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Chapterhouse becomes Comic House under Lev Gleason Publications

Silver Streak Season 1 Issue 1

More than a half-century after Lev Gleason Publications closed its doors, Lev Gleason Incorporated has launched with four new imprints inspired by the legendary publisher: Comic House, Comic House Archives, Lev Gleason Library, and New Friday. Distribution is managed through Diamond Comics, Diamond Books, and Ingram Content Group

The renewed effort began in 2020 with American Daredevil‘s release, the first-ever full-length biography of Lev Gleason published by Chapterhouse Publishing. Brett Dakin, Gleason’s great-nephew, opened up the family archives—and the FBI’s files—to take the reader on a journey through the publisher’s life and career. Released to great acclaim, American Daredevil revealed the truth about Gleason’s rapid rise to the top of comics and unapologetic progressive activism.

In a nod to one of Lev Gleason’s first ventures, Comic House has launched, which will see five years of existing Chapterhouse superhero properties integrated with reboots of beloved Lev Gleason characters like Silver Streak, Crimebuster, and Daredevil. At the center of Comic House will be a monthly 80-page anthology title—Lev Gleason Presents, a home for the entire universe. The first issue of the series will feature Silver Streak Issue One along with continuing Captain Canuck and Freelance stories and be available on comic store shelves worldwide in April 2021.

As well as the ongoing effort of restoring and publishing the complete catalog of Richard Comely‘s Captain Canuck and other universe properties, the new Comic House Archives is dedicated to collecting and restoring for print publication the entirety of the Lev Gleason line of books, beginning with its superhero archives. While this long-term project will take considerable time, they are committed to providing the digitally restored collections available for free on their website.

Inspired by Lev Gleason’s imprint of the same name, the Lev Gleason Library is a new home for works of prose. Death Takes Centre Stage featuring Daredevil by D.K. Latta will launch the imprint in April 2021.

Finally, as an homage to another of Lev Gleason’s early companies, we have launched New Friday, a home for creator-owned books. This independently curated imprint will kick off with the Michaud BrothersHΩME Volume 1, available now; upcoming titles include Minerva’s Map by Stefan Tosheff, Celery Stalks Volume 1 by Pat Rooks, the complete Scratcher by John Ward, and Frogboy by John Burgin.

Review: Space Pop #1

Space Pop #1

Within the Game Of Thrones universe, it was always interesting to watch the dynamics between the houses. We found out long-festering feuds and bitter alliances, that was only forged for political gains. What was even more entertaining was the family dynamics within each house, as we found out for the most part, except for the Targaryen house, how they came to be. As each family’s dynamics had modern-day models that we all saw ourselves in.

The characters that really made me curious were the black sheep of each family. Everyone can say the most flawed character was Jon Snow as his honor often betrayed him. The one character, who was exiled from his family, but fought with honor to the very end, was Jorah Mormont. In the debut issue of Space Pop, we find an exiled noble whose job much like Jon and Jorah, is one where heroism is something these men just have.

We meet a spaceship crew, who all hate each other, as most of them are teenagers and are different alien species. As the crew is hired for a job which none of them can agree on which plan to deploy and resident diva, Rosalina, wants to use a more incognito direction, while the captain and the legacy holder Joshua, decides for a more flashy style of doing the job. As the job turns out to be more than they expected, as a whole slew of new problems pop up, leaving the crew at a disadvantage. By issues end, Joshua gets in trouble with the local magistrate and a behemoth of a problem.

Overall, a fun introduction to these characters and this world. The story by Corey Van Mikkell is exciting and funny. The art by Sebastian Riera is beautiful. Altogether, an excellent story that looks to add to the pantheon of space heist crews.

Story: Corey Van Mikkell Art: Sebastian Riera
Story: 9.3 Art: 9.5 Overall: 9.66 Recommendation: Buy