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Dark Horse Announces a New Avatar: The Last Airbender Live Reading

Dark Horse Comics has announced a new live reading event with Avatar: The Last Airbender animated series voice cast members Michaela Murphy (Toph), Jennie Kwan (Suki), and Jack De Sena (Sokka). In addition to the live reading, they will be joined by comics creators Faith Erin Hicks and Peter Wartman to discuss the latest Avatar: The Last Airbender graphic novel, Toph Beifong’s Metalbending Academy. The event will be broadcast live on both Dark Horse and Nickelodeon’s Twitch and YouTube channels on May 19, 2021 at 1 pm Pacific time (UTC -7).

A free digital excerpt of Toph Beifong’s Metalbending Academy will be available on the Dark Horse Digital platform beginning the morning of May 19, so fans can follow along during the live reading. After the live reading, fans in the live chat on Twitch will be able to participate in a moderated Q&A with both the voice actors and the graphic novel creators!

During the stream, Dark Horse will give away a prize pack including one copy each of the graphic novels Toph Beifong’s Metalbending Academy and Katara and the Pirate’s Silver. Participants must enter during the live broadcast in the Twitch chat (instructions will be given during the broadcast). One entry per person/Twitch account.

The video of the live session will be available on Twitch following the live broadcast to view on demand and will be made available with closed captions on YouTube for later viewing as well.

Toph Beifong’s Metalbending Academy

Review: One Year at Ellsmere

Juniper is the new girl at Ellsmere Academy. Being there on scholarship, she’s targeted by the mean queen bee in her class.

Story: Faith Erin Hicks
Art: Faith Erin Hicks

Get your copy now! To find a comic shop near you, visit http://www.comicshoplocator.com or call 1-888-comicbook or digitally and online with the links below.

Amazon (Hardcover)
Amazon (Paperback)

First Second provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review
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Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Toph Beifong Gets a Spin-off Graphic Novel

Following the events of Nickelodeon’s animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender, our heroes part ways, but that doesn’t mean the adventures are over! Find out what the Blind Bandit has been up to in the new graphic novel Avatar: The Last Airbender—Toph Beifong’s Metalbending Academy!

Things are looking bright at the Beifong Metalbending Academy! But after all the adventures Toph’s had with Aang, Sokka, Zuko, and Katara, things feel dull. Luckily, Sokka and Suki come to visit and reintroduce some familiar faces from their wandering days. And while out and about to celebrate, Toph discovers something that just might put the spring back in her step.

Written by Faith Erin Hicks and drawn by Peter Wartman, with colors by Adele Matera and collaboration from Avatar: The Last Airbender animated series writer Tim Hedrick, this is the ultimate continuation of the hit animated series!

Avatar: The Last Airbender—Toph Beifong’s Metalbending Academy arrives February 16, 2021 for $12.99.

Avatar: The Last Airbender—Toph Beifong’s Metalbending Academy

Around the Tubes

Killadelphia #1

It’s a new week and we’re still reeling from last night’s Watchmen reveal. Wow! While we recover, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

The Beat – A Year of Free Comics: Faith Erin Hicks retells Anakin Skywalker’s The Phantom Menace journey – Free comics!

Jakarta Post – Female comic superhero fights India’s sex traffickers, challenges stigma – We should check this out.

The Financial Express – Vanni | A new graphic novel revisits Sri Lanka’s disastrous civil war – This sounds interesting.


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Monkeys Fighting Robots – Books of Magic #14
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The Beat – Pound for Pound
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Preview: Adventure Time: Marceline SC

Adventure Time: Marceline SC

Publisher: KaBOOM!, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Writer:  Faith Erin Hicks, Hanna K, S.M Vidaurri, Various
Artist: Hanna K, Aatmaja Pandya, Jorge Monlongo, Various
Cover Artist: Design by Scott Newman
Price: $9.99


It’s Adventure Time with Marceline and you! Join Marceline the Vampire Queen on a rocking tour throughout all her best adventures in the Land of Ooo. From going with Princess Bubblegum on a band tour with the Scream Queens, to derby racing across the Ice Kingdom, to banding together with Finn and Jake to fight her monstrous dad Hunson Abadeer, Adventure Time™: Marceline collects all the stories that make the Eisner Award-winning series perfect for fans of all ages.

