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BOOM! celebrates 10 Years of Evil with The Complete Irredeemable Deluxe Edition Library Kickstarter

Ten years ago, master storyteller Mark Waid – aided across more than 60 issues by founding artist and Eisner Award nominee Peter Krause alongside other artistic collaborators including Diego Barreto, Marcio Takara, Paul Azaceta, and more – delivered the long-awaited final chapter to the Eisner Award-winning saga that brought the once-sterling world of superheroes to new depths of darkness: Irredeemable.

Now, BOOM! brings the three interlocking narratives of the Irredeemable mythos – the original Irredeemable run, plus its hit companion series, Incorruptible, and the spiritual successor co-created by Waid and Krause, Insufferable – together for the first time in The Complete Irredeemable Deluxe Edition Library.

It is available now on Kickstarter collecting each series in deluxe hardcovers along with limited edition printings of the first issues with all-new artwork by InHyuk Lee. The campaign also features upgrades and extras featuring new contributions from John Cassaday, Howard Chaykin, Barry Kitson, Waid, and Krause.

Over the course of the pre-order campaign, BOOM! Studios will be unveiling even more surprises with Stretch Goals that include brand-new covers for all three hardcover volumes by original series cover artist and Eisner Award winner John Cassaday and the promise of  “a major announcement for the future of the Irredeemable franchise” with more to be revealed over the next 30 days.

Mark Waid is Still Evil?

It’s been 10 years since Irredeemable ended, could we be getting more? BOOM! Studios has released the below teasing something is coming. The series was written by Mark Waid and featured art by Peter Krause and Diego Barreto.

The comic followed the world’s greatest superhero, the Plutonian, as he turns evil. Another series, Incorruptible, was also released and followed Plutonians greatest enemy during Plutonian’s fall. A third series was teased but never released through BOOM!.

Irredeemable ran for 37 issues beginning in 2009 and ended in May 2012. The pre-release included the saying “Mark Waid is Evil!” and included a limited edition t-shirt.

Mark Waid is Still Evil

Preview: Planet Of The Apes Omnibus SC

Planet Of The Apes Omnibus SC

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer:  Daryl Gregory
Artists: Carlos Magno, Diego Barreto
Colorist: Juan Manuel Tumburús, Nolan Woodard, Darrin Moore
Letterer: Travis Lanham, Ed Dukeshire
Cover Artist: Carlos Magno
Price: $39.99

Ape and Human societies have reached a new golden age, but peace never lasts for long. Ripples of dissent are spreading in both the Ape and Human ranks and when a mysterious assassin guns down the beloved Lawgiver, tensions will reach a boiling point! Can one human solve the mystery of the Lawgiver’s murder before war engulfs all of society? Or is this the beginning of the end for Apes and Humans alike?

Set over 1,000 years before the  arrival of Colonel George Taylor, award winning novelist Daryl Gregory (Spoonbenders, Pandemonium) and critically acclaimed artists Carlos Magno and Diego Barreto present the story of the rise of the original Planet of the Apes!

Collects the sixteen-issue series, plus Planet Of The Apes Special #1, Planet Of The Apes Spectacular #1, Planet Of The Apes Giant #1, and Planet Of The Apes Annual #1

Preview: Irredeemable Premiere Vol. 4 HC

Irredeemable Premiere Vol. 4 HC

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer:  Mark Waid
Artist: Peter Krause, Diego Barreto, Eduardo Barreto, Damian Couceiro
Cover Artists: Design by Michelle Ankley, with art by John Cassady & Laura Martin, Jeffrey Spokes, Dan Panosian and Peter Kraus
Price: $29.99

Our series of oversized, deluxe hardcovers collecting the award-nominated Irredeemable continues. Mark Waid’s (Daredevil) superhero epic asks the question, “What if the world’s greatest superhero decided to become the world’s greatest supervillain?” Collects issues #24-31.

Preview: Irredeemable Premier Edition Vol. 2 HC

Irredeemable Premier Edition Vol. 2 HC

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: Mark Waid
Artists: Peter Krause, Diego Barreto, Paul Azaceta, Emma Rios, Howard Chaykin
Cover Artist: Designed by Michelle Ankley
Price: $29.99

We continue with collecting one of our most popular and critically acclaimed series, Irredeemable, into oversized, deluxe hardcovers. This volume collects issues #9-15 as well as the Irredeemable Special #1. The members of Paradigm continue their search for Modeus, The Plutonian’s nemesis, who they think may have the key to stopping the former superhero. But new players enter into the fray, some who may stand to gain with the destruction of The Plutonian. An apocalyptic superhero tale by the author of Empire and multiple Eisner Award winner Kingdom Come, Mark Waid! Includes the special issue featuring art from Paul Azaceta, Emma Rios, and Howard Chaykin.


Preview: Escape from New York Vol. 2 TP

Escape from New York Vol. 2 TP

Writer: Christopher Sebela
Artist: Diego Barreto

After making it out alive through the madhouse of Florida, Snake Plissken gets tossed out of a plane into a raging battlefield in Siberia. Continuing the story that picks up right where the classic film left off, writer Christopher Sebela (Welcome Back, High Crimes) and artist Diego Barreto (Irredeemable) drop the classic antihero into the middle of a brand-new Cold War. Collects issues #5-8.


Preview: Escape from New York Vol. 1 TP

Escape from New York Vol. 1 TP

Writer: Christopher Sebela
Artist: Diego Barreto

Snake Plissken is back! Picking up right at the end of the cult classic film, Snake heads south to get away from it all, but trouble follows him to Florida where a militant family leads an attempted secession from the rest of the U.S.! Collects issues #1-4.


BOOM!’s Irredeemable Gets Premier Edition Hardcovers

Irredeemable Premier Edition Vol 1Fans have clamored for it, and they’ve listened! BOOM! Studios has announced the debut of the Irredeemable Premier Edition, a new series of oversized, deluxe hardcovers collecting the Eisner and Harvey Award-nominated comics by Mark Waid, Peter Krause, and Diego Barreto. Volume 1, collecting the first eight issues by Waid and Krause, is set to debut in October.

Waid has amassed a long list of critically acclaimed hits in his 20-year career, writing such iconic characters as Superman, Captain America, Batman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman. The prolific writer earned a legion of fans for stories that tended to ground seemingly infallible heroes, and in titles like DC’s Kingdom Come, Gorilla Comics’ Empire, and Irredeemable, he showed the other side of what it’s like to wear the capes and tights. Coupled with the fantastic art of Krause, Irredeemable was well received by critics and fans alike when it first debuted in 2009.

In Irredeemable, when the Plutonian, the world’s greatest superhero, snaps and turns into the world’s greatest villain, only his former teammates have a chance at stopping his rampage. But while on the run from the world’s most powerful and angry being, will these former teammates discover his secrets in time? How did he come to this? What became of the hope and promise once inside him? What happens to the world when its savior betrays it? What makes a hero irredeemable?

Irredeemable Premier Edition Vol. 1 hardcover (7.25” x 11.25”, 208 pages, full color) arrives in comic shops on October 28th and in bookstores November 3rd with a cover price of $29.99.

Preview: Escape from New York #9

Escape from New York #9

Author: Christopher Sebela
Artist: Diego Barreto

New story arc! Snake is hellbent on revenge and returns to where it all started—the New York City prison!


Preview: Escape from New York #8

Escape from New York #8

Author: Christopher Sebela
Artist: Diego Barreto

Snake’s adventure in Siberia comes to a dramatic conclusion as he takes on the strange masked figure from his past.


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