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Preview: Mosaic #7

Mosaic #7

(W) Geoffrey Thorne (A) Bruno Oliveira (CA) Leila del Duca
Rated T
In Shops: Apr 12, 2017
SRP: $3.99

Mosaic delves deeper into his powers with the help of the Inhumans! But the Brand Corporation isn’t done with him yet!

Preview: The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1

The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1

(W) Various (A) Cory Smith, Bruno Oliveira (A/CA) Francisco Herrera
Rated T
In Shops: Nov 23, 2016
SRP: $4.99


Don’t miss Spider-Man’s adventure in Mexico City! And Cloak and Dagger at the Parker Industries office in Shanghai! And if that weren’t enough, star of stage and screen WAYNE BRADY tries his hand at comics with the funniest Spider-Man story EVER!


Deadpool Does Shakespeare –Your First Look at Deadpool #21!

This October, the Merc With a Mouth is crashing headlong into Marvel NOW! and he’s bringing William Shakespeare with him! Marvel has released a first look inside Deadpool #21 – the colossal 80 page issue coming to comic shops and digital devices on October 26th! First up, witness the the return of one of Deadpool’s greatest adversaries as Madcap returns to the fold in a brand-new full length adventure from Gerry Duggan and Mateo Lolli! No one has pushed Deadpool to the limit quite like Madcap. Is Wade ready to face him again? Then, Deadpool goes Shakespeare for an all-new 60-page tale from writer Ian Doescher and artist Bruno Oliveira! Those old plays from English class just got a lot more interesting. Don’t say we never taught you anything!

DEADPOOL #21 (AUG160837)
Variant Covers by MIKE MAYHEW (AUG160838)
and JANET LEE (AUG160840)
Secret Comic Variant by SCOTT KOBLISH (AUG160839)
Champions Variant by PHIL NOTO (AUG160841)
FOC – 10/03/16, On-Sale – 10/26/16


Preview: Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman #2


Writer(s): Josh S. Henaman
Artist Name(s): Andy Taylor and Tamra Bonvillain
Cover Artist(s): Andy Taylor and Tamra Bonvillain
Variant Cover Artist: Bruno Oliveira
32 pgs. / Rated. T / FC
$3.99 (reg.) /$4.99 (var)

The sword-swinging Sasquatch is back! Issue two finds Bigfoot and his alien sidekick as reluctant soldiers of a desolate desert outpost. Their duty? Protect the innocent from the locust-like race of moth-vampires! Variant cover by Bruno Oliveira, limited to 1500 copies!


Review: Drones TPB

Drones_TPB-cvrGeorge Orwell’s 1984, often warned readers of all-pervading regime surveillance and how the issue of privacy is really an illusion. What many people who have not read the novel do not know, is where we get the often used “Big Brother” reference from, and it is from this epic novel, which refers to the government as such. The novel also talked about the very idea of free speech, how institutions persecute individuality by arresting those who thought outside of the box of “thought crimes”, something which has been seen in V for Vendetta and Minority Report. It is truly terrifying to think that such a novel would not only leave an impression on readers about a dystopian future but in how many ways, most of it became true.

Drones have become part of that government surveillance in so many ways, not only to track individuals, but to also carry out attacks, on multiple targets. Drones have also been used to make movies and even retail giants Like Amazon, are now looking at the possibility of using them for home delivery. The uses of drones have become a source of controversy, as there have been congressional hearings on the use of them and news reports of various accidents. It would not be long before, the use of drones, were for other purposes.

This is what Chris Lewis and Bruno Oliveira’s Drones, seek to question, as the solicitation for the book describes it as :

Join pilots Stinger and Angel Eyes for a wild night in Las Vegas’ finest terrorism-themed hotel…..this book is a satirical look at a world in which terror and entertainment have begun to blur.

Within the first few pages , we are introduced Stinger and Angel Eyes, who come off rather unlikeable, as the players in their individual lives, seem to not care much for either of them, as they go to the world’s first terrorism themed hotel, something which is underscored throughout the book many times. There are many things throughout the book that reminds of Jurassic Park, as the hotel has a theme park fashion to it tall, combined with everything, that Sin City is known for. By book’s end, these characters grow on you; the ones from Kandahar and the ones in Las Vegas, as the comedy styling is what really shines through in this book.

Overall, a funny book, which takes this serious subject matter, and, gives it a proper independent look, free of political loyalties. The story by Chris Lewis, gives the reader a 24 look without all the “save the world” complexities that Jack Bauer would bring to this situation, and more of what Archer would. The art by Bruno Oliveira, is truly magnificent, in every way, as his illustrations remind me of Bill Plympton. Altogether, a funny look into just how much news has become part of our entertainment.

