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Review: Space Pop #1

Space Pop #1

Within the Game Of Thrones universe, it was always interesting to watch the dynamics between the houses. We found out long-festering feuds and bitter alliances, that was only forged for political gains. What was even more entertaining was the family dynamics within each house, as we found out for the most part, except for the Targaryen house, how they came to be. As each family’s dynamics had modern-day models that we all saw ourselves in.

The characters that really made me curious were the black sheep of each family. Everyone can say the most flawed character was Jon Snow as his honor often betrayed him. The one character, who was exiled from his family, but fought with honor to the very end, was Jorah Mormont. In the debut issue of Space Pop, we find an exiled noble whose job much like Jon and Jorah, is one where heroism is something these men just have.

We meet a spaceship crew, who all hate each other, as most of them are teenagers and are different alien species. As the crew is hired for a job which none of them can agree on which plan to deploy and resident diva, Rosalina, wants to use a more incognito direction, while the captain and the legacy holder Joshua, decides for a more flashy style of doing the job. As the job turns out to be more than they expected, as a whole slew of new problems pop up, leaving the crew at a disadvantage. By issues end, Joshua gets in trouble with the local magistrate and a behemoth of a problem.

Overall, a fun introduction to these characters and this world. The story by Corey Van Mikkell is exciting and funny. The art by Sebastian Riera is beautiful. Altogether, an excellent story that looks to add to the pantheon of space heist crews.

Story: Corey Van Mikkell Art: Sebastian Riera
Story: 9.3 Art: 9.5 Overall: 9.66 Recommendation: Buy

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