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It was new comic day yesterday! What’d you all get? What’d you like? What’d you dislike? Sound off in the comments below! While you think about that, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

DC Comics – Super Here For…the Politics of Superman – Really interesting read and post by DC.

CBR – Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Canceled at Netflix – This doesn’t surprise us. The PR push to us was rather limited.

Book Riot – Giant-Size X-Men #1: Iconic and Racist AF – They’re not wrong.

ICv2 – Diamond Companies Received $5-$10M+ in PPP Loans – Well now you know.

ICv2 – Genius Brands Acquires Control of Stan Lee IP – Interesting….


Comics Bulletin – Ash & Thorn
Comic Attack – Excellence #8

Review: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina “Chapter Twenty-Eight: Sabrina is Legend” S3E8


We’ve come to the end of our journey and to catch you up on the key bits of what happened leading up to this point.

(This review is spoiler heavy but, I won’t give away the full ending)


Agatha went crazy thanks to Pan and killed Dorcas causing Prudence to kill her to save herself but, it didn’t matter because Blackwood snuck up behind her and killed her.

Priestess Marie stood guard over Zelda while she saw her actual dead and realizes that now isn’t the time and her brother Edward showed Zelda how to regain the covens strength but, it didn’t matter because Faustus was waiting for her when she came to and stabbed her in the chest.

Ambrose is hunting Blackwood with all the rage of a man who has lost almost everything.

The carnival pagans have captured their virgin sacrifice and are about to bring Greendale and the world to heel.

Caliban has the coins and tricked Sabrina, trapped her in the walls of a volcano in hell and stole the throne of hell.

Theo lost her first love because once the carnival pagans caught them, they killed him for his betrayal and are forcing Theo and Roz to watch as the tree drains Harvey and brings the green god to life.

WHAT HAPPENS NOW: The episode opens with Ambrose explaining what has happened since Sabrina was encased in the volcano. The Pagans won, beat back Caliban on his crusade to make earth the tenth circle. And, we find Sabrina in a time loop where she needs to get the Unholy Regalia but, hell has been abandoned and Caliban was destroyed by the archangel Michael. Sabrina has regained her full power after swapping places with her future self and is able to rule an empty, except for Judas, Pilate and Herod who she quickly brings to heel and that’s just the beginning!

WHAT WORKED: Sabrina’s very real pain, expertly acted and believably written, while she picks herself up after seeing what has become of Greendale and tries to figure out how to save all that she loves. The story in this episode is emotional, intense and rings true with sincerity beaming from every scene, word, and actor. There is minimal camp and more dark drama and it sets the stage for a fitting end to this season.

I also liked that Harvey got to wait until HE was ready to lose his virginity and they didn’t make a big deal out of it, body autonomy and consent is for everyone.

BEST MOMENTS: Watching the pagans bullshit fall apart when they swapped their virgin sacrifice for the witch who makes green things barren, Pesta, the witch of pestilence and killed the plant god.

Roz saved Harvey from a gorgon!

Hilda got mad! You wouldn’t like Hilda when she’s mad, I mean I loved her mad but, Circe wasn’t ready for it.

Prudence killed a whole damn god with the sword she’s been wanting to use this whole season.

Hilda gets the love of her life back and Zelda finds love with Priestess Marie and I’m here for all of the love!

Sabrina goes home AND stays in hell as queen because there’s future Sabrina and present Sabrina, who says a girl can’t have it all.

EPISODE’S MVP: Every witch on the screen that we met, were on some rise of fall together, sisters are doing it for themselves, badass magic and they kicked all the ass and I loved every moment of it. With a special mention to Zelda who woke up from the netherworld and WOKE UP, she slayed the patriarchy, got her sister back from the dead, helped put the town to sleep, figured out how to save the coven, stopped seeing other women as competition and became the unbothered and unfuckwitable role model we have been waiting for her to be for three seasons.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This episode, hands down was the best episode of the series, not the season but, of all the seasons and episodes Sabrina has had. The callbacks to previous episodes in this season and all the seasons was a well-crafted piece of cinematic magic. Everything that happened in these past three seasons has led up to this and it was worth it to see the show grow from campy fun time guilty pleasure to mature dark drama thriller and it was wonderful to watch Sabrina go on this magical do-over to find her path. The ride or die friends are family fight together love that binds them all was beautiful and watching Zelda pull all the magic in the world and taking her power back to fight the pagans and bring her sister back from the death itself. This episode is everything you have ever wanted in an episode of a supernatural show and I am all the way here for it.

