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Lesser Known Comics Teams with Dizzy Doom Media for Digital Lizards of Doom

Lesser Known Comics Digital Lizards of Doom

Comic book publisher Lesser Known Comics is teaming up with Dizzy Doom Media to release the Digital Lizards of Doom series, new series spin-offs, and other exciting graphic novels! Digital Lizards of Doom was previously with Clover Press. Creator Gabriel Valentin realized he was looking for a company with an entirely new outlook on the comic book business—Enter Lesser Known Comics!

In November 2020, Mark Bernal started Lesser Known Comics with the goal of changing industry standards and how artists are treated.  The company creates and publishes original content while also publishing independent creator-owned comics. They are committed to putting art before profit, honing some of the most favorable contracts in the industry that focus on giving Lesser Known Comics the largest amount of creative freedom, best work/life balance, and the strongest collective bargaining rights. The company has grown exponentially with its comic creators since; creating 13 comic books to date and working to publish 14 more by the end of 2021.

Digital Lizards of Doom Level 2: Commander E.K.O. is set to hit stores this fall, with production for Digital Lizards of Doom Level 3: Dana Deathly wrapping production in December.

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