A Thing Called Truth Volume Two comes to Kickstarter

A Thing Called Truth Vol.2: Drive Home

Comic fan’s favorite queer rom-com roadtrip is back for volume two in 2023! A Thing Called Truth Vol.2: Drive Home reunites writer Iolanda Zanfardino and artist Elisa Romboli to conclude the raucous love story of Magdalene and Dorian that debuted as a 5 issue miniseries from Image Comics in 2021. The new story arc will be offered as a complete graphic novel through Kickstarter. You can support the campaign now!

Fans can fund the campaign by pledging towards both PDF and physical copies of Volume two as well as items such as door knockers, art prints, signed original book art, and even a cameo in the book. The campaign also includes the opportunity to add copies of Volume one to the pledge for fans who need to catch up. Specially priced retailer tiers will be available for comic and book shops to be able to carry this book in person.

What happened with the medical advancement Dr. Magdalene “Mag” Träumer was working on before it was stripped away from her by her unscrupulous former employer? Will her estranged husband’s search for her lead to complications with the law? Will Dorian Wildfang’s Quixote-like quest to fulfill her brother’s posthumous wishes come to pass?

Find out by helping pledge to get A Thing Called Truth Vol. 2: Drive Home, published only on Kickstarter from January 30 through February 28, 2023. BECAUSE QUEER STORIES DESERVE GOOD ENDINGS