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Comic Book Classroom Literacy Program in Denver

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Using comic books for educational purposes seems to be gaining acceptance around the nation.  The latest program has been launched in Denver, Colorado.  Charlie LaGreca remembers learning to read through comic books and has put together a program to promote literacy and vocabulary among underserved students using comic books and graphic novels.

The Denver Post reports:

LaGreca and his team go into participating schools once a week for eight weeks teaching the basics of the craft — starting with the comic-book language like, “What is a thought balloon?” They teach story, structure, character and the natural rise and fall of plotlines — essential storytelling elements that can help students in other classes. By the end, all the kids invent their own original comic book.

LeGreca created Comic Book Classroom two years ago with Frank Romero, the former manager of retail operations for Mile High Comics; Christina Angel, who teaches a course at Metro State and Arapahoe Community College about comic books; and Illya Kowalchuk, who has a master’s degree in integrating creative arts into classrooms.

DNC and PAX – What a Trip

Back in DC from my week+ trip to Denver for the Democratic National Convention and then Seattle for the Penny Arcade Expo.

Denver has been covered in previous posts and there’s some other videos I need to post up to my YouTube account.  Those will be coming throughout the week,

PAX was a blast!  I finally got to meet my teammates at the ECA and checked out some awesome video games coming down the pipeline.

Denver goodies


Check out the:






We’re Off to Denver and Seattle

The normal posts won’t be around for the next week as I’m heading to Denver for the Democratic National Convention and then to Seattle for the Penny Arcade Expo.  However, expect some special posts covering my time at both events.  We’ll be back September 1 with the normal posts.