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Preview: Rom & The Micronauts #5 (of 5)

Rom & The Micronauts #5 (of 5)

Christos Gage (w) • Paolo Villanelli (a & cover a) • Corey Lewis (cover b)

Gods and Monsters! The epic conclusion to the Wraith Goddess saga! As the Dire Wraiths use Microspace technology to finally awaken their dark goddess, it’s up to Rom and the Micronauts to stop them! But will they be able to defeat Baron Karza’s machinations and newly enhanced Wraiths before she arrives on Earth?

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Indie Breakout Hit Sun Bakery Gets Paperback Collection, New Arc this August

Fan-favorite cartoonist Corey “Reyyy” Lewis will collect the first arc of his one-man comics anthology Sun Bakery in paperback, as well as launch a new story arc, this August.

Two new series kick off in this new arc: Soul of Sharknife, the long-awaited return of indie comics superhero Sharknife in a brand-new adventure; and Freeze, a fantastical breakdancing battle. Plus, Bat Rider continues his supernatural skateboarding adventure, and more micro comics abound in Sun Bakery #5.

Sun Bakery #5 (Diamond code: APR170893) hits comic book stores Wednesday, August 2nd. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, July 10th.

Sun Bakery: Fresh Collection (Diamond code: JUN170708, ISBN: 9781534304352) hits comic book stores Wednesday, August 30th and bookstores Tuesday, September 5th. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, July 10th.

Sold-out indie hit Sun Bakery returns this February through Image Comics

Indie phenom Corey Lewis will bring his comics anthology Sun Bakery to Image Comics this February as an ongoing project.

The Sun Bakery comics anthology features the following stories: “Dream Skills,” set in a city where guns are obsolete and the social culture is swordplay; “Arem,” the tale of a space adventurer on a quest to photograph the most beautiful galactic vistas; and “Bat Rider,” a supernatural skateboarding comic.

Sun Bakery #1 hits comic book stores Wednesday, February 22nd.


Around the Tubes

libbys_20dad_20cover_20small_originalIt’s new comic book day! What’s everyone looking forward to? What are you buying? Sound off in the comments below!

While you wait for shops to open, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web.

Around the Tubes

Kotaku – From Gold Farming To Gamergate, The Gaming Ties Of Donald Trump’s White House – An interesting read.

Smash Pages – Corey Lewis’ ‘Sun Bakery’ anthology moves to Image Comics – Very interesting.


Around the Tubes Reviews

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Preview: Deviations: In a World…Where Everything Changed

Deviations: In a World…Where Everything Changed

Kelly Thompson, Paul Allor, Tom Waltz, Brandon Easton, Amy Chu (w) • Nelson Daniel, Corey Lewis, Zach Howard, Priscilla Tramontano, Elena Casagrande & Silvia Califano (a) • Nelson Daniel (c)

What if the Ghostbusters never crossed streams to save New York?? What if Shredder was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ sensei?! Find out the answers to these questions and more as IDW presents Deviations, a special event series featuring alternate takes on some of your favorite books including Ghostbusters, Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The X-Files, and G.I. JOE!

TPB • FC • $19.99 • 136 pages • ISBN: 978-1-63140-675-1


Review: Sun Bakery #1

Sun Bakery #1You can call me biased, cause I’ve been reading Corey Lewis’ stuff for a few years now and absolutely love it. So of course I follow him on social media so that I can see his works in progress, these glimpses of what he’s working on means knowing about Sun Bakery for a few months and being even more excited to find a copy in the advance reviews available for Graphic Policy! Like I’m not sure I can even pretend to be unbiased here, so I just want to make sure you start reading the Reyyyyy’s comix any chance you get! Seriously, he’s got a G.I. Joe book coming out, and one thing Corey draws better than anyone else around, is ninja stuff, Snake Eyes looks killer. No seriously, go look…. Lolzzz. That’s a grape dude with a sword, for reals here’s Snake Eyes oh what? That’s like post-apocalyptic Snake Eyes? Well, guess what, maybe it is I dunno! This isn’t a G.I. Joe Review, this is all about Sun Bakery fools! It’s 52 pages of three different stories, Dream Skills, Arem and Bat Rider. Previews World calls it a one-man Shonen Jump. But that don’t do it justice, as I will explain!!!