Join an all-star cast of creators, including Faith Erin Hicks (Buffy: The High School Years), Hanna K (Adventure Time™ Storyboarder), S.M. Vidaurri (Steven Universe™: Harmony),  Aatmaja Pandya (Elements: Fire), Jorge Monlongo (Over the Garden Wall™: Hollow Town), and more in this timeless collection of Marceline’s greatest Adventure Time™ stories.

Adventure Time: Marceline SC

Review: The Nameless City: The Divided Earth

It’s Wednesday which means it’s new comic book day with new releases hitting shelves, both physical and digital, all across the world. This week we’ve got the third and final volume of The Nameless City trilogy.

The Nameless City: The Divided Earth is by Faith Erin Hicks with color by Jordie Bellaire.

Get your copy in comic shops today and in book stores on September 25. To find a comic shop near you, visit http://www.comicshoplocator.com or call 1-888-comicbook or digitally and online with the links below.


First Second Books provided Graphic Policy with FREE copies for review
This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, we’ll receive a percentage of the sale. Graphic Policy does purchase items from this site. Making purchases through these links helps support the site

Preview: Lumberjanes: Bonus Tracks SC

Lumberjanes: Bonus Tracks SC

Publisher: BOOM! Box, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Writers: Faith Erin Hicks, Jen Wang , Kelly Thompson, Holly Black, Gabby Rivera
Artists: Rosemary Valerio-O’Connell, Christine Norrie, Savanna Ganucheau, Marina Julia, Gaby Epstein
Cover Artist: Chynna Clugston Flores
Price: $14.99

Presenting the Lumberjanes short stories collected for the first time in a paperback. Join April, Jo, Mal, Molly, and Ripley as they explore their all-girls camp. From ghost ponies to strange plants, these Lumberjanes are ready to take on anything that comes their way as long as they have each other. Collects the Lumberjanes Specials, including Beyond Bay Leaf, Making the Ghost of It, and Faire and Square.

Avatar Expands with Avatar: The Last Airbender-Team Avatar Tales and Avatar: The Last Airbender-Imbalance

Ahead of Emerald City Comic Con, Dark Horse Comics has revealed information about upcoming publications in the Avatar: The Last Airbender publishing series this fall.

Avatar: The Last Airbender–Team Avatar Tales is a one-shot anthology of stories from the Avatarverse featuring beloved characters brought to life by a cast of all-star creators. It features never-before-collected stories from Free Comic Book Day publications and also debuts several brand-new stories. Fans can journey along with Team Avatar as they rescue a pumpkin farmer waylaid by monsters, go undercover in the Fire Nation, help an old rival with a hair-raising problem, and reflect on what it means to save the world. Featuring the work of Gene Luen Yang, Faith Erin Hicks, Carla Speed McNeil, Ron Koertge, Dave Scheidt, Sara Goetter, and more, this anthology features stories both hilarious and heartwarming. The beautiful cover is by artist Sara Kipin.

Avatar: The Last Airbender—Imbalance Part One is the official continuation of the bestselling Dark Horse graphic novel series. Writer Faith Erin Hicks and artist Peter Wartman have signed on as the new creative team, in collaboration with Avatar: The Last Airbender TV series co-creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. This new three-part adventure follows Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph as they return to Earthen Fire Industries—the factory owned by Toph’s father—and Team Avatar find that the once-small town of Cranefish is now booming. Expecting a warm welcome, Aang is surprised when their arrival is met with disinterest and even open hostility. At a business council meeting, the reason for the slight becomes clear: A massive bender versus non-bender conflict has gripped the town’s inhabitants, and is threatening to turn violent!

