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SDCC 2019: AHOY Comics and the Delcourt Group Sign a Deal for Distribution and Translation in France

AHOY Comics

AHOY Comics and the Delcourt Group are partnering on a deal to distribute select AHOY Comic graphic novels in France and inviting readers to “espérer plus.” The announcement was made jointly by both companies in advance of San Diego Comic-Con 2019

Delcourt will launch the deal by translations of three acclaimed AHOY Comics titles:

L’AUTRE TERRE (THE WRONG EARTH) by writer Tom Peyer, artists Jamal Igle and Juan Castro and colorist Andy Troy. PUBLICATION DATE: January 2020

Meet your new favorite superheroes: the crime-fighting Dragonflyman and the grim, vigilante Dragonfly. With THE WRONG EARTH writer Tom Peyer and artist Jamal Igle deliver the superhero satire you didn’t know you needed. 

“if you love superheroes, you NEED this. If you HATE superheroes, this will change your mind.” ― Mark Millar 

CAPTAIN GINGER by writer Stuart Moore, artists June Brigman and Roy Richardson and colorist Veronica Gandini. PUBLICATION DATE: July 2020

When the human race died out, the cats inherited the Earth! Or at least a starship. Legendary comic book artist June Brigman and writer Stuart Moore present CAPTAIN GINGER, a graphic novel featuring cats united against a hostile universe—and their own worst feline instincts. Featuring an introduction by award-winning writer/ artist Walter Simonson.

“The best books usually transport me into a world with which I am largely unfamiliar and reveal its mysteries to me, whether it’s the mean streets of a great urban metroplex, a small village lying somewhere on a distant steppe in central Asia, or a starship full of individualist cats trying to keep it together long enough to survive…these may very well be the characters that June was born to draw and Stuart was born to write!” ― Walter Simonson 

SECOND COMING by writer Mark Russell and artist Richard Pace, featuring a cover by Amanda Conner. PUBLICATION DATE: October 2020.

In the controversial, satirical SECOND COMING by New York Times bestselling writer Mark Russell and acclaimed artist Richard Pace, Jesus Christ resumes His Holy Mission after God commands Earth’s mightiest superhero, Sunstar, to accept Him as his roommate and teach Him how to use His power in a… more powerful way. Jesus, shocked at the way humans have twisted his message over two millennia, vows to straighten it out. 

“No one captures the lyrical disconnect between real personalities in fantasy bodies like Mark Russell. SECOND COMING is beautifully drawn and hilariously blunt. It’s ribald, cranky, and warm at the same time, and it might be my new favorite thing.” ― Gail Simone

ComiXology and Delcourt Reveal a Promethee 13:13 Poster by Shawn Martinbrough and Jock

ComiXology and Delcourt Group join forces to bring readers everywhere the upcoming comiXology Originals title Promethee 13:13, a prequel to Christophe Bec’s best-selling, mind-bending, science-fiction bande dessinée, Promethee. The Promethee 13:13 team along with original Promethee creator Christophe Bec will be in attendance at the 46th annual Festival International De La Bande Dessinée – happening January 24-27, 2019 in Angouleme, France – to promote and discuss new details about this upcoming title.

Coming this year as part of the comiXology Originals line of exclusive digital content, Promethee 13:13will be exclusively available as two 48-page volumes on Kindle and comiXology and available to members of Prime Reading, Kindle Unlimited, and comiXology Unlimited at no additional cost. Each volume will be simultaneously released in English and French worldwide at debut.

To celebrate this announcement, the all-star Promethee 13:13 creative team of Andy Diggle, Shawn Martinbrough and Jock, along with Promethee original creator, Christophe Bec, will appear at the Delcourt Group booth in Le Monde des Bulles Marquee to sign an exclusive, limited edition poster illustrated by Shawn Martinbrough, with colors by Jock, Friday, January 25th from 5-6pm, and Saturday January 26thfrom 7-8pm. Additionally, the Promethee team along with comiXology Originals Head of Content, Chip Mosher, Directeur Editorial at Delcourt Group, Jean Wacquet, and Editor Will Dennis, will discuss this upcoming comic series during the Past, Present and Future: Promethee 13:13 panel, Thursday, January 24th at 4:30pm at the Conservatory Gabriel Fauré in Angoulême, France.

