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Fan Expo ’09

Here’s the photos from Fan Expo 2009.

Fan Expo Saturday

A busy and crazy day at the 2009 Toronto Fan Expo.  The convention hall was utterly packed in the morning to the point they were limiting people in the building.  We just made it through at noon to get in.  We skipped over the panels planned, instead hitting the floor and playing Talisman.  Some great photos were taken and will all be posted up tomorrow after the show closes.  Here’s some of the highlights from the show:

  1. God of War III and Uncharted 2 look amazing.
  2. The DC booth was just free comics, no effort, and the people manning it had an attitude.  They got a beat down.
  3. The Marvel booth on the other hand was fantastic and full of energy and good attitude.  They get it overall.
  4. Tron Legacy looks amazing, the cycle is just awesome looking.
  5. Coolest promo goes to a light up Green Lantern ring promoting the recent cartoon movie release.
  6. Talisman is still an amazing game, especially with your obnoxious friends.
  7. I haven’t lost any board game abilities (ie was calling the dice rolls and rolling whatever I needed).
  8. It’s a convention, the smells were “interesting.”
  9. Toronto is amazing and I need to plot how to move there.
  10. This show is easily morphing into San Diego Comic Con East.

Geek Fest ’09 Begins!

We’ve arrived in Toronto, we have our badges, and we’re checked into our hotel (a junior suite), ready to go to Fan Expo 2009.  We arrived in Toronto late this time and our usual debauchery started early.  All we were able to do so far was grab our passes and walk around the floor.

If you’re in the Toronto area and enjoy sci-fi, fantasy, comics, video games, games, or horror, this is a great show to get to.

Fan Expo ’07

By the time you read this I’ll have arrived in Buffalo on my way to Toronto for Hobbystar’s Fan Expo ’09.  But, in the mean time here’s photos from the last time I went 2007.

Geek Fest ’06

We’re days away from this years debauchery.  In our countdown to Geek Fest ’09 we’re visiting Hobbystar Fan Expo Canada’s of the past.  This time is Fan Expo ‘o6.

Geekfest 09!

It’s less than one month until Geekfest 09!  That’s the annual trip with some friends from Buffalo to Toronto’s Fan Expo Canada.  Around 50,000 people attend the show making it absolutely packed and a massive wave of unwashed masses.

I missed last year due to work, but this year nothing is stopping me.  This year Fan Expo Canada runs from August 28th through the 30th and we’ll be there every day soaking in the fun.

A great convention mixing Comic Books, Video Games, Anime, Horror, and Science Fiction, this show has something for everyone.  It’s always a great time. And this year it kicks off Geek Week as the next weekend I’ll be traveling to Penny Arcade Expo 09 in Seattle (we’ll be covering that as well).

We’ll be counting down to the debauchery great time with a reflection on Geekfest pasts, ’06 and ’07.  But first a look ahead as to what’s coming this year.

Exclusives – Usually some decent exclusives this year sees:

Ultimate Avengers #1 Sketch Variant

Tales of the Fallen: Transformers #1 Megan Fox Variant

Green Lantern Blackest Night Lithograph <– this is the one I want

Star Trek: Nero #1 Spock Variant

Storm Hawks Limited Edition AshCan Fan Expo Variant

The Show is Pseudo Green

Every year the mounds of trash grows (it’s impressive really). But this year the Expo has introduced a reusable, recycled bag.  Good for them, hopefully other shows follow the lead.


Other then artists alley I rarely go for the guests.  The entertainment of watching people interact with the guests is pure entertainment though.  Check out the site for a complete list that’s constantly updated.

The Food and City

Toronto is one of my favorite places.  I’ve had a blast not just of past Fan Expos but also the numerous road trips there with friends.  It’s a city that has everything.  Even the street meat is good.  Dog, fries, coke, simple as that.