Review: Do a Powerbomb #3

Do a Powerbomb #3

Do a Powerbomb could easily be seen as just a “wrestling comic.” But, in the three issues, creator Daniel Warren Johnson has crafter a story that has wrestling action, high stakes, humor, and also a lot of heart. The series goes much deeper than it’s highflying punches. Do a Powerbomb #3 highlights that delivering a little bit of everything that makes the series so good.

Lona Steelrose and Cobrasun have the same goal. Resurrect Lona’s mother that Cobrasun killed in the ring. What Lona doesn’t know is Cobrasun is actually her father underneath the mask. Yeah, that feels a little bit of a stretch but it also makes the drama that much more in the issue. It’s reveal was one of the best of the year on comics and absolutely took the series to another level. To get Lona’s mother back, the two have entered a wrestling contest in a hellish world featuring other tag-teams from around the universe. If they win, she returns. It also means the other teams are fighting for a lot too. Oh yeah, the wrestling isn’t fake here, it’s all real.

And that’s part of what makes Do a Powerbomb #3 so interesting. Johnson makes it clear that it’s not the moves and wrestling ability that’ll make it difficult for Lona and Cobrasun (going but the team name of Sun and Steel), it’s their getting over not holding back. Unlike on Earth, wrestling is very real and unscripted everywhere else it seems. The hits are actual hits. The moves can hurt. And while the wrestling we watch on television absolutely wears on the athletes and performers, it’s quite different than a punch actually landing or a move that can really hurt. This is wrestling with a bit of MMA.

With a contest where anything can happen, Johnson takes advantage. With color by Mike Spicer and lettering by Rus Wooton, the comic’s visuals pop. There’s so much personality in every aspect of the comic. The details and design of city and characters tell a story by itself. It’s fantastic to look at. The wrestling matches too pop with action that feels like Johnson has taken the best of manga and used that flare to emphasize the brutal moves.

Do a Powerbomb #3 is best described as full of personality. We meet the contestants and their finishing moves, we get a sense of the world, and the stakes are laid out for many. There’s a great mix of action but it’s the heart that really stands out to me. The guilt of Cobrasun and what he did is clear throughout the issue and ups the drama of everything going on. There’s an amazing focus on the weight he carries on his shoulders which has become center of the series. What started as a “wrestling comic” has turned into something so much more.

Story: Daniel Warren Johnson Art: Daniel Warren Johnson
Color: Mike Spicer Letterer: Rus Wooton
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

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