Promethee 13:13 is a psychological sci-fi horror comic full of alien conspiracy, written by Andy Diggle with art by Shawn Martinbrough, colors by Dave Stewart, covers by Jock, and headed by veteran editor Will Dennis.

Darla, a successful author, has visions of apocalyptic invasions and being abducted by aliens as a child. After years of medication she’s put it behind her, until one day while speaking at a mental illness conference in San Diego, her life gets turned upside down. At the same time, strange things begin to happen during the latest space shuttle Atlantis mission. Promethee 13:13 tells the thrilling fast-paced space drama leading up to the moments of September 21, 2019 at 13:13.

NYCC 2018: ComiXology Originals and Delcourt Assemble All-Star Team for Promethee 13:13

ComiXology and Delcourt Group, the leading independent comic book publisher in France, join forces to bring readers everywhere a prequel to Christophe Bec’s best-selling, mind-bending, science-fiction bandes dessinées PrometheePromethee 13:13. Created by Andy Diggle and Shawn Martinbrough with covers by JockPromethee 13:13 will be exclusively available on Kindle and comiXology through comiXology Originals. To celebrate this announcement, the all-star Promethee 13:13 team will be signing exclusive, limited edition posters illustrated by Jock at the comiXology NYCC Artist Alley table #1B5.

Coming 2019.

Promethee 13:13  istwo 48-page volumes will be available on Kindle and comiXology – individual release dates forthcoming. Volumes will be simultaneously available in English and French same day worldwide. It’ll be free to read for members of Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited and comiXology Unlimited.

Review: Elves #3

Elves3Elves #3 is not a genre defining story but, it creates such a rich and historically detailed world, that it becomes much more than just another fantasy tale.

The story within Elves, ironically enough, follows the journey of a human woman named Llali, whose country is being invaded by ork [Sic] mercenaries hired by the city states of Archipelago. Her Father’s lands, Eysine, are being challenged for the potential monetary gains that access to the hook strait could bring to their merchants. It is during this war, that Llali decides to enlist the help of the Sylvan, also known as Wood, Elves to try and bring together a united front of man and elf that has not been seen in three centuries. This kind of historical detail is one of the absolute highlights of the tale. Each nation and race has a clear and distinct history with each other, making the world seem unique and alive. The amount of history though, does cause a bit of slow down with heavy exposition at times but, the back story of this world is so interesting it does little to hurt the narrative. This issue also touches on the larger issue of deforestation, with the elves fighting to preserve the forest and the humans being seen as a threat to destroy it. It creates an interesting and relevant discussion, while never feeling as if certain social views are being forced on the reader. The argument for preserving the forest fits naturally into the larger history of the elven people.

The narrative also does a great job avoiding becoming a typical damsel in distress tale by giving Llali both, fighting prowess, and powers she never knew she had, that would later be described as the gift. When she does find herself in distress, a young would elf named Yfass comes to rescue her before she ends up needing to save him instead. It is a nice twist and it gives strength to a character who early on seemed helplessly overwhelmed. Although, with all of this world building occurring, the story does have to remove some parts to make it all fit. This causes one particular fight scene to be completely skipped over after a large amount of solid buildup, which is a bit of a disappointment. The issue also concludes on a low point. There seems to be no sense of finality. Rather, the story just seems to end and it is a bit jarring.

The artwork on the other hand never disappoints. The environmental designs are absolutely breathtaking. The forest is vibrant and rich with color, the elven Citadel is incredibly awe inspiring, and the elven home world is beautiful in its incorporation of the forest into its architecture. The battles feel large, with countless fighters filling every single panel. Each race feels unique as well. The goblins look like hideous rats, while the orks look like large grotesque monsters. The elves seem to have a glow about them that helps distinguish them from the human counterparts which adds a nice, readily identified, distinction between the two.

Overall, this is a phenomenal fantasy book that may not redefine the genre, but it does a fantastic job creating a deep world within it.

Story: Jarry Art: Christina Cox-De Ravel
Story: 7.5 Art: 10 Overall: 8.75 Recommendation: Buy

Delcourt provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Review: Curse Of The Wendigo #2

curse of the wendigo 2 coverThe Curse Of The Wendigo #2 is the second part in a two comic story set during July 1917. There is something hunting the French and German forces, something mutilating and killing their soldiers. Although the armies are trying to kill each other, this unknown horror has driven them together under a common threat that needs to be dealt with before the two forces can go back to civilized business of killing each other.

