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Marvel’s Voices enters the Spider-Verse in April

A brand-new edition of the acclaimed anthology series, Marvel’s Voices, web-swings into comic shops this April 5th! Marvel’s Voices: Spider-Verse will continue the Marvel’s Voices tradition of spotlighting diverse creators and characters with thrilling stories set throughout the Marvel Universe but this time, it’ll highlight the unpredictable heroes and storytelling found in the Spider-Verse! The oversized one-shot will assemble Marvel’s finest creators as well as rising talents, each bringing their own unique perspectives and stylings to the Web of Life and Destiny!

The collection of stories will see new spider-heroes finding their way in the Marvel Multiverse, and the return of familiar faces! Here are some of the interdimensional adventures fans can look forward to:

  • Following his acclaimed Spider-Punk limited series, Cody Ziglar returns to the character alongside superstar artist Jahnoy Lindsay 
  • Cooper Coen, aka Web-Weaver, is back to slay another day! See what’s next for this breakout hero from Edge of Spider-Verse in a story by Web-Weaver’s co-creator Steve Foxe and showstopping artist Luciano Vecchio 
  •  And stories from Jeremy Holt, J. Holtham, Eric Koda, Ken Lashley, and more!

Check out the cover below from Leinil Francis Yu and stay tuned for more news including creative team announcements and a special first look!

Get a look at what CEX is publishing in April 2023


Written by MATT CARR
Illustrated & Cover B by LANE LLOYD
Retailer Price: $4.99
On Sale 4/26

After consuming every animal on Earth, humanity turns to the stars, enslaving, butchering and consuming creatures from across the galaxy. But now the food is fighting back — in spectacularly gory fashion!

Tuck in your napkin for this messy, pulpy, over-the-top tale of bloody revenge. Dinner is served!

Diamond ID JAN231417 / JAN231418
Lunar Product Codes 0123CX234 / 0123CX235

Cover A: 793945974559 00111
Cover B: 793945974559 00121

SERENO #3 (OF 3)

Written & Illustrated by LUCIANO VECCHIO
Retailer Price: $4.99
On Sale 4/26

The final pieces of the super ritual fall into place. Rise Photophobos, god of Anti-Light!

In a villains’ world, SERENO is the prey, Rufián shows his true colors, and the hero’s Secret Origin might hold the key to salvation in an esoteric all-out Battle for Godhood!

Diamond ID JAN231420 / JAN231421 / JAN231422
Lunar Product Codes 0123CX236 / 0123CX237 / 0123CX238

Cover A: 793945974535 00311
Cover B: 793945974535 00321
Cover C: 793945974535 00331


Written & Illustrated by JOSEPH SCHMALKE
Retailer Price: $9.99
On Sale 4/26

Collect the preview edition that started it all!

The Academy of Black Magic has reopened its doors for the first time in 200 years! Seventy-two children will walk through the Academy doors for freshmen year. But only seven will graduate and walk out alive!

Joseph Schmalke’s epic tale of childhood terror starts here, and you have the opportunity to own this ultra-rare collectible edition – before the darkness takes over the world!

Lunar Product Code 0123CX239




Written by CULLEN BUNN
Retailer Price: $19.95
On Sale 4/26

Five touchstone realities exist at focal points along the Grid. From each of these realities, a Warlock is chosen to act as one of five Guardians. But somebody, or something, is killing Warlocks.

Diamond ID JAN231419
Lunar Product Codes 0123CX240



Tony Stark armors up for a new era in these The Invincible Iron Man #1 covers

Just in time for the character’s 60th anniversary, writer Gerry Duggan and artist Juan Frigeri will launch a brand-new ongoing Iron Man comic series in December! Invincible Iron Man will put the armored Avenger’s high-flying abilities, genius intellect, and business savvy to the ultimate test when he experiences a devastating defeat at the hands of a villain that’s been making big waves throughout the Marvel Universe. While his identity is being kept under wraps for now, readers can be assured that Tony Stark has met his match! Tony will need to think fast and make some surprising moves in the months ahead to get back on his feet, including new bonds with surprising allies that will redefine the way Iron Man operates as a hero.

To mark this new era, some of Marvel’s top artists have turned out stunning variant covers for the debut issue! In addition to depicting Tony at his very best in stunning pinups, fans can also check out covers that celebrate his legacy including Ivan Tao’s cover starring Ironheart, the breakout young hero who’s set to play a major role throughout the new run! And feast your eyes on legendary Iron Man artist Bob Layton and Paul Mount’s epic connecting covers! The showstopping piece by one of the character’s most definitive creator’s showcases the various armors Tony has donned throughout his 60-year history!

