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The Avengers Assemble to Raise Money for Joe Biden’s Presidential Campaign

Avengers Assemble

Virtual get-togethers of casts are one of the hottest fundraising tickets right now, and the Avengers are assembling to support Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Voters Assemble!” will feature Avengers cast members Don Cheadle, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Paul Rudd, Mark Ruffalo, and Zoe Saldana.

Joining the cast is vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris and directors The Russo Brothers for a Q&A and trivia.

The fundraiser takes place on October 20 at 6:45 pm ET. To attend, you can donate any amount of money to the Joe Biden Victory Fund.

Instructions for accessing the virtual event will be in the emailed donation receipt or in the page you will be redirected to after donating. 

Joe Russo Closes a Deal to Script Extraction 2


The Chris Hemsworth starring Netflix film Extraction is a hit. Enough so that co-creator Joe Russo has closed a deal to script a sequel.

The film left some loose ends and questions for the audience as to the fate of Hemsworth’s mercenary Tyler Rake. Russo in the announcement said it’s unknown if the next film will be a sequel or a prequel. It’s expected that Hemsworth will return as well as director Sam Hargraves.

Extraction is based on the graphic novel Ciudad which is published by Oni Press and written by Ande Parks, Joe Russo, and Anthony Russo. It features art by Fernando León González and Eric Skillman.

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Test #1

We’re off to San Diego Comic-Con but that’s not stopping us from delivering our normal coverage. We’ll be streaming live from the show later today but until then, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

The Comichron – June 2019 comics sales estimates: Black Cat #1 tops charts with nearly 256,000 copies – For those that enjoy the race.

Newsarama – Marvel’s Joe Quesada to Host Disney+ Launch Show Storyboards, Hugh Jackman 1st Guest – This could be interesting.

Newsarama – The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers Lands Animated Series – Nice!

The Mary Sue – Marvel and the Russo Brothers Going on an “I Love You 3000” Tour in Nine Cities to Celebrate Fans of the MCU – Nice to see them do this.


Talking Comics – Black Hammer/Justice League: Hammer of Justice #1
The Beat –
Test #1

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Heroes in Crisis #8

Seen any movies lately? While we’re sure you’re at Endgame or recovering from Endgame, here’s some comic news, and a review, from around the web in our morning roundup.

Comicbook – The Russo Brothers Confirm They’re Done With Marvel Studios After Avengers: Endgame – They are dealing with Valiant and Image now, so not too shocking.

IGN – Opinion: The Hellboy Saga Is an Unprecedented Accomplishment – No disagreement with that.


CBR – Heroes in Crisis #8

Joe and Anthony Russo Come to DC to Talk Bringing Avengers: Infinity War to the Screen

Directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo are returning to Washington, DC to discuss their new entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avengers: Infinity War. The film is their follow up to 2016’s Captain America: Civil War, which they also came to DC to discuss. They debuted in the Marvel film universe with Captain America: The Winter Soldier in 2014.

Avengers: Infinity War, brings together the Avengers and their allies to defeat the powerful Thanos before his blitz of devastation puts an end to the universe. It’s the culmination of all of the Marvel films bringing together characters from across all of the franchises.

In conversation with NPR’s Linda Holmes, the Russo brothers discuss their experiences in transporting the adventures of the iconic superheroes from the page to the screen. Before stepping behind the camera for the Captain America series, they served as executive producers and directors for several TV series, including Community and Happy Endings, earned a Primetime Emmy for directing the pilot episode of the cult hit Arrested Development, and made their film debut with 2002’s Welcome to Collinwood.

The event takes place May 2, 2018 at 7pm at the George Washington University Lisner Auditorium.

Tickets are $25 for members of the Smithsonian and $35 for non-members.

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It was new comic book day yesterday. What’d you all get? What’d you all enjoy? What’d you all dislike? Sound off in the comments below. While you think about that, here’s comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

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CBR – Deadly Class Lands Syfy Pilot, Russo Bros. Attached – We’ll ask again, what comic doesn’t have alive action adaptation in the works!?