What threat could possibly drive the French and German armies to postpone their hostilities in order t combat? Well if you’ve read the title of the comic, or issue #1, then you probably have a very good idea of what that threat will be. Curse Of The Wendigo does an excellent job of touching on the tensions between the two nations, never throwing it directly into your face and yet never understating what would be a far from easy relationship between opposing armies. This is exacerbated in many ways by the threat facing the hand picked team that combines soldiers from each side, and Wohtai, one of 12,000 Native America soldiers active in the First World War, and the only man who knows what it is they must defeat together before normal hostilities return. A man who has been tasked by his tribe to put an end to the threat half way across the world.

Matthieu Missoffe’s writing continues to impress, and the final chapter of this story surpasses that of the opening chapter; the conclusion is bloody, brutal, and yet utterly perfect. If you’re familiar with the talents of Charlie Adlard, and his work from The Walking Dead, then you should know what to expect with the second issue. It’s very solid, and he has a unique ability to convey the horrific situation the French and German soldiers find themselves in without confusing the readers eye, while acknowledging the toll that the land and populace suffered during World War One; what accentuates Charlie Adlard’s artwork is the brilliant Aurore Folny‘s work on adding jut the right amount of colour to the pages of this comic. 

As the first full story that I’ve read from Delcourt, Curse Of The Wendigo is an excellent introduction to the publisher’s comic books; and the continuing publication of Delcourt‘s English language translations through ComiXology is introducing comic book readers in North America to some wonderful stories that up until now were only available in French. Look out for the two part Curse Of The Wendigo; it’s fantastic.

Story: Matthieu Missoffe Art: Charlie Adlard Colours: Aurore Folny
Story: 9 Art: 8.5 Overall: 9
Recommendation: Buy

Delcourt and comiXology provided Graphic Policy a FREE copy for review

Review: Husk #1: Monkey Brain 1/2

husk1Another of Delcourt‘s English language comic book translation from the native French language, Husk #1: Monkey Brain 1/2 is a sci-fi thriller set in the near future. The Arnold company makes “Husks”, biomechanical entities five meters high that provide an anatomical continuation of the body of their pilot. As the comic opens, a new biomeca is being launched. The “M5” Husk is the result of the exceptional efforts deployed by the engineers of Arnold to satisfy all requirements; on all grounds, for military operations, maintenance of law and order, extreme rescue, or for space exploration, the new Arnold “M5” excels in all situations!

But does the comic excel as well?

This is the second of the English language translations of the Delcourt Group‘s comics that I’ve read. The first being The Curse Of The Wendigo, which I really enjoyed. I missed last week’s releases for some reason, but I was eager to jump in to another of the publisher’s offerings. Now, I’m not normally a sci-fi fan; I tend to avoid most stories set in the future, or space, regardless of the medium that they’re being told in. When I started reading Husk #1: Monkey Brain 1/2 I was well aware that I was doing so with a large amount of bias toward the genre. The first half of the comic didn’t really strike my fancy; I felt somewhat lost among the biomech suits – even if I did like the way they were presented – and was ready to stop reading the comic and start on something else.

I’m glad I kept going.

The second half of the comic is intensely an character driven chapter that delves into the mental state of one of the biomech pilots. For me, it was worth reading the entire comic for, and then some. Frederic L’Homme has written a comic book that starts off as a slow burn but becomes an absolutely brilliant comic book. Armand Boudoroin capture the biomechanical suits with an almost hauntingly graceful style; and I’m saying this fully admitting that Husk #1: Monkey Brain 1/2 was a comic that I was going to avoid based solely on the synopsis.

I’m glad I decided to look past my bias when reading this, but even more so that I read it all the way through. Husk #1 may not be the kind of story you would regularly read on face value, but don’t let that stop you from picking this comic up (of course, if you’re a huge fan of sci-fi then Husk #1 may be right up your alley, in which case add a point to the score).

Script: Frederic L’Homme Art: Armand Boudoroin Colors: Armand Boudoroin and KNEES
Story: 6.75 Art: 7.5 Overall: 7 Recommendation: Read

Delcourt provided Graphic Policy a FREE copy for review

Review: The Curse Of The Wendigo

wendigoComiXology was invaded by the French comic book industry on Monday.

