journalist and actor Mo Rocca.

The Detour Panel
Friday, Oct. 9, 3-3:45 p.m.
Javits Center: Room 1A10
Panel: Jason Jones and co-creator/executive producer Samantha Bee
Moderated by Mo Rocca


Angie Tribeca

Angie TribecaRashida Jones is coming to New York Comic Con to discuss the role of a lifetime in Angie Tribeca. From the minds of Steve and Nancy Carell, Angie Tribeca is destined to be the greatest series in a generation. Breaking ground and changing the television landscape, this epic series is mind-blowingly raw, gritty and unapologetic. Jones stars as Detective Angie Tribeca, complex but dedicated, she will stop at nothing to close a case, no matter the cost. Following a sneak peek of the show, Jere Burns, Andree Vermeulen and executive producer Ira Ungerleider will provide fans with a Q&A session and an opportunity to hear about the monumental first season.

Angie Tribeca Panel
Friday, Oct. 9, 6:45 – 7:30 p.m.
Javits Center: Room 1A06
Panel: Rashida Jones, Jere Burns, Andree Vermeulen and executive producer Ira Ungerleider

Comic Legends About the Comics Code

Comics Code AuthorityComic Book Resources runs a wonderful weekly feature examining legends and rumors in the comic book book industry.  This past weeks edition takes a look at some various legends surround the formation of the comics codes.

  • Frederic Wertham supported the Comics Code.
  • EC and other comic companies stopped making horror comics before the Comics Code banned them.
  • The Comics Code was not only not the first Comics Code to be created, but earlier concern over the content of comic books helped lead to the creation of Wonder Woman (in a round about way)!

You can read the answers at http://goodcomics.comicbookresources.com/2009/11/26/comic-book-legends-revealed-235/