Avatar: The Last Airbender–Team Avatar Tales goes on sale September 5, 2018. This 80-page collection retails for $10.99.

Avatar: The Last Airbender—Imbalance Part One goes on sale October 10, 2018. This 80-page graphic novel retails for $10.99.

Review: The Nameless City: The Stone Heart

Those of us who have been in a traumatic event or know someone who has, usually change the way we react to things. Some people look at is to way cope with trauma of the event. Others look at as a defense mechanism, but no matter how you deal with it, we all have triggers, that take us back to that exact moment. One of the worst days in most recent memory, that personally affected me, was 9/11.

I’m from New York, and I had family members who worked near where those towers fell, as well as other family members who worked throughout the city. I was afraid for their lives, and could not speak to anyone for days because all the phone lines were down. When I finally got in touch, my mother told me then, I know now she felt every time I deployed. In the sequel to the Nameless City, The Stone Heart, we catch up with Kaidu and Rat, shortly after the assassination attempt, as tensions rise over who has claim over the city.

Rat and Kaidu, in the opening pages, are trying to find their new normal, while The General of All Blades, staff particularly his son, is looking for a better security solution so that no one can get close to his father again. Soon Kaidu, finds about a legend of a weapon that brings fire and destruction, that only the monks know, and it is just so happens Rat lives in the monastery. A sudden change of events, a bloodborne betrayal and a death of a very important character, spurns an upheaval in the Dao Army. By book’s end, our heroes, defeated for the moment, set off to save the city and its people from a madman.

Overall, a great installment to this trilogy which just made the previous book feel like a kid cartoon. The story by Faith Erin Hicks is suspenseful, emotional and action packed. The art by Hicks is gorgeous. Altogether, a great sequel to Nameless City, proving that Hicks is master of visual storytelling.

Story: Faith Erin Hicks Art: Faith Erin Hicks
Story:10 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.3 Recommendation: Buy

Review: The Nameless City Vol. 1

Colonization of other people’s/countries, has been human way of life since anyone can remember.  The different nations of Europe, have bene colonizing other nations/countries for centuries. In Africa, different tribes did all over the continent, the most famous being Shaka Zulu, who united several tribes under him to suppress any outside forces. The British, being once an empire, have left their imprint everywhere from the West Indies to Canada. The Spanish, as well, have several churches in mostly Muslim countries, remnants of the Crusades.

America, although not necessary colonizing, to the extent of the examples above, we have left our marks in just about every country on earth, through military bases. This is exactly the root of the extenuating circumstances affecting the island of Puerto Rico, as it exists as U.S. territory, but derives none of the benefits of a state. The one thing that literature fails to explore on any substantial level is how these invaders/colonizers affect the people who are native to these lands. In Faith Erin Hicks‘ superbly created Nameless City Volume 1, one such situation exists.

We meet Kaidu, a member of the newest occupying nation for the metropolis known as Nameless City, and Rat, one of the city’s natives, both are unclear of the other motives and are a little weary as friends don’t come easily for either. The book dives into class warfare, misogyny, identity politics, racism, cultural bias and even on some levels, cultural appropriation, as the two become fast friends, each learning about the others culture, as Kaidu, becomes empathetic to the oppression his privilege that his upbringing, sex, and culture has afforded him. The two friends eventually team up to thwart an assassination attempt on the city’s military leader, a plan created by one of his very own soldiers. By book’s end, Kaidu foiled the attempt and the friends become closer, as the city feels more united than ever.

Overall, an excellent book, that is methodical, smart, nuanced and shines the light on the value of mutual respect. The story by Hicks is funny, fast paced, and fresh. The art by Hicks gorgeous, penetrating, and vibrant. Altogether, an excellent start to this trilogy of books as it presents a world much like our ow, where our differences are ever so present, but as they do in this book, they choose those differences to unite and not divide them.

Story: Faith Erin Hicks Art: Faith Erin Hicks
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

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