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Darkwing Duck gets an Ultra-Rare 1:250 Signed CGC Authenticated Variant!

Dynamite Entertainment is working with CGC Comics to arrange for an exclusive Signature Series graded option for the upcoming Darkwing Duck #1 1:250 Retailer Incentive cover signed by writer Amanda DeibertRetailers are able to order this ultra-rare variant based on orders placed through Final Order Cutoff. This variant features art by George Kambadais.

Each signed copy of this ultra-limited edition of Disney’s Darkwing Duck #1 will ship with a CGC Certificate of Authenticity that allows buyers to have their copies graded and returned with a yellow CGC SIGNATURE SERIES LABEL. Any fees associated with grading remains the responsibility of the customer.

CGC will have an authorized witness at the signing with Deibert, and to further protect the authenticity and security of each signature, advanced measures have been taken so the COA cannot be replicated.

If the retailer or a customer wish you have the book graded, in order to receive a Signature Series grade the following instructions MUST be followed:

  1. Become a CGC member if you are currently not.
  2. Email the Signature Series team that you will be submitting your signed Darkwing Duck #1 1:250 Retailer Incentive with COA to CGC. They will supply you with a simple form to fill out.
  3. Get your copy or copies ready for shipment. IMPORTANT: keep the COA and Darkwing Duck #1 submitted for signing together. The COA MUST be present to receive a CGC Signature Series grade. Don’t forget to add the form from the Signature Series team!
  4. On the outside of your shipping box put the initials A D on all sides.
  5. Ship directly to the Signature Series team’s attention.

    ATTN: Signature Series
    5501 Communications Parkway
    Sarasota, FL 34240

    All copies must be received by the Signature Series team no more than 30 days after you receive them.

Each copy of the Darkwing Duck #1 limited quantity Signed 1:250 Retailer Incentive variant will be bagged and boarded and individually signed by writer Amanda Deibert.

This title is available for order now with the Diamond item code NOV220579.

These copies will be shipped as close to the release date of the regular Darkwing Duck #1 as possible. They will be packed for return shipping with the utmost care to help ensure that they arrive without damage, but Dynamite cannot guarantee any grade. Because we cannot guarantee that shipping damages will not occur in transit, there will be an opportunity for retailers to submit photo evidence of significantly damaged copies to their Diamond Customer Service representative at which point, Dynamite will make every attempt to make sure retailers are satisfied with their copies.

Each copy of the Darkwing Duck #1 1:250 Retailer Incentive variant will have its own unique number, and will be strictly limited to qualifying orders. This variant will be on Final Order Cutoff on December 5.

Darkwing Duck #1

Darkwing Duck’s creative team revealed!

Dynamite Entertainment is kicking off 2023 with a bang, debuting all-new stories of Disney’s Darkwing Duck in January. Let’s get dangerous!

He is the terror that flaps in the night… He is the ferocious fowl who plucks the evil eye from the face of foul play. He is Darkwing Duck! By night he vigilantly defends his city of St. Canard from the dastardly, devilish demons who would wage wanton war with his trademark costume and gadgets, and lurks through the shadows, striking fear in the heart of the criminal underworld. By day he’s known as the mild-mannered Drake Mallard, father to his adorable adopted daughter Gosalyn. Can Darkwing successfully juggle his two separate lives, all while looking incredibly cool and impossibly handsome? Readers will have to tune in on January 4 to find out!

Popular writer Amanda Deibert will write the latest escapades of everyone’s favorite fowl. Deibert has a range of diverse experience as a writer for television, animation, and comics, including Netflix’s He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Wonder Woman, Star Wars, DC Super Hero Girls, and more.

Deibert is joined by Italian artist Carlo Cid Lauro, a member of superstar Mirka Andolfo’s acclaimed Arancia Studio. Lauro will be coloring the series himself, with Jeff Eckleberry handling the lettering.

The first story, subtitled “F.O.W.L. Play” kicks off a showdown between Darkwing and his dastardly arch nemesis Megavolt. He’s taken out everyone’s phones, which is a pretty cataclysmic outcome for the citizens of St. Canard. Alongside his ally Launchpad McQuack and some unexpected help from Gosalyn, the squad will take on Megavolt. But the latest escapade makes Mallard question the entire superhero business and consider retiring. How long can he go without meting out justice?

Darkwing Duck #1 will feature a range of stunning covers for collectors and fans. David Nakayama, Mirka Andolfo, and Lesley “Leirix” Li all bring their superstar magic to the party. Beloved illustrators and cartoonists Jacob Edgar and Trish Forstner are a perfect match to bring the character to life. While George Kambadais checks in from illustrating Dynamite’s hit Gargoyles title to contribute to its companion. Last but certainly not least, Carlo Lauro does a cover to match his interiors in the series too.