Story: Chris Lewis Art: Bruno Oliveira
Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

IDW Publishing provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

IDW And Comics Experience Announce Publishing Alliance Featuring Creator-Owned Books From New Talent

IDW Publishing announced today a new publishing alliance with Comics Experience, LLC—an online comics education resource and creative community. Under the alliance IDW and Comics Experience will focus on publishing creator-owned titles from new comics talent.

The mini-series announced today, the first of which launches in January 2015, include:

  • Drones by Chris Lewis and Bruno Oliveira, the story of two Predator drone operators on a bizarre journey that will take them to a terrorism-themed hotel in Las Vegas, in a war where terror and entertainment have begun to blur.
  • Creature Cops: Special Varmint Unit by Rob Anderson and Fernando Melek, about animal control officers in a near-future city who must deal with patchwork, hybrid animals, from gator-snakes to panda dogs.
  • Gutter Magic by Rich Douek and Brett Barkley, set in a world where World War II was fought with magic, and the heir to a powerful magical dynasty can’t cast a spell to save his life.
  • Tet by Paul Allor and Paul Tucker, is a story of hard-boiled crime and star-crossed romance, set at the height of the Vietnam War and the decades that followed.

Baltimore Comic Con 2012 – Highlights of the Show

Comic book conventions have become more fun and entertaining as I’ve gotten to know more creators. It was great to see talented folks like Josh Fialkov, Ron Marz, the BOOM! Studios crew, folks from comiXology, the FUBAR guys and many more people I’ve gotten to know. But, conventions aren’t just about seeing old friends, it’s about finding new talent to help promote. So without delay, here’s the comic book highlights of Baltimore Comic Con 2012!

Creator: Monica Gallagher

Comic: Boobage, Bonnie N. Collide: Nine to Five – Even Rollergirls Have Day Jobs, When I Was A Mall Model

You want an example of a female creator that should be on a high profile comic book right now? Look no further than Monica Gallagher. First, her art caught my eye, then I flipped through a few of the books, every page I read got me to laugh and put a smile on my face. Having read all six comics I bought, I can say, she deserves a bigger audience. How much did I like the art? I bought the cover to one of her books and making sure I purchase the books I didn’t pick up at the convention. I’m not the only one who enjoyed Gallagher’s talent, another who read all the comics purchased was hooked too. Do yourself a favor and check out her stuff right now!

Creator: Seth Kushner, Pierce Hargan and Ryan Alexander-Tanner

Comic: Schmuck: Bush, Boobs & Brooklyn Edition

For as much as Gallagher’s book celebrated women, this comic by three men, was a brutal take from the other side. Two stories make up this anthology series and both were brutal and honest. The art and story varied in both, but for $3, it was well worth the purchase.

Creator: Yehudi Mercado

Comic: Buffalo Speedway Vol. 1 – 3

Figgs is a lifer. He’s 23 years old, he’s been delivering for Houston’s Turbo Pizza for eight grueling years, he lives with his dead-beat best friend, Super Cheese, and he’s got a supreme crush on his Friday regular, a rich girl named Pia. Life sucks, but it’s about to get suckier. The day is June 17th 1994. Today the Rockets will battle the Knicks in the NBA Finals, America will host the World Cup and OJ Simpson will lead the LAPD on a slow speed chase…. That description sold me!

Creator: Christopher Ryder – writer, Marc Dandroni – art

Comic: Dames in the Atomic Age

I first saw this book at Tr!ckster this year in San Diego, but my laziness and incompetence made me unable to pick it up. I lucked out and was able to get the graphic novel in Baltimore. The story is a pulp/noir tale involving dames and lightning shooting revolvers. The art looks solid, and I’m just a sucker for this type of comic. I’m beyond looking forward to reading this. I also grabbed  All Crime Comics from the same publisher, Art of Fiction. It also didn’t hurt Chris was super nice and shares my fandom of Janet Lee’s work.

Creator: Chris Lewis – writer, Bruno Oliveira

Comic: Drones

Lewis pitched the comic as “the war on terror meeting a Las Vegas stage show…. with a goat.” I read the first two issues and can’t wait to read the next three when they’re released.

Creator: Too Many to Name

Comic: Game Over: Insert More Quarters

A Kickstarter anthology that I missed, the simple cover caught my eye and after flipping through the interior, the art looked solid. The graphic novel is a collection of short stories by artists from a wide range of disciplines who all share a love for comics. From Illustrators, Animators, Graphic Design and Comics, we are a group of 16 artist who have came together to create a high quality graphic novel. The result is a 148 page, gorgeous collection of 16 stories in Black & White, 6″ by 9″ graphic novel.

Creator: Justin Peterson

Comic: Very Near Mint

It’s a comic book, about a comic book shop. I didn’t pick up the two volumes, instead I’m waiting for the third volume to hit Kickstarter, then I’ll get all of them at the same time.