More than a hundred and fifty English language translations of the original French comics published by the Delcourt Group will be released as digital first comics exclusively on ComiXology over the next twelve months, and this week the first batch of comics were released. Curse Of The Wendigo, Come Prima, Iron Squad, Spin Angels, Promethee,  and Josephine.

Although I haven’t read the other five comics released yet, I did check out Curse of The Wendigo. Illustrated by Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead) and written by Matthieu Missoffe, Curse Of The Wendigo is a two part story, with the second issue due out next month, set during The First World War, in July of 1917.

What threat could possibly drive the French and German  armies to work together to fight? Well if you’ve read the title of the comic, you probably have a very good idea of what that threat will be. Curse Of The Wendigo does an excellent job of touching on the military tensions between the two nations, never throwing it directly into your face and yet never understating what would be a far from easy relationship between opposing armies.

Amongst the tensions you have Wohtai, one of 12,000 Native America soldiers active in the First World War, and the only man who knows what it is they must confront.  The characterization of the soldiers in the trenches is done very well, and nothing that they do during the comic seems out of character for them; after a second read of the comic, I felt I had a very good understanding of the soldiers, which is a testament to Matthieu Missoffe’s excellent writing. If you’ve ever seen any of Charlie Adlard’s artwork from The Walking Dead, then you know what to expect here. It’s very solid, and really conveys the general misery and gloominess of being in the trenches during the First World War, especially when coupled with Aurore Folny’s colouring. 

As the first comic that I’ve ever read from the Delcourt Group, Curse Of The Wendigo is an excellent introduction to the publisher’s comics, and having never read anything by the Delcourt Group before, I’m eagerly looking forward to the second part of this story, and I can’t wait to get a chance to check out the publisher’s other releases. 

This is an invasion that will only enrich comic book readers lives in North America.

Script: Matthieu Missoffe Art: Charlie Adlard Colours: Aurore Folny
Story: 8.50 Art: 8.75 Overall: 8.75 Recommendation: Buy

The Delcourt Group provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Also published on Ramblings Of A Comics Fan

Delcourt Group Debuts In English On ComiXology

comixology small imageDelcourt Group, the leading independent comic book publisher in France, took a big step in their global expansion today with the debut of an exclusive line of English language digital-first comics on comiXology. This major publishing program premieres this month with three of the bestselling titles published in France, including The Curse of the Wendigo, which was illustrated by artist Charlie Adlard, best known for his collaboration with Robert Kirkman on The Walking Dead, and Come Prima by Alfred, the graphic novel which won the Prix du Meilleur Album at the 2014 Angoulême International Comics Festival. Announced in advance of San Diego Comic Con 2015, the initiative calls for more than 150 acclaimed Delcourt titles to be published over the next 12 months exclusively through comiXology.

This digital-first exclusive marks the first time that Delcourt will be making its content directly available to the English language market. The Delcourt Group comprises three publishing entities – Editions Delcourt, Editions Soleil and Tonkam – making the company the largest independent graphic novel publisher in France and the second largest in France by market share.

Some of the Delcourt titles will also include original material from major comic book creators, with new covers by Andrea Sorentino, Matteo Scalera and Mahmud Asrar and introductions by legendary U.S. creators Mark Waid, Jeff Smith and Terry Moore.

Iron SquadComiXology and Delcourt Group have a long history of working together. In January of 2013, Delcourt was one of the initial publishers to launch French language content on the comiXology platform – the first step in comiXology’s European language initiative.

The Curse of the Wendigo written by Mathieu Missoffe and illustrated by Charlie Adlard will be published in two monthly installments, beginning July 6.

What creature is dangerous enough to unite the French and German troops in July of 1917? Only one man knows: Wohati, one of the 12,000 Native Americans in the U.S. Army. Wohati must lead two warring sides to solve the mystery of the Wendigo, for he alone understands the horror of what’s out there waiting for them.

Iron Squad co-created and written by Jean-Luc Sala and illustrated by Ronan Toulhoat includes a comiXology exclusive cover for issue 1 by Matteo Scalera. That comic will be published in ongoing monthly installments, beginning July 6.

What if new technology in 1944 turned the course of World War II and led the Germans to victory?

