Straight outta Minecraft, Tales from the SMP comes to comics with Time Traveler Tales

Streaming superstar Karl Jacobs has long teased the dream of turning his epic adventures in the popular Minecraft streaming series, Tales from the SMPinto their very own comic series. That dream is now being made reality. Dark Horse Comics, Jacobs, and veteran comics writer Dave Scheidt are joined by artist duo Kelly and Nichole Matthews and letterer Joamette Gil to craft the exciting all-ages adventure Time Traveler Tales. The cast of creators also includes main cover artist Wendi Chen, with an exclusive variant cover art for Jacobs’ own store to be revealed. The comic series will span five full-color issues, and will be available in both print and digital formats wherever comics are sold.

Oliver has a problem—a time travel problem. Some mysterious force keeps throwing him through time, and this time he’s in the Wild West, rescuing . . . circus animals? But as crazy as that is, it’s only the beginning of his adventure. Through everything that gets thrown at him, the only constant is his desire to help others, right wrongs, and understand the odd places and times to which he travels. With so little to go on, and no control over where he goes (or when!), Oliver must rely on his wit and his friends to find out and face whatever is causing him to tumble through time and space!

Anyone who’s a fan of Stephen UniverseAdventure Time, or Over the Garden Wall, in addition to fans of Minecraft, MrBeast, and Karl’s Twitch content should be ready for anything in Time Traveler Tales.

Time Traveler Tales #1 (of 5) arrives at comic shops December 06, 2023. It is now available to pre-order for $3.99 at your local comic shop.

Time Traveler Tales #1