Marvel’s Voices enters the Spider-Verse in April

A brand-new edition of the acclaimed anthology series, Marvel’s Voices, web-swings into comic shops this April 5th! Marvel’s Voices: Spider-Verse will continue the Marvel’s Voices tradition of spotlighting diverse creators and characters with thrilling stories set throughout the Marvel Universe but this time, it’ll highlight the unpredictable heroes and storytelling found in the Spider-Verse! The oversized one-shot will assemble Marvel’s finest creators as well as rising talents, each bringing their own unique perspectives and stylings to the Web of Life and Destiny!

The collection of stories will see new spider-heroes finding their way in the Marvel Multiverse, and the return of familiar faces! Here are some of the interdimensional adventures fans can look forward to:

  • Following his acclaimed Spider-Punk limited series, Cody Ziglar returns to the character alongside superstar artist Jahnoy Lindsay 
  • Cooper Coen, aka Web-Weaver, is back to slay another day! See what’s next for this breakout hero from Edge of Spider-Verse in a story by Web-Weaver’s co-creator Steve Foxe and showstopping artist Luciano Vecchio 
  •  And stories from Jeremy Holt, J. Holtham, Eric Koda, Ken Lashley, and more!

Check out the cover below from Leinil Francis Yu and stay tuned for more news including creative team announcements and a special first look!