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eigoMANGA announces a release date for Winter Ember

Winter Ember

eigoMANGA has announced that the comic book publishing company will release the graphic novel based on the upcoming stealth action video game Winter Ember to bookstores on April 25, 2022. The has released Chapter 0 of Winter Ember as the first installment of an eight-part digital comic book series on December 20, 2021. The Winter Ember video game is an immersive stealth action game developed by Sky Machine Studios and published by Blowfish Studios.

The video game is set in a Victorian world that follows the adventures of Arthur Artorias, a faceless man in pursuit of answers and revenge. In the graphic novel, Arthur is a man stripped of his past, tortured, and forced to escape into isolation. Thought to be dead, he returns eight years later a changed man, disfigured, seeking answers, and pursuing revenge in the fictional city of Anargal. In Winter Ember Chapter 0, Artorias lives a care-free aristocrat life until a foreboding message from his father triggers a tragic event that forever changes everything for him and his family.

Winter Ember is written by the acclaimed Kevin Grevioux, creator of the Underworld Series and I-Frankenstein film franchises. Grevioux is also a prolific comic book writer credited for works such as Marvel’s Amazing Spider-ManNew WarriorsYoung Avengers, as well as DC’s Cyborg, Variant’s Bloodshot among others. The artwork is produced by Chris Awayan who has illustrated the Indestructible comic book series. Ben Herrera is the cover artist, Emmanuel Ordaz Torres is the colorist, and Justin Burich is the letterer.

Valiant Announces Changes to their Structure

Valiant logo

Valiant has announced that it is restructuring its New York and Los Angeles offices to bring their publishing, tv, and film projects closer together.

The New York offices are moving to a new location that is currently under construction and will open in Fall 2020. The company has been working remotely since Mid-March due to COVID-19. Some rumors have swirled around the closing of their current NY office.

In Los Angeles, Valiant has hired comic industry veteran David Wohl as a Senior Editor.

The company has revealed some recent plans including the return of X-O Manowar in November with long-awaited X-O Manowar #2.

In March, the publisher announced a remastered 1999 Shadowman game from Nightdive Studios. They are also working with Blowfish Studios to develop new video games featuring characters from the Valiant universe.

This is on top of the release of Bloodshot, the film released by Sony in theaters and soon after on demand due to the pandemic, the continued work on Harbinger which is still slated to be released in 2021, and Faith: Taking Flight a young adult novel published by an imprint of HarperCollins.

Valiant and Blowfish Studios Get Digital With Video Games

Valiant logo

Valiant Entertainment is teaming up with Blowfish Studios to develop a slate of all-new action-packed video games featuring the popular characters from Valiant’s Superhero Universe. This will mark the first multi-platform Valiant video games since Acclaim’s acquisition of the company back in the ’90s.   

Valiant Entertainment is home to the third-largest connected universe in comics, behind Marvel and DC, with over 2,000 characters. Since DMG Entertainment’s acquisition of Valiant in late 2018, the global media and entertainment company has proven its ambitious plans to grow its presence in Hollywood, making its first foray into theaters this coming February with the much-anticipated release of Sony’s “Bloodshot” starring Vin Diesel.

In addition the the newly announced video game partnership, Valiant has multiple projects in the works, including an upcoming “Harbinger” feature with Paramount Studios and a “Quantum & Woody” TV series to be executive produced by the Russo Bros. On the publishing side, Valiant’s comic sales have risen 10% this year, along with six Valiant titles cracking the top 100.

The video game developer is delving deep into the history of the Valiant Universe to craft an exhilarating adventure for fans.

Obey Me Comes to Comics in March

Dynamite has announced a new epic comic based on the hotly anticipated upcoming video game Obey MeDepicting the adventures of Soul Huntress Vanessa Held and her loyal Hellhound companion Monty, stuck between a war of angels, demons and all those used as pawns or caught up in the crossfire. Obey Me #0 will release March 2019.

The never ending back and forth between Heaven and Hell has been chronicled across all media for centuries upon centuries. Though none have ever captured it quite like Obey Me. The comic book will feature an exciting creative team. Including writer Mario Mentasti, who is also the lead writer of the video game, making this comic an authentic companion experience. Joining him on art is comics legend Ben Herrera and Emmanuel Ordaz Torres. Herrera also drew two marvelous covers for this first issue.

Vanessa Held is a low-ranking lesser demon serving the Archduke of Greed, Ammon. She is tasked with serving his plans and collecting the sold souls of mortals. Join Mentasti, Herrera and Torres in following the occult quest of Vanessa and Monty.

The game is a top-down 3D action brawler, playable by one or two players published by Blowfish Studios and developed by Error 404 Game StudiosObey Me will be available on PC and consoles. It features a variety of weapons and special abilities linked to an in-depth progression system.

Obey Me #0