Around the Tubes Reviews

Newsarama – Marvel Legacy #1

Comic Attack – Spider-Men II #3

The Russo Brothers to Produce Valiant’s Quantum and Woody

It’s being reported that the Russo Brothers will be tackling another comic property once their work on The Avengers: Infinity War wraps up. The project based on Quantum and Woody sounds like it’ll be a television project according to The Wrap who first reported the news.

The comic series is about the “world’s worst super-duo” is published by Valiant Entertainment but created by Christopher Priest and MD Bright and first published in 1997 and ran until 1998 with another short run in late 1999 and early 2000. A second volume launched in 2013.

Anthony and Joe Russo, Mike Larocca, and Dinesh Shamdasani will executive produce the series. Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari will script the pilot and also executive produce. The duo are behind Marvel’s Ant-Man and it’s sequel Ant-Man and the Wasp.

This is the latest live-action project based on Valiant properties. The comic company is working with Sony and screenwriter Eric Heisserer on films based on Harbinger and Bloodshot. Feature films based on Archer & Armstrong and Shadowman are also being worked on. The company also announced a live action project Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe at New York Comic Con in 2016. The webseries is being produced with Bat in the Sun Productions.

Quantum and Woody is about interracial brothers who are given superpowers after a lab accident and must deal with the murder of their father. One’s straightlaced and the other is a complete screw-up and together the series and characters are a fantastic mix of spandex superheroes and comedy.

(via The Wrap)

The Smithsonian Hosts the Russo Brothers for Marvel Men Discussion

Captain America Civil WarAt a theater on the University of the District of Columbia Thursday night, the Smithsonian Associates hosted directors Joe and Anthony Russo to chat before a sold out 900 person crowd. NPR‘s Linda Holme‘s moderated the event and topics ranged from their early career, to the future of entertainment, and also some breaking news about a certain character and Avengers: Infinity War.

But, the event was held the opening night of Captain America: Civil War, and that film was on everyone’s mind on top of where the Russo brothers go from there. The two will direct the two part Avengers: Infinity War and are rolling right into production of that film. The directors explained that the two part film will actually be two distinct movies that are the culmination of everything that has come before. The directors said the main impetuous for the movies being filmed concurrently is that it’s much easier to get all of the actors involved together to shoot the film and it saves on the budget. But, they emphasized the two films are very much their own thing. Shooting begins in November 2016 and will go to September 2017. They receive the first draft next week at which point they will sit down with the writers and for a month go over various scenes and character arcs.

new-captain-marvel-jpgBut, the biggest news of the evening came from the QA period and involved Avengers: Infinity War. When asked how the directors handle characters who haven’t debuted, such as Captain Marvel, the directors responded in an affirmative that we’ll be seeing Captain Marvel in the film. She gets her own solo film in 2018 after Avengers: Infinity War Part I. Her appearance felt like a given, but at this point an unconfirmed thing. Then then spent some time backtracking on that slip, so we know one character in the film! But, to answer the actual question, they said it’s one of the most difficult things. There’s lots of challenging parts with a lot of specificity missing.

But, the main focus of the night was Civil War which is a sequel to both Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. But, compared to the two films, the directors feel that Civil War‘s structure has more in common with The Winter Soldier. They even both have a section of the film that’s a moment of reflection. The two films deviate in the third act. But, it’s the fact the film is a sequel to two different franchises is what’s interesting to them. The concept of sequels took off in the 80s they explained, but the idea of multiple franchises weaved together is something new, experimental, and Marvel’s approach is the future of cinema. That’s a topic the two pontificated on a bit.

2016-05-05 1They felt that films will become even more event driven based around intellectual property with big experiences while television will be where the experimental and smaller films go. Those indie/smaller films will need new distribution models and take advantage that people can consume on a mass level with just a click of a button. That two will also mean there’ll be a need of new measurements of success. Plus there’s a little something called VR on the way too. We understood movies to be one thing the past 100 years and the next 10 to 20 years will vastly alter that.

But, back to the discussion of the night, Civil War, which the Russo’s described as Captain America being the most human he’s been. It’s “Steve Rogers vs. Captain America.”