Overall: 9.2

Review: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina “Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Judas Kiss” S3E7


In the first five minutes of The Judas Kiss Sabrina finds Zelda’s dying body in the foyer and Ambrose calls for reinforcements in the form of Prudence who brings her newfound voodoo queen Marie along to help and banshee wails in the front yard. Madame Satan has separated Blackwood from Lucifer in exchange for him getting her pregnant with a male heir and Blackwood getting the mark of Cain. Lucifer sets out to fix the mess Sabrina made in hell while the Carnival Pagans ready themselves for their green god to return and Blackwood decides to join them in exchange for revenge against the witches.

WHAT WORKED: Theo and Robin’s organic relationship is sweet and refreshing, he accepts him as he is and Theo deserves it, even if Robin is a hobgoblin. Having Sabrina keep true to the character and choosing to go toe to toe with Vlad the Impaler instead of betraying her bestie Roz was touching.

UNHOLY CRAP: While Theo and Robin do the deed so that he can’t be sacrificed as he is no longer a virgin, Harvey’s safety might be in jeopardy when Roz sees Sabrina as they try to get down, causing Harvey to come clean.

Lucifer shows up in hell and starts cracking necks, literally, until he finds out of the quest for the unholy regalia has begun and he is going to need to put his powers into helping her if he wants to keep his throne.

Robin was not kidding when he said that hobgoblins were fast and when he showed up to save Theo and his friends, I almost cried and when Roz knew how to get ahold of Sabrina because she’s her best friend was next level beautiful sisterhood.


“Consent. It’s real!” – Sabrina to Vlad the Impaler as he chokes on her half celestial blood when he tries to drain her blood in his tomb. Yes, sis! YES!



The Spellman Family reunited in the netherworld, Edward included and getting a taste of what their dynamic was like, helping Zelda come to terms with who she is and find out the truth of who Edward was.

Sabrina using the Ravenettes cheer squad to cast a spell to reenergize the coven by having then performed to “Oh, Mickey” while the coven chants in the background which gives the coven just enough juice to transport the coven to hell and the cheerleaders back to Baxter High just as Blackwood bursts through the doors.

EPISODE’S MVP: Ambrose is devoted, kind, intelligent and a force to be reckoned with. He always works in the shadows, never taking the glory but, happy to fight for who he loves and guide them on their quests. His selflessness is the stuff that heroes are made of and with all the actual hell breaking loose in The Judas Kiss this makes him this episode MVP.

Overall: 8.2

Review: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina “Chapter Twenty-Six: All of Them Witches” S3E6

episode 6

In keeping with the Odysseus story, Circe turned the towns jocks into pigs who are being held in Theo’s barn, which made Robin come clean about who he really is and Sabrina and Ambrose figured out a way to lure the Dark Lord’s residue out of Nick and use it to help the coven, which was a hell of way to leave things but, gave us so many juicy things to look forward to in All of Them Witches. Things are still tense between Nick and Sabrina and he’s still going it solo and wanting Sabrina to do the same and the witches that the covens transmission summoned is right pissed, which is where this episode picked up.

Zelda tries to convince the fringe witches to join their cause and save the Academy and what’s left of the coven from the wrath of Pan. Hilda tries to enjoy her last days a human witch with her fiance, Sabrina is trying to deal with her heartbreak over the Nick break up while engaging in final death with Caliban for the final piece of the Unholy Regalia while Madam Satan starts to get weird gifts from Lucifer marking his return for revenge.

WHAT WORKED: The sisterhood coming together to banish a bigger threat, the Pagans, and the old gods. Prudence showing compassion to Sabrina and offering a cord-cutting spell to rid Sabrina of her pain and challenging her to figure out what SHE wants instead of harping on the past with Nick.

WHAT I LIKED: Caliban coming through in the clutch to offer to help Sabrina and them having a moment as he lays out his plan to rule hell together by taking turning Earth into the Tenth Circle of Hell off the table. Sabrina and Caliban have a lot in common and I like their banter, I don’t think they belong together because Sabrina seems to need time to find herself but, it’s nice to have it on the table.

