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Around the Tubes

The weekend is almost here! What geeky things are you all doing? Sound off in the comments below! While you wait for the weekend to begin, here’s some comic news and a review from around the web!

CBR – Brubaker, Phillips’ Comic Series Criminal Lands TV Deal at Amazon – Cool.

The Hollywood Reporter – ‘Hit-Monkey’ Renewed at Hulu, Loses ‘Marvel’ From Title – Interesting…

ICv2 – ‘Flaming Carrot’ Creator Bob Burden’s Collection Burglarized – If anyone has any info, please help out!


The Mary Sue – White Savior #1

White Savior #1

Bob Burden’s Back with Hitman For The Dead

You know how people say ‘Someone should do something about that’?…Well, I’m that someone,” says Anthony Harken, the wandering assassin in Burden’s new series.

After losing his soul in a card game, a wayward, young Anthony Harken takes up with a crew of vagabond serial killers roaming America, administering one of the last surviving rituals of the Spanish Inquisition, avenging the wrongfully slain, and freeing their souls to pass on and find peace. He is the Hitman For The Dead!

Hitman For The Dead is a radically different new series, not only for writer and artist, Bob Burden, but as a new departure for the comic world.

The Flaming Carrot Returns with a New Omnibus

Hey kids! Check out a comic book series that in recent years, many comic book readers believed to have never existed – being nothing more than a ridiculous legend or an amusing joke.

But before there ever was a Deadpool, Twin Peaks, or Lady Gaga; the Flaming Carrot’s madcap madness, manic mayhem, and insolent mischief was delighting intellectuals, confounding critics, and amusing pets as one of the most iconic and seminal vanguards of the 80s’ New Wave comic revolution.

Now, out of print for years, Dark Horse Comics brings you Bob Burden’s 400-page Flaming Carrot Comics Omnibus, written and illustrated by Bob Burden, taking us right down the rabbit hole of creativity-gone-off-the-tracks and over the rainbow.

Propagating dreamlike surrealism, disturbing violence, sexual adventurism, bar-hopping, and a bizarre and nightmarish costume, the world’s first postmodern super-man battled Road Hogs From Outer Space, went on drinking binges with Death, teamed up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to save the “Umpire State Building”, bounced around on a nuclear powered pogo stick, and ordered some of that new Brussels sprout flavored ice cream that wasn’t even on the menu yet.

Now, when the industry needs it the most: The world’s first surrealist super hero comic returns! The pied piper of fun! The poor man’s H-Bomb! The one-man Madis Gras! The further adventures of the strangest man alive! Fresh as cracked wheat! Doctor recommended. Maximum strength formula. New hope for a nation suffocating in the swill of its own mediocrity!

Flaming Carrot Comics Omnibus goes on sale September 18, 2019. This whopping 416-page paperback volume will collect Flaming Carrot #1-2, 4-11, 25-27 and will retail for $24.99.

SDCC 2011: The Return of Bob Burden & The Mysterymen!

Official Press Release




July 18, MILWAUKIE, OR—Just in time for San Diego Comic-Con, Bob Burden is back and bringing his wild side to America’s finest city! Back with Dark Horse after ten too many years, He’s even brought his own publishing house, Marble Comics!


The new Mysterymen trade, will collect the first four issues of the classic series that spawned the movie, in a signed and numbered limited edition of 200 just for San Diego. As a special added attraction to this convention preview edition only, there will be a first peek at a new line of superheroes from Bob, The MYSTERIANS. Bob Burden will be doing a number of signings over the weekend, and the book will be on sale at the Dark Horse retail booth #2615 for $19.99!

Oh, and hey, the back cover features the first appearance of FLIP FLAP FLOP, a pre-superhero Kirby-esque monster from JOURNEY INTO ASTONISH out of Bob’s now MARBLE COMICS GROUP line.

Bob Burden will also be giving away exclusive limited edition Mysterymen trading cards at the Dark Horse Booth! Try to collect the whole set!


On a bleak, cold, overcast winter Sunday morning, a hung-over detachment of Mysterymen scour a Brooklyn ship scrap yard for a monster of unknown origin. Auteur Bob Burden’s most riveting new era of stories are drawn by an international host of artists. This issue features the Strangler, Spleen, Hummer, and Masked Marauder.


One of the wildest origin stories ever! While yuppie Lance Fortnight is converting a downtown loft into his new dream home, he discovers seven mysterious discs in a wall. These strange “living” discs will save his life, wreck his life, and change him forever! The story of Lance’s transition from carefree youth to grim avenger is complete in this issue, featuring the Amazing Disc Man.


In his first solo appearance, Screwball, the happy hero, and his pet shoelace go for a walk around town. Screwball writes “wash me” on the backs of dirty cars, eats a dandelion sandwich, buys some pants, and battles some renegade gondoliers with his wits and his bubble gun! A story that’s more fun than dogs driving cars.


Lust! Murder! Insanity! Drugs! Betrayal! Gangs! Torture! Attorneys! Violence! It’s ALL here in All Villain Comics! Read about the lost lives of the wicked and the greedy! Go inside the twisted minds of the demented and the morally bankrupt! See CRIME at its most craven and vicious! Go wild with the Yellow Rider, the Tennessee Thunderbird, and SexFly, as they burn it up across the LA skyline!