No/One sells at on the day of release

Massive-verse mastermind Kyle Higgins strikes again—this time with partners-in-crime Brian Buccellato and Geraldo Borges—for another breakout hit entry in his burgeoning shared superhero universe with, No/One. The entirety of No/One #1’s inventory was quickly slain earlier this morning—same day as its release—and Image Comics will fast-track the popular new premier back to print this week in order to keep hot on the trail of fan enthusiasm.

The No/One, second printing will feature new cover art by Matteo Scalera and colored by Buccellato.

So what’s No/One about? This gritty, true-crime-style mystery follows The Richard Roe murders, which shocked the city of Pittsburgh. In the months since, the killings have sparked a dangerous political movement, copycat killers, and a masked vigilante who’s still determined to hold the powerful accountable. Not a symbol. Not a hero. They could be anyone. They’re NO/ONE.

No/One is a ten issue comic book maxiseries joining Radiant Black, Rogue Sun, Radiant Red, The Dead Lucky, Radiant Pink, Inferno Girl Red, and C.O.W.L. in the expanding shared Massive-Verse and is perhaps the most unique, creatively boundary-pushing entry yet.

No/One#1, second printing and No/One #2 will both be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, April 19:

  • NO/ONE #1, second printing – Diamond Code FEB238234
  • NO/ONE #2 Cover A – Diamond Code FEB230226
  • NO/ONE #2 Cover B – Diamond Code FEB230227
  • NO/ONE #2 Cover C – Diamond Code FEB230228
No/One #1 2nd printing

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