But if you’re like me, well, probably you’re not and maybe you’ll hate me for this, but I have never made it through an entire issue of Shonen Jump! I can’t do it! Sorry Shonen Jump fans, I love Dragon Ball and love Naruto even though I can’t follow it. Death Note has gotta be one of the best manga and anime ever to come out of such an off the wall concept. Still, have you noticed how freakin big Shonen Jump issues are? Each issue is like nine hundred pages of manga, all in grey scale, that’s like fifty pages from twenty different stories every month! I just can’t do it, I sold all my old paper issues cause every time I saw them I felt guilty. Never fear here tho, this is just right and it offers some nice relaxed colors on some of the stories. Don’t get me wrong, I love black and white art, love grey scale, love manga, just, well, I like colors too, and Corey has got a fine eye for color.

Sun Bakery 1That, that’s from Corey’s twitter feed, and look I forgot that there’s also the Seedless comic, that grape dude I tricked you with earlier, there’s like a few pages of that too, see, I’m basically just trying to get you to follow Corey wherever he is on this internetz, go read his books, make you comic shop order them or go to his site reyyy.com he’s got a Patreon thing too, so you can grab stuff that’s unseen or maybe nekkid stuff if you want. Listen, just go get this stuff. Cause it’s filled with ninjas, crazy hi-tech sword, sweet looking anime styled babes & dudes, robots, Metroid inspired comix (yeah, Arem starterd as metroid fan-art and then turned into this sorta modern day social media commentary exploration comic, I wanna see what happens) and grape dudes. Oh, also, Sharknife, lots more better people than me could tell you to read Sharknife, like Warren Ellis or you could see that I wrote my first gushing review on Amazon years ago too, (not an affiliate link, like I’m not trying to run you down for cash here) I’m just happy to see dude keep leveling up! Here, this is more stuff from his twitter feed! GET THIS!

Sun Bakery 2Graphic Policy was provided with a free preview copy of Sun Bakery #1 this is added in just for ethics in comics journalism sake yo!

Story: Corey Lewis Art: Corey Lewis Alternate Cover: Paul Pope & Jim Mahfood

Preview: G.I. JOE Deviations One-Shot

G.I. JOE Deviations One-Shot

Paul Allor (w) • Corey Lewis (a & c)

In a world… where COBRA rules the planet! COBRA COMMANDER’s forces have won, the entire planet Earth now submits to COBRA rule… but the burdens of ruling over billions of people make COBRA COMMANDER anxious to the good old days. And he decides there’s just one group that can bring chaos back to this totalitarian order: G.I. JOE!

FC • 40 pages • $4.99


IDW Explores Alternate Timelines with Deviations

IDW DeviationsIn a world where the Ghostbusters never crossed streams to save New York… In a world where Shredder was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ sensei… In a world where all your expectations are turned upside down—welcome to the world of Deviations, a weekly event series featuring alternate takes on some of IDW Publishing’s most popular books!

Starting with the Ghostbusters, readers will be taken to alternate realities of some of the most iconic heroes in comics with weekly one-shots that each highlight a different series. G.I. JOE will follow in the second week, exploring what would happen if COBRA finally won. The Transformers comes next, looking at what the implications would be if Optimus Prime never died! Then, in X-Files Deviations, having been abducted by aliens, Fox Mulder never returned… and finally, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one-shot will round out the event.

Both new and familiar faces will make their mark on this warped series as newcomers to the titles join fan-favorite creators!

  • In Ghostbusters Deviations, Kelly Thompson teams up with artist Nelson Daniel.
  • Paul Allor returns to G.I. Joe, with artwork by Corey Lewis.
  • Transformers Deviations welcomes Brandon Easton alongside Transformers: Robots in Disguise artist Priscilla Tramontano.
  • Amy Chu explores The X-Files alongside Elena Casagrande and Silvia Califano on art.
  • Finally Tom Waltz leads Zach Howard into the sewers for the TMNT Deviations.

Look for all five Deviations in your comic shop and online every week in March!

Preview – Sharknife Vol. 2: Sharknife ZZ


Writer/Artist: Corey Lewis
Format: 5” x 7 7/16” Softcover, Black and White
Page Count: 168
Price: $11.99
Genre: Action/Comedy/Fighting
Age Rating: All Audiences!
ISBN: 978-1-932664-27-0
RELEASE DATE: March 28, 2012

The book you were waiting for! Is! Finally! Here! Caesar is just a busboy at the an Asian seafood restaurant, until that is, he eats one of the Guandong Factory’s famous magic fortune cookies—then he’s transformed into the astounding warrior, Sharknife, defender of delicacies and destroyer of dessert-interrupting monsters! It’s big action, big monsters, and big attitude in this big sequel from the Rey!