Other covers are by Kael Ngu, Marco Checchetto and Marcio Menyz, Pepe Larraz and Marte Gracia, John Romita Jr. and Frank D’Armata, Declan Shalvey, and Luciano Vecchio.

Check out the covers now, including the full Layton connecting cover that will grace the first eight issues of the series! 

NYCC 2022: CEX Publishing announces Sereno by Luciano Vecchio

CEX Publishing has announced the introduction of the next great superhero: SERENO! Written and drawn by Argentinean artist Luciano Vecchio, the superstar talent known for his work on Ironheart, Champions, Wiccan & Hulkling, Edge of the Spider-Verse, and Iceman for Marvel Comics and DC Pride, Teen Justice, and Super Sons for DC Comics. Sereno #1 marks the first time the series has been translated into English for an American audience

Sereno #1 introduces readers to the city of New Teia, where magic and science intertwine by night, and its guardian SERENO! SERENO, the Mystic Master of Light, must defend New Teia from an evil conspiracy set on transforming the city. SERENO must battle an avatar of Paranoia, a shepherd of Nightmares, and a Cult of Hate all while resisting his attraction to the super cat burglar Rufián. 

Sereno is a three-issue limited series with a double-sized first issue. Attendees of New York Comic Con will have the opportunity to get an advanced look at Sereno as Vecchio will be appearing at the show, where he will have copies of a special Ashcan version of issue 1 printed specifically for the show.

The Sereno #1 Ashcan is available exclusively at Luciano Vecchio’s table at NYCC (Table C4 in Artist Alley). Copies of this limited edition are priced at $10. New York Comic Con takes place October 6-9, 2022.

Luciano will be appearing as a guest on the following NYCC panels:

Visual Storytelling Basics for Comic Books
Thursday, October 6, 2022 • 3:15 PM – 4:15 PM
Room 406.1

Crowdfunding Comics!
Friday, October 7, 2022 • 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Room 1C03

Queers in the Mainstream
Sunday, October 9, 2022 • 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Room 408

Sereno #1 will feature five covers from Luciano Vecchio and Argentinean digital painter Agustina Manso.

Sun-Spider, Spinstress and more heroes swing into action in Edge of Spider-Verse #4

Fans can’t get enough of Edge of Spider-Verse! In just two issues, readers have met breakout new Spider-Heroes like Spider-Rex, the new Spider-UK, and Night-Spider as well as seen what the future holds for fan-favorite heroes like for Araña, Spider-Man Noir, and more. Throughout this saga, fans have also witnessed the rise of a dark new threat to the Spider-Verse, one that will lead directly into Dan Slott’s next Spidey epic, beginning in October’s Spider-Man #1. This transformation of the Spider-Verse continues in the coming weeks with more thrilling additions to the Spider-Verse family, new status quos for existing Spider-Heroes, and more clues to what will bring about the End of the Spider-Verse

Here’s what fans can expect from the fourth issue in this exciting saga, Edge of Spider-Verse #4, on sale September 21:

  • Spider-Ham returns to do what he does best—fight crime in the most unpredictable and entertaining way possible! And who’s his new friend? Find out in this thrilling tale by M.O.D.O.K. series co-creator Jordan Blum and artist Michael Shelfer.
  • A Spider-Hero unlike any other makes her dazzling debut! Meet Spinstress, a Spider-Princess who sings, talks to spiders and kicks villainous butt throughout her kingdom! David Hein, writer of the Broadway smash hit Come From Away, brings her to life alongside amazing artist Luciano Vecchio. Check out her stunning design by Helen Chen, the artist and production designer known for her work with Walt Disney Animation Studios on films like Raya and the Last DragonWreck-It Ralph, and Big Hero 6!
  • More than just an awesome vehicle, Spider-Mobile is a super hero all on its own! See this iconic car’s first solo adventure in a story by Spider-Verse architect Dan Slott and Eisner Award winning artist Ty Templeton!
  • The amazing Sun-Spider who debuted in 2020’s SPIDER-VERSE miniseries as a winner of Marvel’s Spidersona contest gets her own story written by Bingo Love creator Tee Franklin in her Marvel Comics debut alongside fellow rising star Jethro Morales!