Alongside Darkwing Duck, Launchpad McQuack, and Gosalyn, fans will get to see countless favorite characters in the series. Tune in for possible appearances by Morgana Macawber, Bushroot, Dr. Nogood, and more!

Star Wars returns to Dark Horse with Hyperspace Stories

Dark Horse Comics makes the jump back to a galaxy far, far away in Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories, a new anthology comics series featuring stories set in every era of the Star Wars timeline! Featuring fan-favorite heroes and villains, this anthology series will include stories from a variety of all-star creators including Cecil Castelluci and Michael Moreci. Writer Amanda Deibert and artist Lucas Marangon craft a tale for Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories #1 set at the height of the Clone Wars!      

When the members of a Republic mission led by Senator Padmé Amidala are abducted by the ruthless Separatist General Grievous, Anakin Skywalker, and Obi-Wan Kenobi jump to the rescue. But the operation quickly goes awry, and the Jedi find themselves cut off and surrounded by an army of battle droids!

Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories #1 (of 12) is an all-ages adventure and will be in comic shops August 10, 2022. It is available for pre-order at your local comic shop. Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories #1 features a variant cover by artist Miguel Valderrama!

There’s 8 New Releases on comiXology from Scholastic Graphix, DC, and more!

There’s eight new releases available now on comiXology from Scholastic Graphix, DC, and Tidalwave Productions. You can start shopping now or check out the individual releases below.

Baby-Sitters Club Vol. 11: Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye

Written by Ann M. Martin
Art by Gabriela Epstein

A brand-new Baby-sitters Club graphic novel adapted by Gabriela Epstein!

Baby-Sitters Club Vol. 11: Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye

Baby-Sitters Little Sister Vol. 5: Karen’s School Picture

Written by Ann M. Martin
Art by Katy Farina

Another graphic novel in this fun series spin-off of The Baby-sitters Club, featuring Kristy’s little stepsister!

Baby-Sitters Little Sister Vol. 5: Karen's School Picture

Harley Quinn: The Animated Series: The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour (2021-) #6

Written by Tee Franklin
Pencils Max Sarin
Inks Max Sarin
Colored by Marissa Louise
Cover by Max Sarin

While Ivy starts reflecting on what’s been happening these last few months after leaving Kite Man at the altar and joining Harley Quinn for a de facto, impromptu honeymoon across the DCU, new villain Mephitic makes himself known to Harley and Ivy at the Black Cat Lounge.

Harley Quinn: The Animated Series: The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour (2021-) #6

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Vol. 1: Legends From Castle Grayskull

Written by Amanda Deibert
Art by Mike Anderson

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe are back in this original graphic novel based on the hit Netflix show!

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Vol. 1: Legends From Castle Grayskull

Insane Jane: Doctors Without Patience

Written by Zach Hunchar
Art by Marcelo Henrique Santana

What is Insane Jane: Doctors Without Patience? The first and only collected edition non-addictive treatment shown to prevent a relapse in reading boring comic books. Ask your doctor if this collected edition is right for you. * *Side-effects may include: Uncontrolled Giggling, Insomnia, Hiccups, Erectile Dysfunction, Undiagnosed Schizophrenia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Addiction To Insane Jane.

Insane Jane: Doctors Without Patience

Magical Boy Vol. 1

Written by The Kao
Art by The Kao

A breathtakingly imaginative fantasy series starring Max — a trans high school student who has to save the world as a “Magical Girl” . . . as a boy!

Magical Boy Vol. 1

Mr. Wolf’s Class Vol. 5: Snow Day

Written by Aron Nels Steinke
Art by Aron Nels Steinke

A blizzard is coming to Hazelwood Elementary!

Mr. Wolf's Class Vol. 5: Snow Day

Squidding Around Vol. 3: Prank You Very Much

Written by Kevin Sherry
Art by Kevin Sherry

This wonderfully silly young graphic novel from Graphix Chapters about fin-tastic friends is perfect for fans of The Bad Guys and Narwhal and Jelly!

