Review: 007 #1

007 #1

I’m a fan of James Bond. I’ve seen every film multiple times and have fond memories and watching them on Saturday and Sunday’s afternoon with my father and grandfather and seeing the latest in the theater. I’ve read the comics here and there and have enjoyed them. They capture what makes the character great. 007 #1 kicks off a new adventure for the agent with his past once again coming to haunt him.

Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, 007 #1 kicks off with excitement. It feels like a tradition at this point to open a Bond adventure this way. That opening also plays into the story to come as it sets up a mysterious villain and hints at the trouble ahead.

The debut issue is an interesting one finding the secret agent sidelined for a mission that has gone sideways. Unsure of what comes next and hinting he might be done, we know that’s not the case as a mysterious woman from his past returns. From there, it’s more mystery and twists as the enemy is hinted at.

007 #1 is a solid opening overall. We get some intriguing new characters and an enemy with some potential. What Johnson has done really well is delivered us what feels like Bond’s betters. He survived the initial opening due to luck not skill. We see over and over his enemies are one step ahead of him and he’s being manipulated by him. This isn’t our usual. He’s not following clues to find the enemy, the enemy is watching him and directing him the way they want.

Marco Finnegan‘s art is excellent. With color by Dearbhla Kell and lettering by Jeff Eckleberry the comic keeps a look that has been consistent for some time when it comes to the comics. There’s a minimal amount of colors and detail in the background. We’re given what we need to be given when it comes to the visuals. The comic feels a bit more like a noir/detective story that way making a rather intriguing mix of style and story that works so well.

007 #1 is an excellent beginning. The issue feels like the start to a film with the opening action sequence that leads to what’s coming and of course muddles up Bond’s ability to do his job in some way. For fans of spy adventure or James Bond, it’s a solid get and perfect entertainment.

Story: Phillip Kennedy Johnson Art: Marco Finnegan
Color: Dearbhla Kelly Letterer: Jeff Eckleberry
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

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