Darkwing Duck #5 continues the fun

Darkwing Duck #5

Darkwing Duck has returned to saving St. Canard. But, a classic villain has returned in Dr. NoGood, and has decided to get F.O.W.L. back together! Darkwing has to deal with multiple villains and dots start getting connected. Darkwing Duck #5 picks up on the first four issues, building to something bigger in another multi-issue story.

Writer Amanda Deibert continues to channel the classic animated series as Darkwing Duck #5 brings back multiple villains, Dr. NoGood and Liquidator. The series as a whole has felt like it’s been building towards something and this issue seems to be the next step in whatever that is. While the series started off with a bunch of stories that didn’t quite feel interconnected, this issue makes that feel otherwise, showing off there might have been a plan all along. As a whole, it makes the series more enjoyable as you can read whatever issues you want featuring your favorite villains or enjoy the overarching story, which is partially what made the animated series so enjoyable as well.

Carlo Lauro‘s art continues to capture that series and characters. There’s a motion to it all that despite it being on the page, you can still get a sense of movement from the comic. Jeff Ekcleberry‘s lettering also nails things down adding to the fun and excitement. The comic feels like it’s ripped from the cartoon and no time has passed between the animated series and this.

Darkwing Duck #5 is another fun read that picks up on the hints of a bigger story from the previous issue. For long time fans it’s a welcome return of the characters but for new readers the team has been introducing everyone slowly. Lots of fun that captures or childhood. Overall, it’s just entertaining and will put a smile on your face.

Story: Amanda Deibert Art: Carlo Lauro
Color: Carlo Lauro Letterer: Jeff Eckleberry
Story: 8.15 Art: 8.15 Overall: 8.15 Recommendation: Buy

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