The film pits Captain America against Iron Man as the two clash in philosophies. It takes Steve Rogers from a leader to a soldier questioning his superiors and eventually a rebel. Due to the actions of the Avengers a fearful state exists causing individuals to become radicalized, part of the political theme of the film. But, while it asks a lot of questions, it doesn’t actually give a lot of answers.

To them the film is about a family torn apart with at times a tense and dark tone. It’s a psychological thriller with influences such as Se7en, Fargo, and Blow Out. But that dark tone also had the directors looking to lighten it up and change the emotion with characters such as Black Panther, Ant-Man, and Spider-Man. The comedic elements, especially from those last two, help release the tension as it builds up. But that varied emotion helps layer the film.

But which side are the two directors on? They wouldn’t give an answer saying the most compelling films are the ones where you get to the end and you’re not sure which side was right.

Oni Press Unveils Amazing Plans for 2014

Oni Press has given a glimpes of what we can expect for 2014 and it’s impressive. Get your wallets ready, all of these should be on your “buy” list and you’ll probably want to add them to your pull list to make sure you get them!

July 2014

In an infinite city fueled by despair, there is one man capable of breaking free. The Life After tells the story of Jude, a unique man who will fight good, evil, and bureaucracy to escape purgatory and save humanity. Kicking off in July after a special preview issue at WonderCon in April, this dazzling, unique, new ongoing series comes from the deft hands of writer Joshua Hale Fialkov and artist Gabo and features covers by The Manhattan ProjectsNick Pitarra!

August 2014

To Burma, having nine lives means having nine chances to conquer the globe.  Written by Paul Tobin and illustrated by Benjamin Dewey, I Was the Cat is an original graphic novel that tells the tale of an aspiring feline despot, present for many of the modern world’s pivotal changes, but perhaps playing a more active role than anyone would suspect…

August 2014

Ray Fawkes, creator of the Eisner-nominated One Soul, has created another groundbreaking, wholly unique take on the graphic novel.  16 people travel through the stages of life, love, and death, changing the page with each new step they take. Joining together, being torn apart, burning bright, fading away—each stage of life becomes an indelible change to the storytelling format.  Simply put, The People Inside is not a book to read, it’s a book to experience.

Summer 2014

Comics supergroup Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt, Mike Norton, and Bill Crabtree spin a prequel yarn to the ongoing The Sixth Gun series, uncovering how the villainous Pinkerton Jesup, and Sword of Abraham priest Brother Roberto became embroiled in a race to thwart the awakening of the monstrous god Yum Kimil in this spin-off to the critically acclaimed fantasy-western saga!

September 2014

On a summer night, Alden Baylor sits in a field watching the largest meteor shower in human history. What began as teenage adventure becomes something more–the celestial event brings travelers who will change the world completely, and Alden discovers a connection to one of them.

How does a young man who had to grow up fast handle the invasion of his planet? Can Alden keep humanity from oblivion? From writer Jeff Parker (AQUAMAN, HULK) and artist Sandy Jarrell (BATMAN 66) comes this original graphic novel about adolescence, friendship, and hard decisions.

September 2014

Joey Weiser’s all-ages hero, the prodigal merman returns! No one knows much about Mer, the underwater kingdom where Mermin the merman was born, but due to a rising conflict with the people of Atlantis, Mermin is needed back home immediately. Which means that his human friends get to accompany him and see all the aquatic wonders of Mer. But once again, Mermin is tight-lipped about his past – even when it’s swimming right in front of him. And there are enemies lurking in the seedier depths of Mer, who’ve got their sights set not only on Mermin, but on Pete and his friends!

September 2014

Dex Parios is  back in action and she’s sticking around! This September, Portland’s favorite beleaguered P.I. stars in a brand-new, ongoing Stumptown series written by Greg Rucka and illustrated by Justin Greenwood with colors by Ryan Hill and letters by Crank!