Squidding Around Vol. 3: Prank You Very Much

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Preview: Red Sonja: Black, White, Red #1

Red Sonja: Black, White, Red #1

writer: Kurt Busiek, Mark Russell, Amanda Deibert
artist: Benjamin Dewey, Bob Q, Cat Staggs
covers: Lucio Parrillo (A), Emanuela Lupacchino (B), Phillip Tan (C), Gracie the Cosplay Lass Cosplay Variant (D), Phillip Tan (RI/Line Art), Emanuela Lupacchino (RI/Line Art), Phillip Tan (RI/BW), Gracie the Cosplay Lass Cosplay Variant (RI/Virgin), Emanuela Lupacchino (RI/BW), Lucio Parrillo (RI/BW)
FC | 40 pages | Sword and Sorcery | $4.99 | Teen+

Dynamite proudly presents a prestige project by the world’s greatest storytellers! Red Sonja, like you’ve NEVER seen before…all presented in beautiful black, white, and red!

KURT BUSIEK (Astro City, Marvels) and BENJAMIN DEWEY (King In Black: Namor) take you to The Mountains Of Night, a foreboding haunt where the She-Devil With A Sword seeks a precious, priceless item…

AMANDA DEIBERT (Wonder Woman) and CAT STAGGS (Smallville) wind you through a mysterious adventure of crimson and ebony…

MARK RUSSELL (Red Sonja) and BOB Q (Red Sonja) return to put their final stamp on their classic Red Sonja series, with a coda that will leave you breathless…

Red Sonja: Black, White, Red #1

Preview: DC: The Doomed and the Damned #1

DC: The Doomed and the Damned #1

Written by: Travis G. Moore, Saladin Ahmed, Marv Wolfman, John Arcudi, Kenny Porter, Amanda Deibert, Garth Ennis, Amedeo Turturro, Brandon Thomas, Alyssa Wong
Art by: Daniel Sampere, Max Fiumara, Baldemar Rivas, PJ Holden, Tom Mandrake, Leonardo Manco, Mike Perkins, Travis G. Moore, Riley Rossmo

It was a dark and stormy night when the creatures of the DC Universe began to emerge from their lairs into the cool evening air. Tales of the macabre, the murderous, and the morbid abound in this spine-chilling special about monsters and mayhem! What happens when Batman encounters a true urban legend after speaking its name three times in a mirror, or when Madame Xanadu enlists the help of Man-Bat to take down a shadowy specter? And who can stop an intergalactic demon from turning people into frog beasts? Only the unlikely team-up of Green Lantern and Etrigan! All this and seven more fang-tastic tales to trick your treats and bob your apples.

DC: The Doomed and the Damned #1

DC Reveals Details for Wonder Women of History which spotlights Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elizabeth Warren, Rashida Tlaib, and more!

Wonder Women of History

DC has revealed new details for Wonder Women of History, the publisher’s highly anticipated young adult graphic novel anthology curated by New York Times bestselling author Laurie Halse Anderson.

The anthology will present tales of real-world heroes who take up Wonder Woman’s iconic mantle and work in the fields of science, social justice activism, politics, and more. Today, DC announced the public figures that will be profiled as well as the talented writers and artists that will contribute to the project.

The graphic novel will hit stores everywhere books are sold on December 1, 2020 and is now available to pre-order. See below for the official details!

Wonder Women of History

Edited by Laurie Halse Anderson
On sale December 1, 2020
MSRP: $16.99
Available to Pre-Order Now

Women change the world—they’ve been doing it for centuries. Now, New York Times bestselling author Laurie Halse Anderson has gathered women and non-binary writers and artists to reveal the women making our world better day by day. Real-world heroes from the fields of politics, business, activism, science, and pop culture are making tough decisions every day and we celebrate them here!

Wonder Women of History spotlights these notable public figures, written and drawn by some of the most talented writers and artists in publishing:

  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – written by Lilliam Rivera and drawn by Anastasia Longoria
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg – written by Lilah Sturges and drawn by Devaki Neogi
  • Elizabeth Warren – written and drawn by Renae De Liz 
  • Rashida Tlaib – written and drawn by Marguerite Dabaie 
  • Teara Fraser – written by Traci Sorell and drawn by Natasha Donovan
  • Beyoncé – written by Mikki Kendall and drawn A. D’Amico
  • Edith Windsor – written by Amanda Deibert and drawn by Cat Staggs
  • Marsha P. Johnson – written by Jadzia Axelrod and drawn by Michaela Washington
  • Emma Gonzalez – written by Kami Garcia and drawn by Igzell
  • Judith Heumann – written by Marieke Nijkamp and drawn by Ashanti Fortson
  • Ellen Ochoa – written by Cecil Castellucci and drawn by Carina Guevara
  • Shi Zhengli – written by Emily X.R. Pan and drawn by Wendy Xu
  • Serena Williams – written by Danielle Paige and drawn by Brittney Williams
  • Tig Notaro – written by Sara Farizan and drawn by Nicole Goux
  • Keiko Agena – written by Sarah Kuhn and drawn by Lynn Yoshii
  • Dominique Dawes – written by Danny Lore and drawn by Robyn Smith
  • Janelle Monae – written by Vita Ayala and drawn by O’Neill Jones

Wonder Women of History also includes portraits by Weshoyot Alvitre, Colleen Doran, Agnes Garbowska, Bex Glendining, Ashley A. Woods, and Safiya Zerrougui.