Check out all the covers for Edge of Spider-Verse #4 plus a first look at interior artwork.

Iceman slides his way on to Marvel Unlimited

Just in time for Pride Month, Marvel’s Voices is coming to Marvel Unlimited! The anthology series renowned for its fresh take on “the world outside your window” has launched its first ongoing. With a rotation of story arcs and one-shots by a diverse set of celebrated creators, every fan will find something to love in the newest comic to take Marvel Unlimited by storm! 

The series kicks off with Marvel’s Voices: Iceman #1Luciano Vecchio returns to write and draw an Iceman tale that’ll melt even the coldest of hearts all edited by Sarah Brunstad! Readers can check out the first issue of the four-part Infinity Comic now on the Marvel Unlimited app.

Bobby Drake has had a big year, and after helping terraform the entire planet of Mars, he’s out to explore what his Omega potential truly means. Kicking off Marvel Comics’ commemoration of Pride month, Marvel’s Voices: Iceman is a four-part series that celebrates life, love, and all the beautiful complications in between.

Review: Devil’s Reign: Omega #1

Devil's Reign: Omega #1

One of the things I give the finale of Devil’s Reign credit with is that it didn’t attempt to do the teaser add on. There’s been a habit of events to not deliver a true finale but follow it up with kickers that show off what’s next and spinning out of it all. Some times it works, but that feels like the exception and not the rule. Instead, Devil’s Reign: Omega #1 has that honor featuring three stories that spin out of the event and tease more of what’s to come.

Fall and Rise” focuses on the funeral for “Matt Murdock”. The world thinks Matt is dead but we know it was really his brother. There’s a lot of interesting interactions between the characters and we get a better sense of who knows the truth and who does. Writer Chip Zdarsky uses the story to debate the moral and ethical aspects of all of that while also teasing the direction for the next volume of Daredevil. With art by Rafael De Latorre, color by Federico Blee, and lettering by Clayton Cowles, the story looks great and gives a nice rollercoaster of emotion leaving things in an awkward place overall.

One of the more intriguing aspects of Devil’s Reign is where it left Luke Cage. He’s now the Mayor of New York City forced to pick up the pieces.

Mayor for Hire” has Luke thinking about all of that but focusing a lot on where he’s been and where he is now. Written by Rodney Barnes with art by Guillermo Sanna, color by Dijjo Lima, and lettering by Cowles, it’s a great reminder about the character’s history. It also leaves you realizing there’s a lot to tell as this grassroots hero must balance his careers as well as fix the mess left for him.

Cleaning House” by Jim Zub, art by Luciano Vecchio, color by Carlos Lopez and Java Tartaglia, and lettering by Joe Sabino is the introduction to the new Thunderbolts. Fisk used the classic team name to deputize villains to attack heroes. This issue lays out why they’re still around and Mayor Cage’s vision as to where he should take the team.

Like Devil’s Reign itself, this “Omega” issue does a fantastic job of just being entertaining while also being a sly reflection of our reality. At the core throughout the issue is a new elected official being left a mess of an office that he has to fix after it was run by a corrupt individual. Sound familiar? But, beyond that clear parallel, the comic is just entertaining and sets things up nicely for what’s to come. If you’re interested it’s well checking out and a nice coda to the event series.

Story: Chip Zdarsky, Rodney Barnes, Jim Zub Art: Rafael De LaTorre, Guillermo Sanna, Luciano Vecchio
Color: Federico Blee, Dijjo Lima, Carlos Lopez, Java Tartaglia
Letterer: Clayton Cowles, Joe Sabino
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Purchase: comiXology/Kindle – Zeus Comics – TFAW

Marvel Reveals its Pride Month Variant Covers by Luciano Vecchio and Betsy Cola

In addition to another installment of Marvel’s Voices: Pride, Marvel Comics will also celebrate Pride Month with a brand-new collection of variant covers. Extraordinary comic book artists Luciano Vecchio and Betsy Cola will team up to depict some of the most beloved and rising Marvel stars that belong to the LGBTQI+ community. A total of eight covers, this artwork showcasing these powerful heroes and warriors will be featured on select Marvel issues throughout June. 