October 2014

Cullen Bunn, Joëlle Jones, and Nick Filardi return to their smash hit Viking horror/fantasy series Helheim! Alone in the wilderness and living in seclusion, the Viking warrior Rikard is confronted once again by black magic and arcane monstrosities. But this time, Rikard seeks vengeance against the warlock who was once master to the witches who wove our undying hero’s bloody fate.

October 2014

Not black ops. The blackest of ops. A group of elite soldiers has been recruited by the shadowy Kerberos Corporation for a series of special missions—breaking souls out of Hell and returning them to their bodies… and replacing the evil demons possessing their mortal shells here on Earth.

A gothic, action-packed vision of Hell in a new ongoing series that evokes Inception and Aliens by way of John Carpenter from the creative forces of writer Cullen Bunn, artist Brian Churilla, and colorist Jordie Bellaire!

December 2014

Created by acclaimed writer Ande Parks and Joe and Anthony Russo, the directors of the upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier, with art by Fernando Léon, Ciudad is a brutally violent, action-packed thriller about a world-weary mercenary hired by a powerful drug lord to pull off an impossible retrieval mission in one of the world’s most dangerous locales while battling warring factions, a corrupt police force, and an city full of hired killers.

December 2014

From the team of late, great writer Nick Almand and artist Jake Myler comes a manga-tinged graphic novel that tells the classic tale of a boy and his sword. Hadashi is a simple boy with simple dreams, but his life changes when a horrific accident maims his hand. Unable to hold a sword, he’s kicked out of the dojo he once called home. But the Orphan Blade is no ordinary sword. When Hadashi finds it abandoned in a marsh, he finds that not only is he able to wield it — the sword seems to be wielding him! Too bad Hadashi isn’t the only one interested in the Orphan Blade, and his ownership draws the attention of the Five Fingers of Death — a legendary and deadly group of mercenaries who have their own magical weapons.

Early 2015

After a camping trip out in the mountains with their grizzled old scoutmaster Padre, a troop of scouts, the Junior Braves, discover that the world has been wiped out in an apocalyptic disaster, and overrun with bloodthirsty mutants. Using all their scouting skills and knowledge, these young boys try to survive on their own, while searching for clues to the whereabouts of their evacuated families. It’s The Goonies meets The Walking Dead, in this first in a new young adult graphic novel series by writers Michael Tanner & Greg Smith, and artist Zach Lehner.


A new original graphic novel by Jamie S. Rich and Megan Levens! Will Ares is a successful divorce lawyer — which means, invariably, that he’s always pissing someone off. He’s also a hopeless romantic (go figure). Gigi Averelle is a wedding planner who’s seen enough failed marriages to know that true love doesn’t exist. And with their respective clients — movie producer Evans Beatty and Hollywood starlet Carrie Cartwright — getting hitched, Will and Gigi are about to see a whole lot more of each other. As Beatty’s ex-wives come out of the woodwork and cause mayhem for the upcoming marriage, Gigi proposes a bet — should Evans and Carrie go through with the wedding, Gigi will go on a date with Will. Should they break up, as Gigi suspects, Will must put a full-page ad in the paper revealing the number of marriages he’s ruined. Is Will a fool for love, or is this the start of a beautiful relationship?

Come see Oni Press at the following 2014 conventions across the continent! At each convention, they’ll be giving away special items and publications exclusively to fans that come to their panels and line up for signings at our booth.

Emerald City Comicon – Seattle – March 28-30
WonderCon – Anaheim – April 18-20
TCAF – Toronto – May 10-11
VanCAF – Vancouver – May 24-25
HeroesCon – Charlotte – June 20-22
SDCC – San Diego – July 23-27
PAX Prime – Seattle – August 29-September 1
NYCC – New York – October 9-12

Emerald City ComiCon will see the premiere of The Bunker #2 with an exclusive cover by Chew’s Rob Guillory as well as the debuts of Rick Spears and Chuck BB’s Black Metal Volume 3, and Cullen Bunn, Joëlle Jones, and Nick Filardi’s Helheim Book One: The Witch War!

WonderCon 2014 is fans’ first chance to get their hands on some of Oni’s exciting new titles as they premiere early editions of The Life After #1 and Princess Ugg #1!