Preview: Show’s End: The Second Coming

Show’s End: The Second Coming

(W) Anthony Cleveland (A) Jef Sadzinski
(C) Fabi Marques (L) Justin Birch

After the incidents of Show’s End Vol. 1, what’s left of Daxton Rickles’ Circus is now performing on street corners to get by, but a series of mysterious murders surrounding our troop forces them to head south for safety in a town operated and occupied by circus performers.

However, the town is no longer what it once was. It is now ruled by a young, charismatic cult figure named Leviticus “Miss Levy” Jones, who believes those born “deformed” are the only ones truly perfect in the eyes of the creator. The longer the group stays, the more sinister the town is revealed to be… Collects issues #1 – 5.

Show's End: The Second Coming

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