Prudence standing up for diversity and championing the black witch. It kind of felt like an ode to how white feminism works and excludes women of color and invalidates what they bring to the table and keeps the divide going that keeps us all down, witch or no witch, it’s the same story,  different battle and it always needs to be addressed because until witches, or women, get on the same page we/they will continue to fail.

WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE: Sabrina making a play for Harvey, not for a moral reason, do you but, for the fact that it’s a girl code violation of the highest order.

BEST MOMENT: Hilda and her beloved doing Sweeney Todd musical numbers were adorable and then she turned into a spider. There were a few things that happen in the interim before we go back to them but when we do and the initial shock has worn off Mr. Cee is just as all in for love as he ever was, human-sized spider body and all and it is pure, beautiful and everything!

EPISODE’S MVP: Gryla, I have loved her since the Christmas episode, she’s the epitome of every exhausted mother and I love for her no-fucks-to-give attitude. She loves her ghost children even though they’re mischievous and she’s a badass. Whenever she shows up, all other witches are irrelevant.

Overall: 8.1

Review: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – “Chapter Twenty-Five: The Devil Within” S3E5


When the credits rolled on the last episode Nick got high and drunk, freed the Dark Lord and passed out all while the Pagans were at the gates of the Academy giving the witches a three-day ultimatum to join them or die and leaving the gift of a turned to stone Dorcas and an even more insane Agatha. So needless to say, things aren’t going well when The Devil Within starts, Nick is about to do a one day detox to get all of the stuff he’s taken out of his system so that he can fight and the council shows up at the Academy with the second challenge in the Unholy Regalia which might give to coven a fighting chance at defeating the Pagans.

WHAT WORKED: Theo’s very real talk with Robin about her transitioning and spending time with him and trying to get to know him better, which might actually help them in the long run because he doesn’t seem to believe in their Pagan ways anymore. The Devil playing on Harvey’s insecurities and causing him to make rash decisions which are dangerous because the male ego is one hell of a drug.


Hilda realizes she’s been hexed to an arachnid existence.

Ambrose and Prudence think that an underground Stonehenge is the way to Dorcas from her stone life and possibly help the coven.

The Pagans trick a couple of teenage witches into becoming their sacrifice to the old gods.

Sabrina makes a play for Pilates Bowl in Golgotha.

Lucifer is acting like a spoiled brat and proving that The Devil’s Advocate was right, in his current willingness to let the whole coven die and let the old gods take over to spite them, Pride is the greatest sin.

BEST MOMENT: Sabrina realizing that everything isn’t always about what she wants and she has to consider the effects of her actions on others when hell’s council shows up at the Academy to issue their next challenge.


EPISODE’S MVP: Prudence. In order to determine what happened to her sister Agatha, she went into her brain and tried to pull her back from the brink of insanity at great danger to her own mind. If she hadn’t done that, she never would have learned that they were dealing with the actual god Pan and the coven would have been very unprepared for their battle with pagans. For being ride or die for her family and coven, sounding the alarm and stopping a deranged Agatha from seeking “revenge” without killing her, even after she stops them from sending a warning SOS to the fringe witches. Prudence balances strength, determination, and compassion all in under an hour, making her this episodes MVP!

Overall: 7.2

Review: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – “Chapter Twenty-Four: The Hare Moon” S3E4


Roz and Harvey get closer while his dad strikes up a relationship with the carnivals snake charmer, Nick is dealing with his Lucifer body sharing trauma by drinking and sexing his days away. Sabrina’s aunts find out that she’s the queen of hell and send her and Ambrose to get their covens power back. Theo, Roz, and Harvey sneak off to the carnival to figure out what is going on but, with Robyn working as a double agent feeding intel back to his pagan family the residents of Greendale might be in over their heads.

WHAT WORKED: The realness of Nick’s pain was well written and superbly acted. The way that he dealt with his trauma, lack of body and soul autonomy and violation felt real and watching him go on his journey to heal or burn away /forget the pain felt genuine.

SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES: A visit to the seers’ tent at the carnival gives Roz some kind of magical flu, complete with shivers and a chill and she is going to need Sabrina’s help to get squared away, except with the covens powers waning, she might not be able to help in time.

While trying to do a celestial bath and restore their powers, the coven comes face to face with the pagans who are celebrating a feast day of their own and it gets hella awkward when their traditions combine.

Dorian might be low key addicted to angel blood which might cause problems for everyone in Greendale and the Academy with the Carnival Pagans in town. 

