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Papercutz announces the new YA graphic novel, Digital Lizards of Doom

When a magical trickster secretly traps an entire universe inside a video game world, a young warrior named Dizzy Doom must search for answers to unravel the mystery. But as villains from another galaxy come to attack his kingdom, Dizzy is forced to make an unlikely alliance with a mysterious ninja and cyborg cat pirate. Dizzy’s ideology will be tested, as he comes to realize everything is not always as it seems. 

Digital Lizards of Doom is a landmark publication for Papercutz. Papercutz is known internationally for producing great graphic novels, so we’re more than thrilled to introduce a project that is part of such an impressive independently created mixed-media universe. Digital Lizards of Doom is the first in a series that will let readers grow alongside the story, while expanding their love of the DLOD universe through the incredible combination of music, literature, adventure, and pop culture. Creator Gabriel Valentin has paired his incredible first book with original DLOD music, which will be available on the DLOD website– and both are sprinkled with hidden easter eggs referencing the classic pop culture moments that influenced him. Will you be able to spot all of them?

Digital Lizards of Doom: Level 1: Dizzy Doom  [9781545811320; $12.99; Ages 7-12] is out on December 5, 2023. It is available wherever books are sold, including Amazon, Bookshop, and Barnes & Noble.

Digital Lizards of Doom: Level 1: Dizzy Doom 

Lesser Known Comics Teams with Dizzy Doom Media for Digital Lizards of Doom

Lesser Known Comics Digital Lizards of Doom

Comic book publisher Lesser Known Comics is teaming up with Dizzy Doom Media to release the Digital Lizards of Doom series, new series spin-offs, and other exciting graphic novels! Digital Lizards of Doom was previously with Clover Press. Creator Gabriel Valentin realized he was looking for a company with an entirely new outlook on the comic book business—Enter Lesser Known Comics! 

In November 2020, Mark Bernal started Lesser Known Comics with the goal of changing industry standards and how artists are treated.  The company creates and publishes original content while also publishing independent creator-owned comics. They are committed to putting art before profit, honing some of the most favorable contracts in the industry that focus on giving Lesser Known Comics the largest amount of creative freedom, best work/life balance, and the strongest collective bargaining rights. The company has grown exponentially with its comic creators since; creating 13 comic books to date and working to publish 14 more by the end of 2021.

Digital Lizards of Doom Level 2: Commander E.K.O. is set to hit stores this fall, with production for Digital Lizards of Doom Level 3: Dana Deathly wrapping production in December.

From Digital Lizards to Dizzy Doom Media

Dizzy Doom Media is “made for artists by artists, to, you know, put the fun back into publishing. The all-new publishing house was founded by Digital Lizards of Doom creator, Gabriel Valentin.

Instead of the same ol’ rigamarole, Dizzy Doom Media aims to help writers and artists thrive in the comic book industry through dedication to publish the works of driven, creative minds who want to share their stories on a larger scale, without giving up the rights and control of their properties. Creatives who aspire to achieve their artistic goals will have an honest platform to release and sell their books, while providing printing and distribution aid not only digitally, but globally as well.

Dizzy Doom Media will share the tools and relationships Valentin has developed over the years with the creators, giving the power back to the artist and allowing them to grow a sincere organic fanbase. With the help of in-house crowdfunding, the publisher  is launching all new original sci-fi and fantasy stories into the world with bodacious launch titles like Digital Lizards of Doom: Level 2 (November 2021) written by Gabriel Valentin with art by Armand Bodnar and Nick NunezOdinson: God of Thunder (December 2021) written by Isaac Willbanks with art by Chris JonesRock and Roll Stories You Have Never Heard (January 2022) written by legendary guitar tech Fred KowaloCodename: EKO-SPIDER (February 2022), written by Alex Batts with art by Evan Maguire.

Preview: Digital Lizards of Doom

Digital Lizards of Doom

(W) Gabriel Valentin (A/CA) Ernie Najera

In a world where science and sorcery have brought peace to the galaxy, a young warrior’s belief system is shattered when an evil robot and an ancient witch attack his kingdom, forcing him into a quest for justice. As revelations about his world are exposed, Dizzy’s faith is shaken, and he must now make an unlikely alliance with a mysterious ninja and a cyborg cat pirate. Together they’ll search for a fabled weapon that could destroy evil forever and bring the universe into an unending era of peace!”

Digital Lizards of Doom represents a brand new way of story-telling within the graphic novel medium, as the story is told with a combination of full-page artwork and a new dialogue system that pushes the boundaries of the format.

“This book is a great pop-culture meld, a fun mix of comics, video games, tabletop games, adventure cartoons, and more, that all combine to make something very new yet also familiar. Gabriel’s approach to visual storytelling is quirky, and idiosyncratic and unique: at least it’s new and fresh to me, and incredibly well done.” – Mike Towry, San Diego Comic Con co-founder.

Digital Lizards of Doom

Clover Press and Digital Lizards of Doom Frontman Gabriel Valenin Laucnhe Digital Lizards of Doom: Dizzy Doom Level 1 on Indiegogo

Clover Press and Gabriel Valenin, the frontman of the indy pop band Digital Lizards Of Doom, are combining forces to publish Digital Lizards Of Doom: Dizzy Doom Level 1. This groundbreaking, earthshaking, jawdroppingingly beautiful book is a new take on the visual storytelling medium, with art by Ernie Najera and a special incentive cover by Mark Irwin. It features a foreword by Mike Towry.

Digital Lizards Of Doom: Dizzy Doom Level 1 is based on the YouTube space-fantasy adventure series, inspired by tabletop gaming, video adventure games and Saturday morning cartoon shows. With dialogue and page layout that creates a reading experience like a role-playing game, Digital Lizards Of Doom pulls the audience in with its dynamic storytelling system.

Digital Lizards Of Doom: Dizzy Doom Level 1 takes place in a far-fetched universe where profits outweigh common goodness and the only way out is to win. Part Matrix, part Moebius, and all innovative, this is a book unlike anything that’s been seen before.