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Review: Iron Bard Ballisto

IronBardCoverIron Bard Ballisto, written and drawn by Ben Hutchings is a goofy 36 page cartoon read reminiscent of Sergio Aragone’s Groo. It is published by the Australian imprint, Milk Shadow Books.

Set in Tasmania, it follows our minstrel-singing hero’s adventure as he infiltrates the ZND corporate headquarters (I guess Australia has issues with blood sucking polluting multinationals too), and violently works his way up the Boardroom to musically right their wrongs. Humor and cartoon violence abounds all throughout.

This is a cartoon, so the art is basic. The satire made me laugh a bit, but some of the humor didn’t cross over to this end of the Atlantic Ocean. Maybe I’d buy it for the kids to culturally expose them to Australian bawdy humor, but beware of the musical violence.

Story: Ben Hutchings Art: Ben Hutchings
Story: 7 Art: 7 Overall: 7 Recommendation: Read

Milk Shadow Books provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Around the Tubes

It’s a new week…. did you see any good movies lately? We sure did with a couple of reviews of the new Star Wars posted this weekend. While you check for those, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

Around the Tubes

The Sydney Morning Herald – Revenge of the nerds: a loving portrait of the biggest geeks in politics – This is amazing.

Kotaku – 3.3 Million Hello Kitty Accounts Exposed In Database Breach – Hope none of you were impacted.

The Rainbow Hub – The Comics Industry is Totally Okay With Repeatedly Failing Trans Women – Well worth the read.


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Around the Tubes

Tomorrow is new comic day! We’ll have our picks of what you should check out in a few hours, as well as reviews, previews, and more!

While you await all of that, here’s some news and reviews from around the web.

Around the Tubes

Bleeding Cool – The Joker Batgirl #41 Cover Hits eBay. Just The Cover. – Calling the lawyers in 3…2…1…

GamePolitics – Australia passes new anti-copyright infringement law – Sigh.

Houston Press – 5 Things the GOP Could Learn From Comic Books – Bwahahahahaha.

Geek Snack – 8 Comic Books in Danger of Censorship – Not too many shockers on this list.


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DC vs. Superwog

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SuperwogDC is going up against Australian YouTube comic phenomenon SuperwogTheodore Saidden applied for a trademark registration for the characters shield like logo.  Legal firm Baker & McKenzie and has filed its opposition to the registration application with IP Australia on DC’s behalf.

Saidden said he was sent letters months ago ordering him to close his website and stop producing stickers and t-shirts involved with his character.  Saidden said that the issue is the logo is a bit too similar to Superman for DC’s liking.

Their lawyers have come back to us saying I can keep using the name Superwog but not register it as a trademark. But this is just ridiculous; they are not the same.  I was just trying to do things properly and you get punished.

Spider-Man, The Flash and Some Jedi Walk Into a Comic Book Store…

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Bleeding Cool brings us this one.  I’m sure this wasn’t the only case of someone taking Free Comic Book Day too literally, but a man in Australia decided to help himself to an X-Men Omnibus volume.

Luckily the owner of Adelaide Comic Centre, Michael Baulderstone, saw the crime take place and stopped the thief.  The thing was Michael was dressed as Spider-Man.  Luckily he had some other folks to help web up the criminal.  Some customers dress as the Flash and Jedi Knights stepped in to help.