From Ice Cream Man to Art Brut this December

The first major work from W. Maxwell Prince and Martín Morazzo of Ice Cream Man fame will come to Image Comics this December—fully re-lettered, remastered, and re-titled as originally intended—Art Brut.

This NPR-lauded series was first published under the title, The Electric Sublime, and will be brought to a whole new audience of readers through this carefully-crafted revision.

The world of fine art is falling apart, and only Art Brut knows how to fix it. Alongside the Bureau of Artistic Integrity, Art Brut follows the titular Arthur Brut the Mad Dreampainter (and his trusty sidekick, Manny the Mannequin) as they dive back into the very paintings that made him insane…in order to save reality itself from crumbling. 

A colorful, gonzo romp through art and art history, Art Brut is equal parts police procedural, hyper-fantasy, and psychological thriller—a veritable Pollock-splatter of comics genres tossed onto one giant pulpy canvas!

Each issue features new covers, new design, and a new Silver Age-style backup story featuring the art hero that no one’s ever heard of—until now!

Art Brut #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, December 7:

  • Cover A Morazzo & Lopes – OCT220009
  • Cover B Morazzo & Lopes – OCT220010
  • Cover C Eckman-Lawn – OCT220011
Art Brut #1

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