Fan Expo Saturday

A busy and crazy day at the 2009 Toronto Fan Expo.  The convention hall was utterly packed in the morning to the point they were limiting people in the building.  We just made it through at noon to get in.  We skipped over the panels planned, instead hitting the floor and playing Talisman.  Some great photos were taken and will all be posted up tomorrow after the show closes.  Here’s some of the highlights from the show:

  1. God of War III and Uncharted 2 look amazing.
  2. The DC booth was just free comics, no effort, and the people manning it had an attitude.  They got a beat down.
  3. The Marvel booth on the other hand was fantastic and full of energy and good attitude.  They get it overall.
  4. Tron Legacy looks amazing, the cycle is just awesome looking.
  5. Coolest promo goes to a light up Green Lantern ring promoting the recent cartoon movie release.
  6. Talisman is still an amazing game, especially with your obnoxious friends.
  7. I haven’t lost any board game abilities (ie was calling the dice rolls and rolling whatever I needed).
  8. It’s a convention, the smells were “interesting.”
  9. Toronto is amazing and I need to plot how to move there.
  10. This show is easily morphing into San Diego Comic Con East.