Agatha and Dorcas get lost in the wood while trying to make peace with the pagans and since this episode is the halfway point of the season, we know it’s only a matter of time before things go bad, before getting worse.

The Pagans SWALLOWED the moon, broke into the academy and left bread baskets by the bed and snakes IN the beds and are keeping a clay Roz in one of the carnival tents and that’s not half of it!

BEST MOMENT: The Spellman family witches try a spell to conjure rain to get rid of the pagan interlopers but the Carnival Pagan leader sees them and stops their plan. Watching the Spellman family try and work together and failing was nice and added a familiar element to a tense situation.

EPISODE’S MVP: Hilda. Aunt Hilda is always the MVP, she’s kind, thoughtful and the low key voice of reason in the coven. In this episode, she finally starts to get her voice and I am super happy for her, she’s newly engaged to her bookstore boss and she’s got her whole groove back!

Overall: 7.6

Review: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – Chapter Twenty-Three “Heavy is the Crown” S3E3

download (4)

Sabrina is hell-bent on finding a way to spend some alone time with Nick but, it doesn’t seem to be in the cards because she’s been summoned to Hell where she is challenged by Caliban for her throne and the must set out on a quest to find at least two out of three of the Unholy Regalia. At the Academy, Ambrose has been roped into working at the Library and Prudence is now Zelda’s second in command and while checking in on how things are going Zelda discovers that Hilda is a pretty well-known romance novelist. Ambrose and Sabrina take a road trip to Riverdale to hunt for Herod’s Crown and back in Greendale everyone is way too excited about the carnival that is coming to town which seems like good news so, what could possibly go wrong.

WHAT WORKED: The writing was once again on point in the way it handled Harvey’s insecurities about his virginity beautifully simultaneous brought light to the stigma around male “strength” via sexual prowess and alpha male aggression/strength and, laid waste to it by giving a name to his fears. I also like the way they handled the uncertainty of Theo wanting to ask the new guy out and talking about it with Harvey because it was all about the act of asking and not about Theo’s gender or sexual orientation. Sabrina has been really good at not being exploitative in their portrayal of LGBTQ characters and I’m still here for it.

WHAT MADE ME SAD: Sabrina and Ambrose retrieve Herod’s crown and for some reason don’t

BEST MOMENT: The reveal at the end that the carnival is full of all kinds of creatures and they want to bring back the old ones that Lucifer seems really worried about with the blood sacrifice and the magic seed of cryptic origin.

EPISODE’S MVP: Ambrose. Not only does he deduce the provenance of the Crown that Sabrina needs to keep her throne in Hell but, he re-calibrates The Flying Dutchman’s compass to track evil so they can find the crown, which they do in a tree in Riverdale. If that weren’t enough to secure his MVP spot, he also kills King Herod when he tracks Nick and Sabrina to the Tunnel of Love by blowing him up like a hot dog gone rogue in the microwave.

Overall: 8.2

Review: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – Chapter Twenty-One: The Hellbound Heart S3E1

download (4)

After the events of the Season 2 finale, the Spellman Mortuary has become a boarding house for the wayward witches that escaped Faustus Blackwood’s attempted Jim Jonesing and Zelda is ready to move them all back to the Academy with her running the school.

Harvey has been letting Sabrina hit the mines daily before the crews show up so that she can try and open the gates of Hell and hopefully get Nick out, even if she doesn’t have a plan for what to do when she gets him back.

After a chat with the returning Ms. Vardwell Sabrina heads off to Dorian Gray’s bar where she strikes a bargain for a round trip to hell and then she interrupts Theo, Roz, and Harvey mid-My Sharona cover at band practice to tell them to get ready because they’re headed to hell. Prudence and Ambrose are running through, literally with a sword and everything, glamoured Judas Boys, in an attempt to find the twins and bring her father to justice, or death. And, Lilith is living her best life as Madam Satan and she’s even eviler than Hell’s previous ruler and is keeping Nick’s tongue in jar and Theo’s uncle semi crucified on the side of the road where he endures never-ending torment as they make their way through a twisted Wizard of Oz Hellscape.

WHAT WORKED: The episode length is perfect, it’s like getting a mini-movie which allows for a full story to be told. As a season premiere, it hit all the right notes by giving us all of the major characters, a slow reveal/hint of this seasons big bad, a unifying triumph and a couple of problems that will need to be resolved over the course of the season so, no matter why you’re watching, you found a reason/person/cause/problem that you will want to see play out. I also like the writing, it’s realistic (within the realm of a supernatural, campy, comic book based TV show), and the direction and lighting and the whole thing was so pretty and perfect, like looking at a super stylized graphic novel come to life.