Here’s who will be spotlighted in this vibrant and celebratory cover series:

  • Somnus – A mutant hero with the power to control dreams, Somnus debuted in a poignant story in last year’s MARVEL’S VOICES: PRIDE and now a member of Kate Pryde’s mutant rescue squad in MARAUDERS.
  • Aaron Fischer – Also known as the Captain America of the Railways, Aaron made a big splash during Captain America’s 80th Anniversary in THE UNITED STATES OF CAPTAIN AMERICA limited series. Look out for him in upcoming issues of the ALLIGATOR LOKI INFINITY COMIC.
  • Destiny – The recently resurrected classic X-Men foe now serves as one of the most prominent leaders of mutantkind. See what the future holds for her in the upcoming IMMORTAL X-MEN series.
  • Iceman – An original X-Man, Iceman is fresh off a stint on the Marauders that saw him use his omega-level abilities in some of his most impressive feats yet and the next big thing for this iconic hero is just on the horizon. Keep an eye out on upcoming X-Men issues to see what title he’ll be ice sliding into next! 
  • Karma – A founding member of the New Mutants, Karma uses her many years of experience defending Charles Xavier’s dream to guide the next generation of mutantkind in the current run of NEW MUTANTS.
  • America Chavez – The breakout star of the Young Avengers, America will use her superhuman strength and interdimensional star portals as part of a new team of THUNDERBOLTS.
  • Valkyrie – Rūna debuted as the mysterious and only surviving original Valkyrie during KING IN BLACK. Since then, fans have learned more about her in titles like MIGHTY VALKYRIES and WOMEN OF MARVEL. Stay tuned to find out where to witness her next legendary battles starting in June! 
  • Daken – The son of Wolverine, Daken will put his claws, healing factor, and fierce fighting skills to good use as a member of the current lineup of MARAUDERS. 

Check them out now and collect all eight this June!


It was Agatha all along in Hulkling & Wiccan #1

Just in time for Pride Month, the latest chapter in the saga of Hulkling and Wiccan comes to comic shops this June! First released in vertical digital format on Marvel Unlimited, writer Josh Trujillo and artist Jodi Nishijima’s acclaimed Hulkling and Wiccan Infinity Comic will be collected in a single giant-sized issue! The story presents a thrilling turning point for the two young super heroes as Agatha Harkness targets their epic cosmic romance for her own mysterious purposes…

Hulking and Wiccan have found their happy ending at last…or have they? When a magical artifact shows them the paths not taken in life and love, will Billy and Teddy find their way back to each other? Will they even want to?

Check out mesmerizing new covers by Peach Momoko and Luciano Vecchio and pick up Hulkling & Wiccan #1 on June 15!

Miles Morales, Moon Girl, and more Star in Free Comic Book Day 2022: Marvel’s Voices #1

Marvel will celebrate Free Comic Book Day this year with THREE separate Free Comic one-shots, each offering both new and lifelong fans an exciting entry point into some of Marvel’s biggest upcoming stories and characters!

Free Comic Book Day 2022: Marvel’s Voices #1 will be a unique introduction to the groundbreaking and critically acclaimed Marvel’s Voices series, which spotlights creators and characters across Marvel’s diverse and ever-evolving universe. The book will include seven Marvel’s Voices stories, spotlighting creators and characters from different cultures, communities, and identities.

In addition to a brand-new story starring Moon Girl by writer Nadia Shammas and artist Luciano Vecchio, Free Comic Book Day 2022: Marvel’s Voices #1 will reprint the following stories from past Marvel’s Voices one-shots:

  • Writer Evan Narcisse and artist Jahnoy Lindsay’s tale showcasing the heroic journey of Brother Voodoo from MARVEL’S VOICES (2020) #1
  • Acclaimed artist Jeffrey Veregge’s showcase of Marvel’s greatest indigenous heroes from MARVEL’S INDIGENOUS VOICES (2020) #1
  • Oscar winning writer John Ridley and artist Olivier Coipel’s action packed Miles Morales adventure from MARVEL’S VOICES: LEGACY (2021) #1
  •  Writer Alyssa Wong and superstar artist Whilce Portacio’s Wave and Bishop teamup story from MARVEL’S VOICES: IDENTITY (2021) #1
  • Artist Luciano Vecchio’s rousing exploration of the history of LGBTQ+ representation in Marvel Comics from MARVEL’S VOICES: PRIDE (2021) #1
  • Writer/artist Leo Romero’s celebration of Brazilian culture with the X-Men’s Shark-Girl from MARVEL’S VOICES: COMUNIDADES (2021) #1 by Leo Romero

Free Comic Book Day 2022: Marvel’s Voices #1 will be available exclusively through Diamond Comics. Check with your local comic shop regarding availability.

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