Review: Sun Bakery #1

Sun Bakery #1You can call me biased, cause I’ve been reading Corey Lewis’ stuff for a few years now and absolutely love it. So of course I follow him on social media so that I can see his works in progress, these glimpses of what he’s working on means knowing about Sun Bakery for a few months and being even more excited to find a copy in the advance reviews available for Graphic Policy! Like I’m not sure I can even pretend to be unbiased here, so I just want to make sure you start reading the Reyyyyy’s comix any chance you get! Seriously, he’s got a G.I. Joe book coming out, and one thing Corey draws better than anyone else around, is ninja stuff, Snake Eyes looks killer. No seriously, go look…. Lolzzz. That’s a grape dude with a sword, for reals here’s Snake Eyes oh what? That’s like post-apocalyptic Snake Eyes? Well, guess what, maybe it is I dunno! This isn’t a G.I. Joe Review, this is all about Sun Bakery fools! It’s 52 pages of three different stories, Dream Skills, Arem and Bat Rider. Previews World calls it a one-man Shonen Jump. But that don’t do it justice, as I will explain!!!

But if you’re like me, well, probably you’re not and maybe you’ll hate me for this, but I have never made it through an entire issue of Shonen Jump! I can’t do it! Sorry Shonen Jump fans, I love Dragon Ball and love Naruto even though I can’t follow it. Death Note has gotta be one of the best manga and anime ever to come out of such an off the wall concept. Still, have you noticed how freakin big Shonen Jump issues are? Each issue is like nine hundred pages of manga, all in grey scale, that’s like fifty pages from twenty different stories every month! I just can’t do it, I sold all my old paper issues cause every time I saw them I felt guilty. Never fear here tho, this is just right and it offers some nice relaxed colors on some of the stories. Don’t get me wrong, I love black and white art, love grey scale, love manga, just, well, I like colors too, and Corey has got a fine eye for color.

Sun Bakery 1That, that’s from Corey’s twitter feed, and look I forgot that there’s also the Seedless comic, that grape dude I tricked you with earlier, there’s like a few pages of that too, see, I’m basically just trying to get you to follow Corey wherever he is on this internetz, go read his books, make you comic shop order them or go to his site he’s got a Patreon thing too, so you can grab stuff that’s unseen or maybe nekkid stuff if you want. Listen, just go get this stuff. Cause it’s filled with ninjas, crazy hi-tech sword, sweet looking anime styled babes & dudes, robots, Metroid inspired comix (yeah, Arem starterd as metroid fan-art and then turned into this sorta modern day social media commentary exploration comic, I wanna see what happens) and grape dudes. Oh, also, Sharknife, lots more better people than me could tell you to read Sharknife, like Warren Ellis or you could see that I wrote my first gushing review on Amazon years ago too, (not an affiliate link, like I’m not trying to run you down for cash here) I’m just happy to see dude keep leveling up! Here, this is more stuff from his twitter feed! GET THIS!

Sun Bakery 2Graphic Policy was provided with a free preview copy of Sun Bakery #1 this is added in just for ethics in comics journalism sake yo!

Story: Corey Lewis Art: Corey Lewis Alternate Cover: Paul Pope & Jim Mahfood