Victory at Last! Vampirella’s Lover Turned Foe Stars Solo!

This summer the Vampirella franchise welcomes another new series and an exciting new path for one of its newest stars, as Victory gets the spotlight with writer David F. Walker and artist Brett Weldele this June!

First introduced in the mythos-shattering Vampirella #0 on Free Comic Book Day 2019, fans were introduced to Victoria Harris by Christopher Priest and Ergün Gündüz. The gorgeous African American woman came into Vampirella’s life and alongside other newcomers, set her on quite the roller coaster ride. The two were briefly lovers, and Victoria found herself enamored by Vampi’s remarkable abilities – and even her iconic costume. Along the way she’s since been bestowed with a cursed, demonic ring and turned against her friend by Lilith, the mother of Drakulon.

This summer Eisner-winning writer David F. Walker and Brett Weldele are leveling up Victory from a pawn in the grand game, to a major player. With a stunning white variation on the classic Vampirella costume, and her newly granted powers, how will she leave her own mark on the world, good or bad? Fans will also get to see which old foe (or friend..?) is about to show up to cheer her on.

Now with each page dedicated to the character’s individual story, readers will get a much deeper look at Victory in and out of the costume. The series will dive into nuggets of both her past and present, including her largely unrevealed traumatic childhood.

A talented crew of contributors round out the covers available on the first issue and series. Dave Johnson, Bryan Hitch, Ariel Diaz, Carla Cohen, and Geebo Vigonte all do covers. Cosplayer Alicia Marie also portrays Victory for the character’s first dedicated cosplay cover, with fan-favorite Rachel Hollon guest starring too for double the fun!