JosephineJosephine created, written and illustrated by Pénélope Bagieu will be published in ongoing monthly installments, beginning July 6.

Cartoonist and blogger Pénélope Bagieu tells the story of Josephine, featuring professional relationships gone awry, a series of faux pas, and many a failed romance.

Prométhée created, written and illustrated by Chrisopher Bec is to be published in ongoing monthly installments, beginning July 6. It will include a preface by bestselling writer Mark Waid. It will also have a comiXology exclusive cover for issue 2 by Andrea Sorentino.

What happened on September 21, 2019 at 1:13 PM can never be explained. And then, for 13 consecutive days, another unexplainable phenomenon occurs… every day at exactly 1:13 PM.  Prométhéeis a mind-bending science fiction story written and drawn by Chrisopher Bec that recalls Lost and the very best science fiction.

Spin AngelsSpin Angels co-created and written by Jean-Luc Sala and illustrated by Pierre-Mony Chan and is to be published in ongoing monthly installments, beginning July 6.

The bestselling, action-filled Spin Angels series features a Catholic Church Cardinal who runs a black-ops group of spies, and the mafia godfather who puts his very best hitman in service of the Vatican in order to settle a debt.

Graphic novels include Come Prima created, written and drawn by Alfred, to be published on July 6.

With his award winning graphic novel Come Prima, Alfred (Why I Killed Peter) has created a poignant homage to Italian cinema and a surprising story about two brothers who hit the road following their father’s death.

Upcoming titles include The Call of the Stryx created by Corbeyran and Richard Guérineau

The mysterious creatures known only as the Stryx have infiltrated the most powerful political office.

Elves created by Jean-Luc Istin and Kyko Duarte debuts July 17.

Preface by Terry Moore.

All of the inhabitants of the Ennlya are dead. Are the humans or the blue elf Vaalann responsible?

Hauteville House created by Fred Duval and Thierry Gioux, with art by Christophe Quet will debut July 17. It will include a comiXology exclusive cover for issue 1 by Mahmud Asrar.

The 19th century: a times of heroes without fear living great adventures.

Over 700 Delcourt Group Titles Now On ComiXology

delcourtOver 700 French language titles from Delcourt Group (Editions Delcourt, Soleil Productions & Tonkam) are now available in the U.S. and Canada through comiXology, the leading platform for digital comics. This release of French language comics, and Bande Dessinée for the US and Canada is something no comics fan will want to to miss.

Whether you speak French yourself, have been looking for a fun way to learn, or are just curious, visit comixology.com today to see all of their latest French language content!

Delcourt Group, the 2nd largest publisher in France, now features on comiXology a library of over 700 titles including popular French Language series such as Lanfeust, Trolls de Troy, Les Légendaires, La Rose Écarlate, Noob, Prométhée, Le Chant des Stryges and many more.

American comics fans can also rejoice knowing that French language versions of hit series like Criminal, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century, Chew and more are also available now.

The expansion into France started this past January, when comiXology announced the formation of comiXology Europe, a division headquartered in Paris, France. Since then comiXology has signed more than 40% of French comic publisher in France, including Aelement Comics, Akileos, Ankama, Éditions Ça et Là, Glénat, I Can Fly, Indeez Urban Éditions, Panini & more.

Delcourt Group and ComiXology Sign Digital Deal

During the Angoulême International Comic Book Festival, Delcourt Group, the leading independent comic book group on the French market, announced its agreement to distribute its catalog on digital through comiXology. ComiXology recently announced it’s plans to open a new office in Paris, France.

To celebrate the announcement, comiXology has released an updated version of its popular Walking Dead iOS app that not only includes a French language interface but also all of Delcourt’s previously published French language collected editions – including the 17th volume that Delcourt just released on January 30th. All 17 French language volumes of The Walking Dead will also be available for purchase across comiXology’s entire platform in certain European markets with plans to expand worldwide shortly.

The entire catalog of digital Editions Delcourt and Soleil (600 titles currently 1200 to end of 2013) will be progressively online in the first half of 2013 throughout the comiXology platform. ComiXology and Delcourt also plan to launch an application dedicated to Lanfeust of Troy and other Arleston series attached to this universe.

This agreement is part of a strategic approach, for each partner: an international push for comiXology and a sustained growth in the digital world for the Delcourt Group.