WHAT DIDN’T: Honestly, the only thing that I could find wrong with the episode was there wasn’t enough Hilda and while I am happy for the few scenes she was in, most of the time she was wearing a Faustus Blackwood suit and while that was integral to the story and keeping Zelda and the school safe, I hella missed the way she manages to be both the voice of reason & compassion AND comic relief.


“Guys, what was that?” – Theo

“Nothing. It’s just the wind.” – Sabrina

After everything that they’ve been through, seen and done , they know and WE know that it is NEVER just the wind. So, choosing to end our final shot of the episode that contains our infernal foursome on that note, is ominous and bloody brilliant.

BEST MOMENT:  When Sabrina declares herself the Queen of Hell and Lilith as her Regent. Here’s the thing, Sabrina may be destined for the throne but, she doesn’t want it and is more than happy to give it to Lilith so she can take her love, Nick, and head back to Greendale. But, in this moment there’s a coup rising and Caliban, a Prince of Hell, really wants that throne now that all of the realms are standing behind him. Sabrina has a choice to make, she can say f* it and leave Lilith there to sort out the kingdom she so desperately wanted, she can just claim the throne and be the youngest ruler Hell has ever had throwing Lilith to the wolves, or she can give Lilith the throne without giving Lilith the throne by giving Lilith the power to rule in her absence and naming Lilith her Regent. It’s brilliant and low key feminist AF, in choosing to name Lilith her Regent, she is giving her dominion over all of the men clamoring in the room who would try to belittle her or rule her so that in Sabrina’s absence, at least for the time being, Lilith is safe from the male wolves at the door who do not wish to be led or ruled by a woman. Sabrina in one echo booming hell voice, sent the patriarchal oppressive powers of hell back to their respective realms and put a woman on top of the infernal food chain and pulled another woman up with her and I am here for it.

EPISODE’S MVP: Prudence! There is a lot going on in this season premiere and while her scenes were minimal but, they were potent. While Sabrina embarks on her mission through hell, with her friends to save her sort-of boyfriend Nick, Prudence is scouring this world and any other ones, if she has to, to rescue her twin baby siblings from her self serving, murderous father. While both of their actions are fueled by love, Prudence’s mission is selfless and shows a real evolution in her character. She is also a Judas Boy slaying badass who manages to stay flawless with her fashion while she uses her wits in her mission to bring her siblings home. Tati Gabrielle is an amazing actress who plays Prudence so effortlessly with such a range of emotion and so much depth that it is impossible not to be on team Prudence. When it comes to the character who stood out the most, in this episode, it was all about Prudence and I couldn’t wait for her brief returns to the screen. I stan a smart, loyal, badass, determined, fearless queen and Pru was all of that in this episode making her this episode MVP.

Overall: 9.8

Preview: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Occult Edition (HC)


Script: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Art: Robert Hack, Jack Morelli
Cover: Provided by Netflix
$29.99 US/$31.99 CAN
7 ½ x 11”
288 pp, Full Color
Direct Market On-Sale Date: 9/25

From the author of the New York Times best-selling graphic novel AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE: ESCAPE FROM RIVERDALE comes the horror sensation CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA. This title contains Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s story so far, in addition to never-before-seen comic items and imagery from the Netflix series in a premium, over-sized hardcover format.


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Gets a Living Dead Dolls and You Can Pre-Order it Now

There’s a new witch in town! Sabrina Spellman, from the hit Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, joins the Living Dead Dolls family!

Sabrina is a half-human, half-witch who must reconcile her dual nature while fighting the evil forces that threaten her, her family, and the daylight world humans inhabit.

Sabrina is outfitted in a red dress with button detailing and a doily collar, black leggings, and Mary Jane shoes. She comes complete with Salem, her familiar spirit, in a static pose.

No need to sign the Book of the Beast to add Sabrina to your collection! The Living Dead Dolls Presents Chilling Adventures of Sabrina stands 10” tall and features 5 points of articulation. She is packaged in a window box, perfect for display.

The figure is available for pre-order now and is expected to ship some time between November 2019 and January 2020.

The Living Dead Dolls Presents Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
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