Congressman Robert Garcia to be sworn in on a copy of Superman #1

We previously covered Congressman Robert Garcia as he threw out the idea of a “comic caucus”. Now, the Congressman is showing off his fandom based on what he’s being sworn in on.

Underneath a copy of the Constitution will be a photo of his parents who he lost to COVID, his citizenship certificate, and an original copy of Superman #1 being borrowed from the Library of Congress. Is it the most expensive swearing in ever?

Garcia will represent California’s 42 district and was recently the Mayor of Long Beach, California. Garcia will love the comics scene in Washington, DC. Not only is it the home to multiple conventions like Awesome Con and Small Press Expo, but also boasts a lot of comic shops (about a dozen within a 30 minute drive), many not far from where Congress performs their business.

We’re sure the Congressman will happily fight for “Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow”.

One of us! One of us!