DC Reveals The Third Week of Digital Firsts

DC Comics enters their third week of digital firsts delivering new digital comics every day to readers. Check out below what you can get with links to purchase! We’ve already posted the previews for each of these series to check out!

Metropolis Monday: 

Superman: The Man of Tomorrow #3

Dangerous Games” by Rob Venditti, Paul Pelletier, Drew Hennessy, Adriano Lucas, and Clayton Cowles

The Toyman is loose in Metropolis, and he has his sights set on one man: LEX LUTHOR! Can Superman get to the bottom of Toyman’s assault on Lex, or will the villain’s terrifying toys take down LexCorp-and Metropolis with it?

Superman: The Man of Tomorrow #3
Batman Tuesday

Batman: Gotham Nights #3

Law of the Jungle” by Michael Grey, Ryan Benjamin, Richard Friend, Alex Sinclair, and Troy Peteri

Batman is hot on the trail of a series of murders in Brazil, where government officials and various captains of industry have been mysteriously murdered by their own bodyguards. None of the assailants knew each other, but the Bodyguard Murders story went viral. As the Dark Knight starts assembling the pieces of the puzzle, he notices the things all these victims have in common are a connection to the logging industry, a penchant for bribes…and a woman who goes by the name POISON IVY.

Batman: Gotham Nights #3
Wonder Women Wednesday

Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #3

Planned Extinction!” by Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, Daniel Sampere, Juan Albarran, Hi-Fi and Travis Lanham

Wonder Woman thinks she’s saved the day when she stops an asteroid from crashing into the Earth-but a fragment of it lands near the shores of Gorilla City, unleashing an alien horror upon the unsuspecting simians. Now the Amazing Amazon must stop the creature before the entire gorilla race is destroyed!

Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #3
Tidal Thursday

Aquaman: Deep Dives #3

Tempest” by Steve Orlando, V. Ken Marion, Sandu Florea, Andrew Dalhouse and Wes Abbott

Aquaman and Tempest race to stop an enraged monster that has escaped its magical tomb under the city of New York.

Aquaman: Deep Dives #3
Flash Friday

Flash: Fastest Man Alive #3

The Accelerated and the Infinitesimal” by Gail Simone, Clayton Henry, Marcelo Maiolo, and Rob Leigh

Temporal travesties are wreaking havoc on the streets of Central City, and the Flash needs an extra pair of hands to keep the city safe-he just didn’t realize how tiny those hands would be!

Flash: Fastest Man Alive #3
Saturday Morning Cartoons

DC Super Hero Girls: Infinite Frenemies #3

Gone to the Dogs” by Amanda Deibert, Erich Owen, and Gabriela Downie

Jessica hopes her dog adoption fair will help some adorable pups find loving homes, but Catwoman plans to help herself! And when someone special catches Star Sapphire’s eye, will her jealous rampage ruin the day…or be the key to saving it?

DC Super Hero Girls: Infinite Frenemies #3
Supernatural Sunday

Swamp Thing: New Roots #3

Gods of the Abyss” by Mark Russell, Marco Santucci, John Kalisz, and Dave Sharpe

Word has gotten out about the existence of Swamp Thing—and now tourists are swarming the swamp looking for a glimpse of the bigfoot of the bayou. The sudden popularity only accelerates Sunderland Corporation’s plans to destroy him, but Swamp Thing finds help from an unexpected quarter…whether he wants it or not.

Swamp Thing: New Roots #3

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Preview: DC Super Hero Girls: Infinite Frenemies #3

DC Super Hero Girls: Infinite Frenemies #3

Written by Amanda Deibert
Pencils Erich Owen
Inks Erich Owen
Colored by Erich Owen
On Sale: May 9, 2020

Jessica hopes her dog adoption fair will help some adorable pups find loving homes, but Catwoman plans to help herself! And when someone special catches Star Sapphire’s eye, will her jealous rampage ruin the day…or be the key to saving it?

DC Super Hero Girls: Infinite Frenemies #3
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