Vault hires Jazzlyn Stone to manage Upcoming Kickstarter Projects


Vault has announced that they have partnered with Jazzlyn Stone, who will help the publisher launch a small selection of Kickstarter projects in the near future. The first Vault Kickstarter project will be announced next week. Vault becomes the latest publisher to dip their toes into the crowdfunding space.

In the announcement Stone and Vault CEO & Publisher Damian Wassel described a want for “deluxe-as-hell collected comics editions, thick enough to use as a weapon,” a hint as to the type of projects we might be seeing from Vault in the future. Beyond the ability to release deluxe hardcover editions, Wassel sees crowdfunding as a way to reach new readers.

Crowdfunding not only decreases the risk for publishers but direct to consumers sales makes possible projects that might not be monetarily feasible if it were sold through the direct market where discounts to stores and distributors would make the retail price too high.